Fashion’s Night Out in DC: Have heels replaced hemlines as economic indicators?

Roaring 20’s economics guru (and perhaps closet fashionista) George Taylor coined the “Hemline Theory” which claimed that the stock market moved up and down in accordance with women’s hemlines. The Hemline Theory did have some logic behind it. In the earlier part of the century, silk stocking were considered a luxury item. When times were prosperous women could afford this little luxury, and so they wanted to show them off by wearing short skirts. However, in an age where maxis and minis both are on trend, I think perhaps we should look to heels as a new economic indicator.

Consider ballet flats, which have been quite popular the last few years. They’re the lowest possible heel, and where has the Dow been hanging out? While short skirts showed off fancy stockings, heel height (or lack thereof) is a practicality issue. If one is saving some money and walking in lieu of hailing a taxicab, 5-inch platforms probably aren’t your best bet. Many have even dubbed these uber stilettos “Limo Heels” implying that one must be able to afford luxury transport as 7-inches hardly makes for a good walking shoe.

Last night as I headed to Neiman’s for Fashion’s Night Out festitivies–stimulating the economy is

Is that a DOUBLE platform?! Photo: NM

Is that a DOUBLE platform?! Photo: NM

our patriotic duty after all–I felt like I didn’t quite measure up. I was wearing one of my fave vintage Pucci dresses, so my ensemble wasn’t the problem. Perhaps my Bert-esque  brows? I immediately headed straight to the PR at Partners stand that did complimentary hair and eyebrows at the event to fix that problem, but I still felt like I fell SHORT. Then it dawned on me: my 3-inch heels just didn’t measure up! I headed to the shoe department to sip some champagne and collect my thoughts–seriously, what is more relaxing than lounging in the Neiman Marcus shoe section sipping some champers? As I sat surrounded by my good buddies Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, and Valentino I noticed that when it comes to footwear this fall everything is looking up Up UP– Boots are over-the-knee, while any stiletto worth its weight in Harry Winston will put you over the moon. Judging by the looks of things, if my heel height theory holds, Fashion’s Night Out has definitley kicked off the start of a very fun and prosperous shopping season.

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