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Monday, Monday (err, I mean) Sunday, Sunday so good to me. . .

I love that Greek and Gossip Girl wash away my beginning of the week blues on Monday. I relish my Tuesday night “family” dinners. Wednesday is perfect for the gym. Thursday is always happy hour and volunteering for the charity of my choice and Friday and Saturday are just plain obvious nights of debauchery. And while I usually reserve Sunday for catching up on my beauty sleep, this week I will be on the prowl at the Gilded Peach/Sassanova Jewelry Brunch Trunk Sale.

Some of you may remember when the Gilded Peach used to be located on Charles Street in Federal Hill. The owner Abigail Houff packed up last year and headed for a slightly warmer city—Key West! Don’t fret. She didn’t forget about us east coast girls, and this trunk show is just one of the many times she has made it back to Baltimore. This trip she will be touting her new economically conscious line PeachyKEEN.crab

Also, I peeked into Sassanova last week and their new spring shoes are the cutest. My ING account has officially been converted into my shoe fund. My first purchase will be these Moschino crab sandals. You can’t get much more Baltimore than this. God may have intended for Sunday to be a day of rest, but somehow the prospect of new shoes and jewelry to match has me ready to exercise my credit card. Oh, and did I mention there will be food and champagne. I think I have died and gone to heaven—blessed be Sunday.


Eco Can be Fun!

I might have mentioned it before, but the only thing green about me is the wad of cash I whip out at the end of the night to pay my bar tab. Recycling is confusing: Is this Lean Cuisine box recyclable or simply trash? Is it the second or third Tuesday after a holiday weekend when the trash guys pick-up?bjl

However, when it comes to shoes—I say bring on the hand me downs, especially when the hand me downs are never-been-worn duds from specialty boutiques all over Baltimore. That’s right it is time for the Baltimore Junior League Boutique sale. Last year I scored 6 pairs of shoes retailing for over $2,500 for under $200! If you are a popular shoe size (7-8) I urge you to splurge and attend the pre-party preview. I promise it will be worth the extra dough. Mark your calendars for March 27th-28th. For more information and to buy tickets please click here.

And just in case you needed a reason for buying a new pair of shoes, I have listed a few below:

1. Opening Day is April 6th and you can’t be seen at the biggest networking event of the year in last season’s shoes.
2. Because you still want to lose some winter weight and refuse to buy spring pants until you do. Thank goodness feet can’t get fat.
3. For Christians, new Easter shoes—God would want it that way. For everyone else—to show off your new spring pedicure.

Actually, that sounds like three new pairs of shoes to me. Good bye tax refund, hello style!


Someone Please Turn Off the A/C

This easterner has the winter blues. Sunday is daylights saving time, and I am still glued to the tanning bed if I desire any type of glow (I only go when I look like I am on my deathbed.) The wind chill is negative and sadly so is my bank account. I have been on a spending freeze (pun intended) and I am not happy about it. goodwill-logo

Luckily, I think I have found an answer to all of my woes. Baltimore is opening its first Goodwill Boutique at 1 North Poppleton Street. Now, before you state “I don’t do second hand shoes,” this is not your average thrift store. It is a fraction of the size of normal Goodwill and promises name brand duds at the Goodwill price we all know and love.

Furthermore, it is time for spring cleaning. I hate parting with my shoes, but let’s face it, my closets are packed and I am in the mood for something new. Also, this will be the first store that will use its profits for a full retail-training and management program for employees. You benefit, I benefit and someone else benefits. Perhaps it just got a little warmer after all.


Filene’s Downtown, Holly G, and a Wardrobe Mafunction

Despite accurate reporting, there have been rumors that the Downtown Filene’s Basement would be closing along with the Towson, Hunt Valley and Columbia locations, but this simply is not true. I have it on very good shoeinirelandauthority that the Harbor site will remain open. It appears that retailers are finally listening to the Scuppies (Socially Conscious Upwardly-mobile Person) that have revived some of the once dying neighborhoods surrounding the city. In addition to this, I am sad to say Holly G closed its doors at the Federal Hill location, however the Mt. Washington store is still thriving. The two stores represent why I love shoe shopping in Baltimore—bargain basement deals and trendy boutiques!

As a side note, I just got back from Ireland, and my friend busted right out of her Aviator inspired boots. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard watching a girl hoof it through a foreign city looking like a hobo—I actually think I would have preferred a fanny pack and sneakers.


He May Not Be Into Me, But I’m So Not Into Their Shoe Selection

On Tuesday, I saw the screening of He’s Just Not That Into You. I urge you to run (not walk—consider it cardio) to your nearest theatre. If you live in Baltimore, you will be excited to see that Jennifer Aniston’s character has an apartment overlooking the Domino Sugar sign and that many of the characters live in the up and coming Brewers Hill neighborhood. What’s more is that Baltimore looks like the coolest place to live, work and play.

The movie is equipped with beautiful row homes, brick clad lofts, a 2008_havaianas_garden_branchappening bar scene, and even a faux McCormick Spice Company. The only thing the producers truly missed the mark on, was Baltimore foot wear.

I get it. Baltimore has cold winters, and the movie mentions it more than once. However, true Baltimoreans live for the summer. In February we invest in our Dewey Beach shares, rent condos for the Fourth of July, and if you are anything like me, buy about 4 bridesmaids dresses for Chesapeake Boat themed weddings.

We wear madras print like it is going out of style and layer or polo’s until we resemble Santa. And on our feet, we wear flip-flops. We wear them in the summer when it is appropriate, and we wear them in the winter when people assume that our toes must have done something horribly wrong to be subject to freezing cold temperatures. Our flip-flops are even multifunctional. For instance, I keep a pair in my car at all times. After the ice storm last Wednesday, they served as a snow scraper.

So while you are admiring the movie’s preppy clothes, pay no attention to those boots and Mary Janes that are paraded throughout the movie. Baltimoreans wear flip-flops and I am 99% sure that if Natty Boh had feet, he would too.


Getting the Boot

Ever year my group of friends goes on a huge Ugly Sweater Pub Crawl. I realize that the tradition isn’t original, witty, or inspiring, but something about bedazzled Christmas trees on knit sweaters makes me laugh hysterically. Last year, I won with a hideous black sweater covered in giant colored gems. I believe someone said, “It is almost like Dolce and Gabbana made an ugly sweater about 25 years ago and somehow it ended up on you.” How Fetch! (I am on a Mean Girls kick today).

ugly-sweater-pub-crawl-0111 However, this year a pair of SHOES won the Ugly SWEATER competition. I am not even sure where my friend found these, but I must say they have first place written all over them. It is amazing what people will put on their feet. Actually, after perusing my closet, it is absurdly shocking what I have worn on my feet. In an effort to make room for all the good things coming in 2009, I decided to do some closet reorganizing. Here is what got the boot (pun intended):

1. Leopard Clogs: I think I have been holding onto these since Dariah was on MTV. Looking at them makes me cringe.
2. Black Shoes from Express: Yeah, that is right Express. Express hasn’t made shoes since the early 90s. I must have worn these in sixth grade.
3. Animal Slippers: Honestly, does any respectable woman wear a stuffed animal on her foot?
4. The Bargain Boot: I bought these at Payless, get more. (AKA Payless, hurt more). I wore them down the stairs once and had to stop for a band-aid to cover up my new blister.
5. Green Suede Clogs: I fear that even a leprechaun would reject these.

I placed all the shoes in a bag for the Salvation Army. That was two weeks ago. I can’t bring myself to get rid of them. I mean, who knows what 2009 will bring? Perhaps leopard clogs will be all the rage, and my Express boots will become vintage couture. And I couldn’t bare the look of those sad puppy dog eyes on the animal slippers, and I bet those Payless boots would feel better if I just broke them in a little more. Besides, I am going to Ireland for Valentines Day and I might stumble onto a pot of gold in my green suede clogs. You just never know. . .


Spring Awakening in Winter?!?!?

305061With all the cookies lying around and bake sale treats to eat, I am starting to get a little robust-which is my nice way of saying fat. It is during these Yule Tide days that I am thankful that I write about shoes and not pants, because at this point I am not sure they sell bolts of fabric large enough to house my hips.

Hopefully, I will get some exercise this weekend on my yearly Christmas trip to New York City. I scored some great ON STAGE seats to Spring Awakening. I have seen the show once before and decided that I would buy some show “themed” shoes. The show takes place in the late 19th Century in Germany. Popular boots in those days looked like this. I bought these slightly updated ones made by J. Shoes.

A quick google search later, and I find that I am not the only gal about town with these duds. Who knew Taylor Monsem of Gossip Girl and would have the same flare for Musical Theatre inspired shoes?!?!

These are my new favorite boots. At first glance they may seem ultra trendy, but I have worn them with leggings, jeans and dresses. I have taken the out on the town and pulled them off in a work environment. They are a true conversation starter, so those who shy away from being the center of attention may want to avoid these showstoppers (I couldn’t resist the pun).

I have about 20 people to buy for while I am in the city, and I haven’t the foggiest idea what I am going to get. I tend to panic shop. And this tends to end poorly. So, come Christmas morning while everyone else will be singing the blues, I can at least rest assured that my feet will be whistling a happy tune (last pun I swear).

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