Winter Foot Safety Tips

It may seem a little odd, in a shoe blog, to write about the dangers of, well, shoes. But, lets face it: We’re all going to be wearing some crazy heels and trendy boots this season. And, of course, our feet will suffer for it.

Shoes.comThe goal is to be gorgeous, and yet be prepared. Winter boots that are made without support can cause your feet to become sore and achy. Most people suffer from foot and leg problems due to the lack arches in winter boots, such as UGGs, which lead to heal spurs and also shin splints. Luckily, Surgical Director of NYC FootCare, Dr. Oliver Zong, gave us some advice.

According to Dr. Zong, proper footwear for icy, slush conditions is a pair of waterproof boots with good traction on the bottom. These will keep you from slipping on the snowy pavement. Here’s some more of his do’s and don’ts:

* Do invest in boots with support and an arch
* Don’t wear boots with heels, to prevent slipping
* Do wear good socks to keep your feet insulated
* Don’t let your toenails go untrimmed
* Do keep your feet as dry as possible to avoid cracking of the skin
* Don’t forget to moisturize the soles and heels of your feet daily
* Do allow your feet to air out between shoe and sock changes

So, good luck. And when you do get that pair of Uggs – cause you know you will – go for a little color and make this trend your own. I’m rocking this adorable purple shade of the Ugg women’s classic tall boot, $179.99, at Shoes.com – how cute are they???

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