Burju Perez Dishes on Dance Shoes

bcBurjuDiamondscropMaybe it’s all the weddings I’ve been to lately, or the Fame remake, or even the new season of Dancing with the Stars; whatever it is, I’m all about dance moves these days. That’s why I tracked down world-renown ballroom dancer turned chic shoe designer, Burju Perez to give us the scoop on her new line.

How long have you been dancing?

All my life, but Salsa for about 10 years.

What made you want to start designing shoes for professional dancers and later for all women?

Dance shoes just weren’t cutting it. They had the comfort and support we needed but lacked the flavor. And flavor is the main ingredient in Latin dancing! That was my main goal, to bring on the flavor! Then I realized that every women deserves a comfortable and supportive shoe. So I’m starting with brides and eventually hope that any woman with a fetish for stylish heels but a craving comfort will own a pair of Burjus.

What’s your design philosophy?

Shoes are walking art. They make a statement about your personality. So color and embellishments matter. I’m also a believer in the “bottom up” method of dressing where shoes are picked first then the outfit coordinates.

I know this is tough but, can you tell me which of your pairs is your favorite?

-3I love all my shoes but if I had to pick one it would be this custom pair. They’re hand-painted (by me). Any time I get a blank canvas to work on, my true artist emerges and takes over. It’s the same with choreography. I love a clean slate. It’s a challenge and a bit intimidating to get started but once you get going the fear dissipates and creativity flows. Mistakes become exciting new designs and the outcome is stunning. I honestly stared at these for hours after they were finished.

…I love ’em too! I also love this Mary Poppins style for fall. And next week our fitness guru, Karen, will be testing out a pair of Burjus in ballroom dance class. Stay tuned for more Burju!Mary Poppins1


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