Confessions of a Shoe Rut

I have sinned.  It has been exactly 32 years since my last confession, but I will give it a try here and now and see if getting it off my chest helps. So, here it is:

I have abandoned my shoes.

Not only are my feet slightly bigger (gulp) thanks to a combination of marathon training (and marathon running) and back-to-back pregnancies, but I am also injured.  This has left me in a shoe rut so deep, I fear I will never see the sun.  I can’t wear full flats because I need arch support and I can’t wear heels because I need to heal my feet not make them worse.

What’s a shoe lover to do?

My doctor has recently suggested orthopedic shoes and sent a website for my perusal.  As I browsed, I cried.  Has it really come to this?  Has motherhood and running taken me from knee-high platform boots to this:

70927_BONE_LEATHERThere has got to be another way.  Why have orthopedic shoes not progressed past granny-chic?

I will not buy these shoes.  So maybe I will not be wearing spiky heels any time soon, but I am not ready to throw in the proverbial fashion towel just yet.  There is a pair of shoes out there for me somewhere.  They have a nice heel, plenty of arch support and look good with my skinny, ripped jeans.

And when I find you, I will buy you in 15 colors.


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