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Just for Nurses

Many of my nurse friends complain about being on their feet all day. Running around a hospital or standing at a bedside can put pressure on the lower back in addition to sore feet. After trying Nurse Mates shoes, many of them have become believers.nurse-mates-quincy2

One of the versions some of my friends seem to like is a Mary Jane style shoe called Quincy. This shoe is great for having to run from one place to another. It won’t fall off but allows for plenty of airflow to keep feet feeling fresh. They can be worn with socks or even stockings depending on personal preference. The insole is memory foam, so it will feel great even if you have ache support needs. The upper strap is adjustable, making it a better fit for many.

The other shoe that seem to be popular is a clog style called Marci. This shoe is really comfortable and stays in place quite well. The upper leather is stain resistant, a nice feature to find in a white shoe made for nurses. This shoe also has the memory foam insole for extra comfort.nurse-mates-clog2

Of course, these shoes aren’t really just for nurses. These would be perfect for going to and from yoga. They are wonderful for around the house when you don’t want to have to tie your shoe but a sandal just isn’t feasible. I’ve even worn them around the mall when I knew I would need to extra padding for an all day shopping spree. The uses for these shoes doesn’t just stop at nursing, they are useful for many other occupations and activities. Besides, who can resist a shoe with a cute little heart on the side?


Get Moving With New Balance

With a new year often comes New Year resolutions. Many people decide now is the time to get back in shape, lose weight and eat healthier. Sounds fabulous right? Now that it has been a little over a week since the new year, I wonder how many people are still trying.

new-balance-wr7681I try not to make new year resolutions because I feel even worse when I give up too quickly. However, I do set goals for myself several times throughout the year. I enjoy walking outside and looking at the beauty around me. So instead of “exercising” I am instead “enjoying nature”. It is just one little way to trick myself into getting out and moving my muscles. I need to have a good pair of shoes to do it though.

My favorite pair of athletic shoes are actually running shoes. I love the New Balance WR768’s for several reasons. They’re lightweight, have excellent support and they’re pretty! I prefer the white and pink ones, but they have several other colors as well. I can use these shoes on my walks or even just running around town, they are that comfortable. It took me several years to find a pair of running shoes that I truly loved. I am so glad I found these.


The Ultimate in Sexy – Boots

Getting ready for a night out with the spouse doesn’t happen often. With several kids running around and crazy work schedules, it’s tough to find time with just the two of us. However, we do occasionally hit the town. Our last night out started much better than expected and we hadn’t even left the house! I put the finishing touch on my hair and makeup and proceeded to zip up my new Cole Haan Sierra Air boots. I heard a sharp intake of breath and quickly looked over at my husband to see what the problem was.

Cole Haan Sierra Air

Cole Haan Sierra Air

Apparently, choosing to zip up a pair of just below the knee high heel boots was a riskier move than I thought. He was immediately attracted to the situation and quietly whispered “that is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.”  Sure I’ve worn them before and he has commented on them, but watching me put them on was the icing on the cake.

With my confidence boosted, I strutted out of the house knowing our night would be perfect. I was right. I felt different from the moment both feet were on the floor. I felt sexy. After days of feeling normal and even a bit down on my appearance, that night I felt like the most beautiful woman around. I didn’t look any different. The difference was how I carried myself because I knew what kind of effect those beautiful boots had on the man I love. He mentioned several times throughout our night how beautiful I was and how I seemed happier and more confident. I was much more confident and that was just plain sexy. 

According to the New York Times, Sarah Palin also wore these boots and you can see the confidence she exudes. Some people may not understand what a pair of shoes, or boots as the case may be, has to do with feeling sexy and confident. Once that special pair is on, the difference is easy to spot. Perhaps these boots will see more use now that I know just how they make me feel. No ordinary boot will do now that I’ve had the ultimate in sexy.


Oh, No. Not Crocs

I swore to myself I would never buy a pair of crocs. I refused to. They’re ugly, bulky and just don’t look comfortable. Well, I was participating in a breast cancer awareness party and everyone was supposed to wear as much pink as possible. So I headed out to shop for a pair of pink shoes.

Then I saw them, the dreaded crocs. These were pink though, the color I needed. I walked past them hoping to find another pair of pink shoes. No such luck. I reluctantly put on the pink crocs.

They fit.

They fit well.

They were comfortable.

Oh, no. I think I like them. Please, no! I can’t like crocs. I made a promise to myself to never, ever buy a pair of crocs, let alone actually like them. But, alas I do. So I hung my head in shame as I took them to the counter and bought my first pair of crocs.
Oh, the shame.


My Pregancy Sandals

While pregnancy is a beautiful and miraculous experience, it is also the most uncomfortable you will ever be. Like many women my feet were huge during pregnancy. It was uncomfortable to wear any shoe I loved before. I was sad each time I tried to put on my favorite pair of heels or boots. I admit I even cried a little when I realized nothing else fit. Many of you have also been in this state of utter despair.

I couldn’t be barefoot all the time, so I was stuck trying to find a shoe that fit my swollen feet. Finding shoes when you are pregnant is not an easy task. First, you have to be able to bend enough to try them on or have someone put them on for you. It was quite embarrassing to ask the store clerk to help me put on a beautiful shoe only to find my feet were hideous. I also had to make sure the shoe would be comfortable for a pregnant woman, so the heels could not be tall, the straps had to be loose and the sole needed to be strong enough to not flop around and trip me.

I was relieved when I found the Yellow Box Abbey sandals. They were stylish and comfortable! One the rare occasion I looked into a full length mirror or store window and actually saw my feet, it was nice to have sandals on that made me feel beautiful, if only for the moment. I love those sandals and was thankful they came in several colors, so I could match them with my clothing and mood.


My Pink Fuzzy Slippers

We all have our own way of relaxing after a long day. Some people may enjoy a glass of wine, others prefer a good book. Everyone needs a nightly ritual to help guide them into a relaxed state making it easier to fall asleep. My favorite way to unwind is by taking off my shoes and slipping my tired feet into a pair of fuzzy slippers. Heaven.

Like many people, my slippers have to be fuzzy. I received my favorite pair on Valentine’s Day from my valentine. They are gorgeous pink slippers called Old Friend Fuzzy Flips. These slippers are wonderful after a long day. I sit with my fuzzy flip flops on and sip hot chocolate and my stress from the day just melts away. Of course, I still enjoy my bubble baths as well, but now I get to put on cozy slippers afterward, so the package is complete.

How do you unwind at the end of the day?


Pastry Cake

After gaining a “few” pounds over the holidays, I needed a quick pick-me-up, and shopping is my outlet. After scouring online stores for some fantastic new shoes, I found just what I was looking for! I know it’s the name of the shoes that gets me, “Pastry Cake”. I also love that it is a running shoe! Having a running shoe named after a dessert really shocked me. Surprisingly, these are the shoes that inspire me to go on a daily run, not the five pounds (okay twenty) that I need to lose. I look at these comfortable and unique shoes and instantly want to put them on and take a jog. I guess I am afraid of gaining five more pounds simply because of the name!

My six year old loves these shoes too. She really wants a pair to show off to her friends. I think it’s the sprinkles she loves the most because they’re just too cute! There are three different colors, each with their own dessert name. Her favorite are the “Vanilla Sprinkles” since they are colorful and the sprinkles really stand out. They remind her of her Halloween costume, an ice cream cone. These shoes would have been a perfect accessory to that. I may just have to be an ice cream cone next Halloween, well maybe not!

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