Bustin’ a Move in Strappy Yellow Burjus

Uff, my Burju ballroom adventure got off on the wrong foot. On Wednesday I got gussied up in my strappy yellow heels and headed over to Sagra in Davis Square for Salsa Boston’s drop in, beginning level Salsa class. After a silly parking snafu, I strolled down Highland Street baring my toes to the early autumn breezes only to find that the event had been cancelled. I grumbled to my chilled tootsies and I slunk back to my car.

My Yellow Burju Heels Wistfully Wishing to Go For a Spin

My Yellow Burju Heels Wistfully Wishing to Go For a Spin


Oh, I muttered and moaned when I returned home but, darling readers, your Fitness Footwear Guru refused to back out of her end of the Burju bargain. After all, Wendy promised you in her interview last week that I would have a review of this spicy new line of wedding and dance shoes. So I was delighted when my husband graciously agreed to go with me to MetaMovements’ lesson at Club Caribe the following night.

We were surprised and relieved by the laid back vibe as we entered the hotel lounge overlooking Memorial Drive. After a fleeting fit of shyness, we gathered on the parquet floor with the other beginners. In my head, I affectionately labeled our gaggle of gringos the salsa verde circle as we rotated through a variety of partners. Given my week, it seemed poetically appropriate when our instructor informed us that the Basic Step in Salsa for ladies involves going back-2-3 then front-6-7. Be sure to check back on Monday for another Full Throttle Walk and Roll Report on how my citrusy sandals (Hmm…that seem to be a theme this month.) fared once my loving tomatillo and I took a turn on the dance floor.


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