Burju’s 2 Way: The Full Throttle Walk and Roll Report

Ugg, sorry for the delay. Finally, here is the Full Throttle Walk and Roll Report on Burju’s 2 Way with a 3 inch heel that I promised you last Friday.

burju2Favorite things about them: 1. Mmmm…thank you Burju for designing a dance shoe with cushioning for the metatarsals. 2. Salsa is chock full of spins and these suede soles let me twirl effortlessly while adding just enough traction to keep me from slipping. 3. These kicks have got a hearty heel (You get to select from 6 different heights.) that helped stabilize my supporting leg during weight shifts. 4. 2 Ways are available in yellow and orange which happen to be Monkeyhouse’s favorite colors for costumes. (Does anyone sense an idea brewing for a new piece?)

Activities to avoid: 1. If you want these beauties to last, skip strolling down sidewalks and traipsing through puddles. Their supple underbelly can not withstand abrasive surfaces especially if they are soaking wet. 2. Steer clear of toe crunching partners as these strappy pumps offer no protection for your tender tootsies. MetaMovemenents‘ classes at Club Caribe encourage students to swap partners and some of the guys in our salsa verde circle made me wish that I had worn steel toes instead.

Warning: 1. The lovely leather insoles invited my feet to slide forward and spill out the front of the shoe. You might want to invest in a pair of adhesive half soles to keep you contained. 2. These patent leather pumps do not stretch much. Break them in at home before you hit the dance hall if you want to avoid blisters.

Overall impression: burju1My Burjus were a blast and boosted my confidence in class. If you are searching for an affordable alternative to a gym membership, latin dance will surely give your waist a workout while toning your thighs. Ballroom is a sport that even the Stiletto Warrior could embrace. Oh, and readers, this is a great way to get to meet some guys who can move. Keep in mind if you do meet a man who wants to glide you down the aisle, Burju’s Bridal Collection has got your back.

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