Rain, Rain Come More Often!

I have been sort of half-heartedly in the market for a pair of wellies ever since my daughter got her Hello Kitty rain jacket/boots/umbrella combo and started to actually be happy when we had a rain storm.

“Mommy!  Look!  I can wear my kitty boots!”

I figured she should not get ALL the fun splashing in puddles and keeping the mud off her socks.  But I have never owned a pair of rain boots that really worked for me.  Snow boots?  Yes.  Fashion boots?  Yes again.  But rainboots always struck me as a bit dowdy and silly, which is funny considering the spate of non-stop rain we have had here in Boston.

Besides, my lifestyle is such that I am in a shoe rut.  I hate flats because I am short and also because my jeans are always dragging when I wear them, but I spend most of my time at parks with my children, on long walks and scooping them up to carry them from place to place.  These are not good heel-wearing activities.

So, Wellies, with their marginal heel and ability withstand all kinds of weather and dirt consistencies, seem ideal.  And these Wellies, in particular, would allow me to remain both practical AND fashionable.  A rare playgroup combo, indeed.


Ok, so they Burberry and they are $300, which is a bit pricey given all my shoe money now goes to my children.  But I will buy either these or a good knock off of these.  And when I do I will be counting down the hours for the next rain storm.


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