Animal Planet: Caring Can Begin with Your Footwear

In my experience, we can judge humanity largely on how they treat – and interact – with animals.

Case in point:



If you are dating a man who has no animals, wants no animals, and shuns your animals – pretty likely, he will not anytime soon want to be making babies with you.

In fact, I’ve seen studies where serial killers have been researched based on their childhood activities – and in many cases, they mistreated or downright abused animals.

This summer, I was visiting a former friend, and she related a story to me about how her BFF had recently owned a puppy. Apparently, after living in her home for the duration of a year, the puppy got a little bit wild and they tried to return it – the store wouldn’t take it back… so they abandoned the defenseless animal at a fire hydrant in the middle of the night and drove away.

“Isn’t that hilarious???” my former friend asked me.

“Uh, no…” I responded. I was repulsed.

That was the last time I saw that friend. A few days later, she “disposed” of me in very much the same way her friend had disposed of the puppy. Ultimately, people who have disregard for others simply have disregard for others…puppy or person. And that is why sociopaths start off by nailing puppies to walls, and men who do not like kittens ultimately ain’t going to be your baby-daddy.

While I’m not saying that my love and appreciation for our furry friends has limited my enjoyment of, say, leather, or the occasional late-night buffalo burger, I will say I’d never ever disrespect any living, breathing creature with feelings – I’d treat them with all the love and care any of God’s creatures deserve – no matter if they get a little inconvenient for me at times.

That said, I am blown away at the level of cuteness found in vegan footwear these days – take my new pink patent peep-toes, $32.99, from VeganChic.com. Consideration comes in all forms, to all degrees, but if I can exhibit a little bit of species-consciousness at the same time I’m showing off my pedicure…why wouldn’t I?


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