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A Whole New World

I’m contemplating a big move.

I’ve kept it on the down low, but slowly started to let some dominos fall into place. I just may be preparing to fly west…and stay there.

The idea fell into my head about two years ago. I went to southern California on a press trip, and fell in love…not just with the environment and the warmth but with the people. I instantly made friends there – true, lasting friends – and noticed there were a lot of people…who sort of got me. I’m not just speaking of on an aesthetic level — blonds in cute little white sundresses in the middle of November – but on a real, personal level. Did I maybe have a California soul?

This became increasingly true as time went on – I’d travel with press groups to OTHER locations, and instantly befriend the people from California. Then I’d travel there for a few days…and secretly not want to return. It’s not that I don’t love what is here in New York, but when I’m there, it starts to feel like home.

Still, I was afraid. It’s a little scary to leave everything you know — all that, while not perfect, is comfortable, and established – and enter an environment that while inviting, is a little foreign. One where you sort of have to drive…and I barely know where the gas pedal is. But there’s advantages to such a life. Like, I could stop wearing walking shoes…and start wearing sexy choices like the Vince Camuto Desmond wedges, $98 at, on a daily basis – year-round, because I don’t have to worry about snow and slush!

So, will I make the big move? Well, the lease on my current apartment expires later this spring – and randomly, job opportunities have already started to come to me, before people even knew I was considering the move. There’s a heck of a lot it’d be great timing to move on – and away – from; and more so, exciting new roads in my life I’d love to move toward, that maybe I can’t do as long as I’m here. The chances look good…will keep you posted!


Boot It Up

There’s no better city  for boots than San Francisco and it so happens shopping for the perfect pair is a lot like searching for the elusive Mr. Right  (wouldn’t life be a lot easier if men were lined up on a sale rack for heel-to-heel comparison?).

Too short. Too loud. Too off-color. Too difficult to care for. Too cheap. Too clingy in all the wrong places. Better suited for your best friend. Oh, and your mom hates the way they slouch and thinks you can do better.

And then, just when you’re feeling like you’re about to give up (though you never really give up, you just say you will), into your life walks the pair that makes you glad that you held out this long and proves that, no, you’re not too picky you just have excellent taste and know what you want, thank you very much.

You know it when you find it because they’re unusually comfortable and when the salesgirl tells you they’re designed to stay with you for a lifetime, your commitment issues don’t surface.

For me that warm feeling comes from Michael Kors’ Kincade boots in  buttery-soft suede.  Michael Kors boutiques are popping up all over the Bay Area and I’ve quickly fallen in love with all the pieces they carry. I scored these in an of-the-moment—but still classic—shade of grey that compliments any wardrobe, whether it’s boho or rock and roll. The design allows you to push them down for more of ankle bootie feel or yank them upward toward the knee. Rock them with skinny jeans in faded charcoal or with a short dress in a curve-hugging material to get noticed.


Operation Christmas Child: When Shoeboxes Aren’t Just For Shoes

“Come out and join us as we pack a simple shoebox gift that (can change) a needy child’s life forever.”

Michael Alder, Martinsburg, WV

There’s nothing like opening a new  shoebox and glancing down at a fresh pair of stilettos that have yet to be marred by city sidewalks and sudden downpours. As time passes, though, so does that new stiletto thrill, and more often than not that same magical shoebox is tossed aside or trashed. But for a less fortunate child, a shoebox from Operation Christmas Child (OCC), can hold items that are much more magical than any pair of Manolos.

Operation Christmas Child is a Samaritan’s Purse project that delivers goody-filled shoeboxes to children around the world.   You’ll also be able to track your shoeboxes to see where they go, and I think it’s safe to say that your shoebox will cover far more miles than your stilettos ever will. Collection week  runs until November 23, so if you don’t have any extra shoeboxes I think this is an excellent excuse to acquire a new one 😉  Participating in OCC takes only 5 steps that, truth be told, are probably easier than walking in 5 inch heels.

1. Find a shoebox (like that will be hard)

2. Figure out if your gift is for a boy or girl

3. Fill ‘er up!

4. Include a $7 donation (it’s only $7, I know you spend more than that on martinis)

5. Find a drop off location by clicking here.

Not to mention, why hide your shoes in boxes anyway?!  Empty those shoe boxes, put your shoe collection on display, and start filling those shoeboxes for OCC!

However, I guess this means Henry is going to have to find a new bed 🙂


These Boots Are Made for Banking

 When I think of bankers, my pea brain conjures up a very straight-laced image of tailored suits, briefcases, and proper black loafers: think the guys from the Fidelity Fiduciary song in Mary Poppins. 

 MP Bank

Imagine the shock, wonder, and amazement I experienced yesterday when I was at the bank and  my favorite teller, Ben,Right On Boot told me that he was wearing boots, platform boots, to work today! I was in a rush, so sadly I didn’t have time to ask for a full description of his footwear. I’m hoping to find some banking matters to tend to today, so I can catch a glimpse (and hopefully a photo) of his Halloween heels. I’m really hoping they look something like these gold sparkly platforms.

Needless to say, any company that understands shoes need not be serious–especially around Halloween–is a place I want to do business!  

P.S. It never ceases to fascinate me how some guys actually manage to walk (or run!) quite well in heels, yet I still see young ladies that can’t seem to walk without wobbling…


The Taming of the (Halloween) Shoe

shoeI’m all about buying footwear with enduring value and comfort—you know, rather than indulging in fleeting trends that collect dust in the back of the closet. This is precisely is why Halloween always stirs up some commitment issues. Last year’s challenge was to find white, high heeled boots that would complete my Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader costume. Quel nightmare.

Being a glutton for punishment (in the form of driving to every costume and consignment store within a 50 mile radius), I’m considering going as Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz this year. The search for shoes will be no easy task, especially since I’m looking to buy a pair of ruby red dazzlers I can wear again and again after dark, any time of year.

Enter Christian Louboutin’s glittered pump platform. The veritable wizard of ooohs and aaahs has turned out an aggressively sexy ruby slipper (with signature red sole) that’s built for more than a one night stand. At $775,  it better be. Available at


Sneakerball 2009: Who’s That Chick Rockin’ Kicks?

At the Greater Washington Sports Alliance (GWSA) 2009 Sneakerball that “chick” may have been Sheila C. Johnson, Lindsay Czarniak, or Cristy Oglevee.

Shelia C. Johnson (pictured right)

Sheila C. Johnson (pictured right)

For 6 years running the GWSA has honored outstanding members of D.C.’s sport’s community at this unique black tie event that encourages attendees to wear tennies with their tuxes! But I had to wonder, do women actually ditch their stilettos for sneakers?

As I approached the venue in my pink sparkly Converse, I was slightly apprehensive; however, my fears were assuaged as I saw not just men, but many women sporting sneakers as well. I talked to several women who fessed up that they too were afraid they would be the only heeless gals, but in the end swapped their pumps for Pumas anyway. Quite a few ladies, though, could not part with their heels and sported some killer stilettos. The hands-down most asked question of the night? Why on earth WOULDN’T you wear sneakers?! Most of the guys assumed it

Mike Easby, Mrs. DC Deanna McCray, Justin Scango

Mike Easby, Mrs. DC Deanna McCray, and Justin Scango

was a vanity issue, but Mrs. DC, Deanna McCray raised a very valid point. Her evening gowns are hemmed for heels (as are most of ours), so wearing sneakers would leave her dress dragging on the floor. She promised she tried–and wanted to–wear sneakers, but they just wouldn’t work.

As for the guys and gals that sported sneakers, there were some very impressive shoes! Converse were probably the most popular choice as one can find them in an array of colors and textures. I also discovered that Nike and Puma make some pretty sharp sneaks as well! My absolute favorite shoes, though, were the DIY projects. Sheila Johnson spruced up her sneakers with ribbon laces in shades of salamander, and I was totally jealous of Julie Hoyt who added rhinestones to the toes of her silver Converse (why didn’t I think of that?!).

Sheila Johnson wore salamander laces
Sheila Johnson wore snazzy salamander laces
Julie Hoyt jazzed added more sparkle to her Converse using rhinestones
Julie Hoyt jazzed up her Converse using rhinestones

While there were an abundance of stand-out shoes, the real stars of the evening were the GWSA honorees, including the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver and the Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin. I must say, that whether you’re more into sports or shoes, the Sneakerball is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and a black tie event that you will never forget.

[rockyou id=154334281&w=650&h=216]


London’s Great Dane

It’s hardly surprising that Camilla Skovgaard is kicking arse in the world of shoe design today, since she shares her Danish heritage with the likes of design geniuses Arne Jacobsen, Georg Jensen and Mssrs Bang and Olufsen.

Beginning your design career in Paris as an apprentice in couture with Balmain can’t have been a bad start either. But it was her move to Dubai, to work for a fashion house at the tender age of 20 when her love-affair with shoes really started. Witnessing first hand the resulting disasters when bad shoes were paired with the most beautiful couture outfits . . . “it was the lack of taste in women’s shoes that I saw in Dubai that initially set me on the footwear path. I gradually came to recognise the crucial importance of the right shoes if the final look is to make any sense” . . . she was galvanised into moving to London to learn the art of shoe design at London’s esteemed school for cobblers – Cordwainers.

Her BA Hons was followed by an MA at London’s Art School, working with Matthew Williamson as shoe designer, winning a number of prestigious awards along the way. Her first collection was snapped up by SAKS 5th Avenue before she’d even graduated!

In 2007 she was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Scholar Award for contributions to excellence of modern and traditional British craftsmanship. Collections for Matthew Williamson and Pucci followed.

Edgy embellished glads

Edgy embellished glads

And today her contribution remains excellent, modern and traditional in the sense that her designs are a juxtaposition of hyper-sexy (with funky fetish influences) and sporty (wearable craftsmanship supported by technical function and attention to detail).

Silver chain embellished strap and signature corrugated rubber sole

Silver chain embellished strap and signature corrugated rubber sole

Her collections regularly receive the highest accolades from the world’s most revered critics and titles – she has more column inches to her name than the highest of her gravity defying heels – but it is perhaps her commitment to consistently delivering high levels of quality (she still designs all her collections and oversees product development and production in Italy and China), class and impeccable fit that differentiate her from many of her peers.

Boots of architectural genius, fit for any city dash

Boots of architectural genius, fit for any city dash

Oh – that, and the fact that her signature black rubber soles are the perfect antidote to stressful city life. With these little darlings on your feet, its like running for the bus in your sneakers – but a whole lot more chichi!

You can find Camilla’s shoes at Harvey Nichols, Paul and Joe and at West London’s hottest new concept boutique The Convenience Store as well as online at Camilla Skovgaard.


I Feel Pretty and Practical in Nina

It was a Pretty Woman experience for me Saturday night at the opening of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Although, I was sans one Richard Gere. Sigh). One of the many perks of my new job is being able to attend events that I wouldn’t otherwise go to—red carpet, black tie, beautiful gowns, gorgeous people. Alas, I knew I’d have to wear something amazing. Rather than buy an entire outfit, I decided to jazz up a vintage dress I bought for New Year’s Eve two years ago, but never had the chance to wear. Normally, I would have searched for the funkiest of shoes to counter my solid black dress, but in this situation, I decided a classic shoe was best. The event was traditional, yes, but I needed a shoe that could be worn beyond the weekend. One that would outlive the fall, winter, and possibly spring, trends because of my job. I was looking for longevity. I ended up snagging the Effie by Nina, a 4-inch, black satin shoe with a slight peep toe. Despite my nerves, I felt comfortable in my new purchase. And when opera singer Renee Fleming busted out her rendition of West Side Story‘s “I Feel Pretty,” I can honestly say, I did. Practicality isn’t utilized in the fashion industry often, but in some circumstances it can be quite nice.

Effie by Nina

Effie by Nina


I’ve Been Woo’ed

I have a new lover…

shoewooMetaphorically speaking, I mean. But I have been woo’ed, in the sexiest way possible.

I introduce you to my new love: Shoe Woo.

Basically, this a store born out of the late-night fantasies of the shoe-obsessed: A wonderland of opulence and deliciousness and fabulousness – but at palatable prices with totally cushy seating and whimsical designs. (i.e. Don’t be surprised by random finds like a glittery stiletto emerging from the ceiling and fainting couches among the displays.)

I first was “wooed” at the Menlo Park mall in Edison, NJ – one of my favorite malls previous to that due to the salad at the Cheesecake Factory. Santa Fe was dethroned by booties and stilettos galore.

Then, last week, I was invited to the press preview of the new location at Lexington and 59th in NYC (across the street from Bloomies), and that is where the above picture was taken.

It may sound trite, but it was more than lust. More than “woo” even. I can honestly say it was love at first sight. Shoe Woo beckons my every shoe mood – sexy, comfortable, dangerous, lust-worthy – and feels almost like a grown-up girl’s candy store. Without the calories. (In fact, your wallet may feel distinctly skinnier upon leaving.) It’s just…fun. Remember when shopping used to be fun???

As a bizarre post-coital drunk text, this weekend I was in DC for a press dinner, and found myself in Union Station. As I was running to catch the Acela, I noticed something out of my corner of my eye…it was another Shoe Woo. It was calling to me…beckoning me to visit my bowed purple booties. But, alas, it was 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Way too early for a booty call, even of the suede variety.


Got Kicks?

joggerMy approach to fashion has always been fairly simple: Feet first. In other words, I’ve been known to buy a brand new outfit with no other purpose than to match my favorite pair of shoes. It’s a nasty little habit that’s depleted my bank account—and converted me into a sneaker junkie in recent months.

Why sneakers?

In a nutshell, San Francisco is an athletic city…a walking city…a running city if you frequent the Marina Green…and that’s precisely why I love it.

My love affair with athletic kicks began in pre-school, mostly because I was the only one in class who could tie them without assistance. Precocious and then some (save for my phobia of falling into the big-person toilet), I was intrigued by any pair of shoes so startlingly white that it would take me six months of rigorous playground use to wear them in just right. Plus, I secretly found delight in the fact that other children were forced to wear Velcro, the adolescent equivalent of Tevas and socks.

Sneakers make me feel able-bodied, just like I’m back in the sandbox, fending for myself when I come undone. And they make walking lunges more bearable and are therefore responsible for firming my derriere. That alone is enough to justify a new pair every two months, although my mother has been known to call this behavior frivolous.

If the sneaker fits….

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