Pillaging Isn’t Always Bad

bfthaliabrown013-1You know when you riffle through the back of your mother’s closet, hoping to find certain coveted pieces from her days at Wellesley, (bell bottoms, patterned blouses, knits in brown and orange… and more brown)? We all know the drill. Much to your fashion frustration, all you end up unearthing from the depths of the walk-in is a bunch of power suits in vertigo-inducing colors, the very suits you spit up on as a baby–probably on purpose now that you think about it. Am I right?  I’m right.

I’m doing you a favor here. These are the chunky heels you’re always hoping to find, the ones mom wore with her high-wasted Jordache jeans: The Barefoot Tess Thalia by Faryl Robin.

By no means do I intend to insult the contents of your mother’s closet. You and I both know there are some real treasures in there. And not to be overlooked, grandma’s closet.

What’s the most amazing find you’ve ever walked away with after a session of  “She won’t mind. She probably doesn’t even remember she owns this?” And while we’re on the subject,  what’s the absolute most offensive piece you’ve ever reintroduced to the light of day (Only to frantically shove it back onto the top shelf after a good laugh, I hope)?

Comment of the week over at Barefoot Tess wins $50. So come on, girls.  Show me what you’ve got… or rather, tell me what you’ve found!

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