The Cat Must Die

For most parents of very young children, there are few personal pleasures.  Our lives are consumed with diapers, feedings, midnight wakings and the needs of these mighty demanding munchkins.

I took my pleasure in shoes.  In boots, to be exact.  Suede ones and leather ones, tall ones and flat ones, wedges and heels.  After a long day, a simple glance at my boots could make all the work worth it.

Until last week.  That is when my cat (pictured here as the obese urinating machine he is) decided to pop a squat and spray five of my boots, all from different pairs, including my brand new fringe Minnetonka, suedes and another suede pair I just bought and am too sad to reveal.

My corpulent, evil shoe ruiner:

The fact is, cat pee is notoriously hard to remove and even though all my shoes spent the evening soaking in our second bathtub in a mixture of vingegar, baking soda and “nature’s miracle,” I am not holding out hope that any of these shoes are salvageable.

To say I am devastated would be an understatement.  How does one recover when they lose $2,000 worth of shoes to their 10-year-old cat?  They say the first step of grief is denial and I am there, scrubbing and washing and hoping that I can once again wear any of these boots without attracting a small gaggle of female cats hoping to become impregnated.

Until then, my spraying fattie sleeps outside.




1 Response to “The Cat Must Die”

  1. 1 theislandshoegirl
    November 18, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    I feel for you! I have a very large cat that tries to help pick out shoes but is way too fat for my shelves. I keep the shoe closet door shut at all times. It is offically a “No Pet Zone!”

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