Wendy Cicchetti Thurmond

Wendy Cicchetti Thurmond
Size 10 m

From an early age Wendy was a shoe fanatic. She would raid her mother’s closet sliding into Lucite stilettos, platforms, strappy sandals, any high heel her Mom would wear to dinner party is what she wanted to wear stepping into a room too.  It was not until she was able to fit into an adult 10 did Wendy start stockpiling footwear of her own.  Standing close to six feet, she has never shied away from adding extra inches, but still appreciates a comfortable and fashion forward flat.  As far as she is concerned, an outfit is not finished until there is something fancy on the foot. Wendy began her television career in the news business.  She worked at various news outlets across the country, from WLWT in Cincinnatti to WTNH in Connecticut.  Most recently Wendy was the main anchor at WLNE in Rhode Island.  After taking some time off to have little ones, she is jumping feet first into fashion TV.  She is elated to be working at ShoetubeTV.  She says at this stage of her life, covering the trends in stillettos is far more appealing than covering the bank robbery next door.

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August 2017
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