A Whole New World

I’m contemplating a big move.


I’ve kept it on the down low, but slowly started to let some dominos fall into place. I just may be preparing to fly west…and stay there.

The idea fell into my head about two years ago. I went to southern California on a press trip, and fell in love…not just with the environment and the warmth but with the people. I instantly made friends there – true, lasting friends – and noticed there were a lot of people…who sort of got me. I’m not just speaking of on an aesthetic level — blonds in cute little white sundresses in the middle of November – but on a real, personal level. Did I maybe have a California soul?

This became increasingly true as time went on – I’d travel with press groups to OTHER locations, and instantly befriend the people from California. Then I’d travel there for a few days…and secretly not want to return. It’s not that I don’t love what is here in New York, but when I’m there, it starts to feel like home.

Still, I was afraid. It’s a little scary to leave everything you know — all that, while not perfect, is comfortable, and established – and enter an environment that while inviting, is a little foreign. One where you sort of have to drive…and I barely know where the gas pedal is. But there’s advantages to such a life. Like, I could stop wearing walking shoes…and start wearing sexy choices like the Vince Camuto Desmond wedges, $98 at Zappos.com, on a daily basis – year-round, because I don’t have to worry about snow and slush!

So, will I make the big move? Well, the lease on my current apartment expires later this spring – and randomly, job opportunities have already started to come to me, before people even knew I was considering the move. There’s a heck of a lot it’d be great timing to move on – and away – from; and more so, exciting new roads in my life I’d love to move toward, that maybe I can’t do as long as I’m here. The chances look good…will keep you posted!


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