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Rock it Out with Rock & Republic Alyana Pumps

Ready to rock ’n’ roll after all those holiday revelries have subsided? Do it in style with a pair of pewter Rock & Republic Alyana Pumps and you’re bound to be the center of attention at the par-tay.

These edgy pumps are designed with a gleaming metal stiletto heel and a ½” platform for extra comfort. You can show off your rocker-chic side with the chain detail on the back heel (it’s removable) and enjoy life in the fashionable lane with the super pointed toe and high arch with the 4 ¼” heel. These heels can be worn season after season, so consider them a necessary investment for your party wardrobe in 2010.

These are the perfect shoes for post holiday parties that demand you show off those recently-learned dance moves on the dance floor, or when you’re playing hostess for your own event. They’re a good match for a little black dress, wide leg satin pants or even a simple black skirt that you’re donning for the evening ahead. Polish off your look with some rocker-inspired jewelry for the complete ensemble and get ready to party the night away like a true rockstar.


The Only Pumps You’ll Ever Need

Black and sleek, with just the right amount of shine–these Stuart Weitzman pumps from eBay boutique, McLables, ($99, size 7.5) boast a gold disc on the vamp plus a shiny gold plate along the back heel, so you’ll always leave them wanting a closer look.


Cute Clarks (no joke!)

I have to admit, I felt a little sheepish leaving the shoe store with a pair of Indigo by Clarks Sylvie heels. After all, Clarks have always been for sensible English women of a certain age; these were meant to be worn with my new silk dress. On New Year’s Eve.

Sylvie by Clarks

Apparently I’m not alone in my new found appreciation of the staple comfort shoe brand, though. “When did Clarks get so cute?” asks Shoeblog. Yep, it’s true: The brand’s Indigo line is suddenly packed with not just sensible but whimsical/fun/cute/crush-worthy/oh-my-god-am-I-old-or-are-these-actually-hip pumps and booties.

Rae booties by Clarks

On a Yelp thread about San Francisco shoe stores, one commenter wrote, “I used to date a podiatrist and he told me that Clarks makes some of the best shoes. They actually have really cute shoes now as well.”

Flash by Clarks

Söfft is another company that’s ramped up the style aspect of its comfort shoes. High but walkable wedges, patent leathers, stacked wooden heels, metallics and straps number among the options.

Cally by Sofft

One reviewer on review site Tumblr wrote, “These surprised me the most because I tend to get the mental image of orthopedic shoes when I think of this Söfft, but this style is really cute.”

Redondo by Sofft

Still not sure? Even Project Runway’s Tim Gunn gives Sofft the thumbs up, according to a video posted by the shoe manufacturer. “Angela has wide feet and had given up on finding cute and stylish shoes for her hard-to-fit feet. That is until Tim Gunn and Gretta Monahan open her eyes to the world of Söfft Shoes,” reads the intro text.

All of this, of course, beg the question, What other formerly-frumpy brands have suddenly gone cute?


A Whole New World

I’m contemplating a big move.

I’ve kept it on the down low, but slowly started to let some dominos fall into place. I just may be preparing to fly west…and stay there.

The idea fell into my head about two years ago. I went to southern California on a press trip, and fell in love…not just with the environment and the warmth but with the people. I instantly made friends there – true, lasting friends – and noticed there were a lot of people…who sort of got me. I’m not just speaking of on an aesthetic level — blonds in cute little white sundresses in the middle of November – but on a real, personal level. Did I maybe have a California soul?

This became increasingly true as time went on – I’d travel with press groups to OTHER locations, and instantly befriend the people from California. Then I’d travel there for a few days…and secretly not want to return. It’s not that I don’t love what is here in New York, but when I’m there, it starts to feel like home.

Still, I was afraid. It’s a little scary to leave everything you know — all that, while not perfect, is comfortable, and established – and enter an environment that while inviting, is a little foreign. One where you sort of have to drive…and I barely know where the gas pedal is. But there’s advantages to such a life. Like, I could stop wearing walking shoes…and start wearing sexy choices like the Vince Camuto Desmond wedges, $98 at, on a daily basis – year-round, because I don’t have to worry about snow and slush!

So, will I make the big move? Well, the lease on my current apartment expires later this spring – and randomly, job opportunities have already started to come to me, before people even knew I was considering the move. There’s a heck of a lot it’d be great timing to move on – and away – from; and more so, exciting new roads in my life I’d love to move toward, that maybe I can’t do as long as I’m here. The chances look good…will keep you posted!


Women + Shoes = True Love

The blog Shoewawa writes, “According to a recent study, women are more likely to remember the first shoes they purchased then the name of the first person they kissed.”

Image from

The study, published in The Daily Mail, caused a ripple around both the science and shopping blogospheres. Possibly the first time that’s ever happened.

“Ninety-two percent of women could remember the first pair of shoes they bought, whilst only 2 in three could remember the name of the first person they shared a smooch with,” Shoewawa posts. “Ninety-six percent of those surveyed regretted throwing out a pair of much loved shoes, whilst only 15% of those regretted dumping a boyfriend.”

BlogCatalog added these numbers: “Statistics show that about one in two women own more than 20 pairs of shoes – with 8% having more than 100 pairs in their wardrobes. One in every 5 women admits spending a whooping $1,000 on shoes each year.”

Chevy Traverse "Raining Shoes" ad

In 2008, The Daily Mail estimated that “Shoe-mad women will splash out more than £33,000 on footwear over a lifetime, according to new figures.

“Each year, women treat themselves to eight pairs of new shoes, and with each pair costing an average of £65.88, that adds up to more than £527 every year – or £33,204 over a lifetime.” (That’s $852 U.S. dollars annually; $53,333 spent in a lifetime. Hey, it costs roughly a quarter million to raise a child, and shoes won’t tell you they hate you and wish they’d never been born. Just sayin.)

But enough about what we spend; back to why we spend it. “Experts say women’s fondness for fabulous footwear comes from positive feelings associated with purchasing new footsie covers. Women also remember the special occasion for which the shoes were purchased and anchor the shoes to the experience,” says Rev. Roy’s Blog. The good Reverend adds, “Do women love shoes more than men, probbably not.”

Image from

But women do love shoes more than many things. A 2008 blog discussion posed the question, “Why do women love shoes? Ladies, help us guys understand. What is this phenomenon all about.” Responses included, “They’re fun to wear, they make our legs look great, they compliment our style, their expensive and fun to buy” and “I love buying shoes more than buying jewelry.”

But there were also some non-shoe-lovers: “I don’t like shoes. I prefer motorcycles” and “90% of the time I wear the same pair of flat black shoes that I bought at WalMart for something like $13 a few years ago (to replace a similar pair that wore out).”

Image from

To the biker I would answer Harley Davidson makes some very cute boots. To the Wal-Mart shopper I would suggest, just once, a trip to a non-big box shoe aisle. That’s just me, though it seems I’m not alone in both my personal love of shoes and my desire to share the obsession.

Six months ago, before the More-women-remember-their-first-shoes-than-first-kiss study emerged, Associated Content writer Madeleine Francis listed “The Top Ten Reasons Why Women Love Shoes so Much.”

It’s a good list, a practical list. Variety, style and durability number among the reasons. But my favorite reason is number 10: Friendship. “If diamonds are a girl’s best friend than shoes are a woman’s best friend,” Francis states. “Shoes will always be there for her. They will never shun her or treat her wrong. They will never try to steal her boyfriend or call her fat. They will never let her down. The bottom line is a women needs as many of these friends as she can get.”


Get Your Punk On with Zanotti Knee High Boots

When you tire of sporting stiletto pumps and booties this season, consider showing off your punk-girl side with a pair of knee high boots. Knee highs are a great match for party nights this year, and this year’s top trends include a lineup of rocker-inspired boots complete with studs, buckles and metallic embellishments galore.

These Giuseppe Zanotti Knee High Boots fit the bill, a pair of suede uppers with an almond shaped toe and strap detailing. These super-soft leather boots are designed with a stiletto heel to give you that height you crave, and the ¾” platform provides you with some extra support.

The pull-on design of these boots complements your no-fuss attitude and you get the chance to show off your edgier, rocker side when you pair them with a short skirt or plain black dress for the night. Knee high boots are among the top trends for the winter and fall seasons in 2010, so you can plan to wear these several times throughout the year. Consider them a necessary investment for days when you need to break away from your conservative look. Sexy, edgy and oh-so-fashionable, these are the punk-inspired boots you need to attract some attention day or night…


Time to Get Starstruck in Glittering Zanotti Ankle Boots

zanotti star bootsSometimes the night calls for something so outlandish, so eye-catching, and so crave worthy, that you go out of your way to save up the moolah for the splurge.

Case in point: these star-studded boots from Giuseppe Zanotti, a Las Vegas-inspired pair of look-at-me boots that will get you in party mode the moment you slide into them. The 4 ½” skinny heel on these puppies is balanced out with a 1” platform, giving you plenty of support for those long nights on the town.

These cosmic boots are perfect for pairing with that little black dress or short, short skirt you’ve been dying to wear. And, you get plenty of shine factor with the dazzling assortment of rhinestone star embellishments scattered across the toe, heel and around the ankles. The side-zip closure makes it easy to slip in and out of these as needed, and there’s the almond-shaped toe means you don’t have to worry about any toe-pinching action as you party the night away. What’s not to love? Add these to your must-have boot list for 2010 and get ready to rock on like it’s nobody’s business.

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