Stepping Up, and Stepping Out

It’s really easy to forget how incredibly lucky we are.

Whether we blow our money on expensive takeout, tumescent rent, or simple daily wastefulness, we often–no matter how frugal we may fool ourselves we are–live lives of excess, whether or not we can afford it.

Vanessa Minnillo and Kelly Rutherford at DSW Presents: Step Up & Step Out’s Champagne Brunch, Photo Credit:  Kristen Somody

Vanessa Minnillo and Kelly Rutherford at DSW Presents: Step Up & Step Out’s Champagne Brunch, Photo Credit: Kristen Somody

And then we see a glimpse at the people who truly can’t. The people who struggle for that every carton of milk, every metrocard, and realize we are blessed. And it’s that blessing that makes it our duty to stop obsessing about ourselves and start contributing to the world around us.

This past weekend, I had the honor of being a guest at DSW Presents: Step Up & Step Out, an event that started out a champagne brunch and started out the hottest shoe sale of the year.

It was held at the super-fancy W Hotel, and began with a VIP champagne preview brunch and a designer shoe sale featuring labels from DSW Shoes and interactive style lounges. Sales helped raise funds for the Step Up Women’s Network program in New York.

Film and television personality Vanessa Minnillo served as honorary chair, accompanied by shoe-lover and Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford! The event’s host committee was lead by DSW spokesperson and renowned stylist Bobbie Thomas. The DSW event benefit the female empowerment charity Step Up Women’s Network,and Vanessa spoke at length about the importance of having women role models in her life.

The network raised money through sales of fabulous shoes – and the day was all a very good time, as VIPs tried on fierce stilettos and sipped pink champagne. But it had a bigger message: Indulge in the fabulousness of our lives, but remember to share our blessings, and be there for the next generation as the generation before has been there for us. One day, not so far away, they will be raising their own glasses…in equally smashing stilettos…and making a difference for someone else out there.


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