Tess Tuesday: If I Could Have a Superpower

I was late to Sunday brunch, and it was completely as a result of my not having the sole super power I’d really love to possess: the ability to know where my lost things have gone.  Sure, I’d like to be invisible, or fly, or time travel, or fly invisibly while I time travel, but none of those super powers would help me find the mate to my Paul Mayer ‘Bingo’ Flat. To be fair, every complete shoe wardrobe needs a lot of things, but the thing it needs most is a black patent ballet flat. They work with dressy and casual. They match everything.  They’re elegant, feminine, and comfortable. They’re essential.

But now I’ve found myself in a jam, because what do you do when you’ve lost the mate to your most versatile shoe? Cry, throw a bunch of your clothes on the floor, and arrive late to brunch in an outfit you only sort of like and a foul mood, forcing your friends to order you a Bloody Mary with desperate urgency? Yes. But then what? Girls, the only thing I can think to do is buy another pair. And now you see why I really do NEED that super power.

I know I’m not the only one: Which super power can you not live without and why?  Remember comment of the week wins $50 (comment here).

And here are some patent ballet flats in case you too have lost the mate to your most cherished pair. If you have, I would now like to take to time to extend my deepest condolences. This too shall pass—when you buy a new pair, like these:

The Paul Mayer Bingo flat.paulmayerbingoblack012

The Delman Mona.delman_mona_black_012

The Dolce Vita Flora.dvfloragraphite013And now, I ask that you partake in a collective moment of silence for all of the lost shoes we’ve ever mourned.


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