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My Feet Are Resilient

10942-764493-p1I had an Elaine moment today. (You know, from Seinfeld?) There was that episode when she was walking down a New York City street late at night. The faces didn’t look friendly. Her head was aching. Her heart was broken. As horrible as the rest of her appeared and felt, her feet were … resilient, as she put it. Thank goodness she was wearing those Himalayan hiking boots from the J. Peterman catalog.

Today, my heart felt a little broken. (Boys!) I woke up to a dreary day. Rain on the ground is never a good thing for shoes. I was so tired from all of the packing, moving and unpacking I’ve had to do the last few days. I was cranky.

I was walking to work feeling every bit irate — nothing was going well for the love of God — I complained in my head that no one looked cheery, the rain kept me from wearing my fabulous new flats, an evil male (I think) showed his true (not-so-good) colors. What gives? But my feet, on the other hand — my feet were resilient, not to mention way cute, in these Ed Hardy Rainie Boots (on sale for $96.26 at

As bad as the rest of my life was unfolding, at least I had warm, dry toes. Men schmen. Rain, I can handle you. Whatever, grouchy bystanders. My rain galoshes are enough to bring me up even the slightest bit. Thanks, Ed Hardy.


Spring Fever Under $30

_5598625I’ve been suffering from winter depression. There’s something about brisk weather that doesn’t excite  me like it does other Americans. I am, after all, from the Philippine islands. I’m a huge fan of 90-degree weather; that’s what I grew up knowing. And beyond hot-hot-heat, I’m also a fan of what comes after winter — spring!

Not only do I love the onslaught of April showers and May flowers, I’m looking forward to sporting bright colors once again. I’m hiding my blacks, grays and eggplants, and trading them in for greens, yellows and teals. I can’t wait!

My first order of (shoe) business: these Sperry Top-Sider “Gatsby” Wedge. They’re the perfect walking shoe. And get this, they only set me back $29.99 at Nordstrom (they’re on sale, down from $79.95).

Shopping tip alert! If you buy last year’s spring stuff now, you can really make out quite well. And yes, some stores still have last year’s stock. Plus, don’t be disappointed if you don’t see a sale rack at the likes of Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor. They have plenty of stuff on sale online. So what if you can’t try it on? There’s always the refund policy.


My Grown-Up Shoes

1311499537_lgI’m a forgetful person — I never know when my loved ones’ birthdays are, I forget where I put things, and I can’t even remember what I ate yesterday. Regardless of age, I know this to be true of myself. I’ve been this way since I was a little girl. But, I justify to people: I may not remember little tidbits like dates, occurrences, and numbers. However, what I do remember about any given moment is the feeling — and what I was wearing.

Today, I got renter’s insurance. It was a must for my new snazzy apartment (which I’ll be moving in this weekend). I’ve been living on my own for a handful of years now, but my previous homes have been, well, crap-holes. Now, I’m moving into a grown-up’s apartment! Hoorah!

I went to my broker’s office today to show proof of renter’s insurance and to hand in my security deposit (a whopping sum, as you can imagine), as well as my first month’s rent. The hefty costs of moving leave a grown-up very little to spend on shoes. Luckily, Carlos Santana is on sale at

Today, as I signed my lease, gave up lots of money for the sake of (fabulous) shelter and protection for my valuables in the event of apartment catastrophe, I felt nothing less than fantastic. Finally, I’m a grown-up. I will never forget this feeling. I will never forget the shoes that I was wearing. My Carlos Santana Daring Platform High Heel Oxfords (appropriately named, wouldn’t you say?) only set me back $59.99.


Be Not Tall … In the City


My office used to be based out of New Jersey. We recently moved to the glorious neighborhood of Chelsea (in New York City). Weeks ago, I’d hop in my car, drive to work, and walk into my office in my fabulousness a la super-tall heels. And I felt like the queen of the world.  

Now that I’ll be trekking up and down Manhattan streets and avenues, likely carrying my heavy-ish laptop, I knew a change would have to be made for the sake of my feet. It’s not my first choice to wear flats, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And when you sacrifice height, something’s gotta give. You have to make for it with sass.

So here was my other dilemma: When you work in the city, there are so many other expenses–better (more expensive) food, metro cards, and well countless happy hours. A girl’s also gotta save.

Luckily, I found ultra-fabulousness in winter wear. Thank you, These Sporto Casey Waterproof Suede Ankle Boots, as cute as they are, only set me back $29.99! They used to be $90. What a steal!

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