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New Year, New You

As we say goodbye to 2009, and welcome in 2010 – we can’t help but reflect.

Everyone around me is saying 2009 was a crappy year they are eager to see leave — I can’t say I disagree. I had some amazing experiences this year – but I also had some pretty demoralizing ones. I also learned a lot about myself — that I am sometimes way too trusting of the wrong people, and not loyal enough to the ones I should be. I try to win the love/attention of those who don’t seem to be giving it – and not appreciate the ones who readily offer it. I am bestowed with amazing opportunities in work and life — and yet I focus on the not’s – the should have beens.

Last year, I neglected many of my closest friends for someone who turned out to be the most selfish, mean-spirited individual I had ever had the misfortune of knowing. I almost realized it too late, but as soon as I did, I was so grateful to have them back where they belonged – with me to be goofy, to be silly, to drink too many martinis, drunk dial boys, and then giggle about it in the morning.

This year’s New Year’s Eve was the most special one I had had in a long time – I spent it right at home, with some of the most important people in my life. To celebrate our entrance into a new era, I cooked a grown-up dinner party with all the trimmings – and then we appreciated it old-school style by eating it with prosecco-filled plastic cups on my living room floor.

To mark the pivotal mix of whimsical tradition while still being older and wiser, I wore my Sudini Seattle waterproof faux fur booties, $98 at It was a messy mix of rain and snow that day – some may say to wash away the old and usher in the new, but we were warm, toasty, and oh-so-fabulous. Oh, and the dinner party went smashing – a total success, and not a single hangover or drunk dial to report in the morning.


eBay Quick Fix: Ankle Boots

Today I stopped denying autumn’s approach. Today my fall J.Crew catalog arrived. It’s a brief but magical time when I can layer cozy cardis over my cutoffs. Only one type of shoe completes the mood and will last straight through to next summer: the ankle boot.

For a lover of the rugged look, might I suggest these lace-up granny boots from eBay boutique Vintage and More:Grannies

And for the classic fashionista, saddle brown suede Ralph Lauren booties from Shoedresser boutique.RL


Poste Mistress London . . .

Imagine an old-fashioned sweet emporium – all candy-striped paper bags, Stepford Wives’ smiles and a surge of childish pleasure washing over you -and substitute the jars brimming with pink sugar mice, bonbons and shiny red gobstoppers with displays of gorgeously kitsch footwear and boudoir-inspired decor and you’ve got POSTE MISTRESS.

Poste Mistress London

Poste Mistress London

Owned by British high street shoe giant ‘Office‘ and sibling to its big brother ‘Poste the hugely successful shoe shop for boys launched by ‘Office’ in 2000; Poste Mistress is a thriving community for its own shoes, housed heel-to-toe with some of the world’s most iconic and eclectic labels such as Miu Miu, Cacharel, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Fiorentini + Baker and Converse.

pmistressShoesBLocated in Covent Garden’s Monmouth Street, home to many of London’s most stylish and quirkiest shops, Poste Mistress’ lush velvet furnishings, laid-back posh powder room vibe and delightful (despite the smiles, unlike the Stepford Wives in every way) staff all help to make it one of the most covetable shoe-shopping experiences you can find in the metropolis. Think Doris Day meets Amy Winehouse . . . and you’ll get the picture.
Poste Mistress doesn’t yet have its own online presence for shoes, but you can view a very limited range at Office.


Ana and Ana

In this economy I don’t know anyone who’s not strapped for cash and looking for a job. Those days where friends would hit the mall just perusing for something unnecessary are gone, at least for my clique. However today is an exception.

It was a coworker’s birthday a few days ago so we’re visiting the mall. I am pretty close to her and even though we are the most different people ever, we get along quite effortlessly. Prior to the outing I said to myself I am going to take her to MAC and get her a makeover and then not buy anything other than the necessary products to get the free make over… But somewhere between the blush application and the glimmer of the perfect lip gloss selection I end up in the shoe department. Go figure, it’s my natural calling.

349057950_19daf3b7621I am now navigating through the beautiful displays of Giuseppe’s and Jimmy Choo’s and saying to myself don’t look, keep walking. That whole plan goes out the window when I’m face to face with the most sensual and stunning pair of ankle boots. It’s love at first sight, the kind that makes your heart skip a beat and hope you brought your back up American Express. I can’t help but at least touch it. Inspecting it closer, I realize the perfectly crafted stitching, the soft inner lining and then my mind starts to wonder: should I just try it on? It’s my size. Why not? Perfect heel, not too tall but high enough to make my calf look lean and toned, two buckles on the top to give it enough bad girl appeal, and the semi round/pointy toe; I am speechless at such beautiful creation.
It’s the beginning of the end. I’m asking for the mate, and thinking of where I can wear them. Of course, there is the good angel/ bad angel talking in my head. I look at the box one more time. These boots have my name written all over them! I don’t say that figuratively, literally the boot is called Ana. Our first outing will be in NYC this weekend. I found my twin.

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Be Not Tall … In the City


My office used to be based out of New Jersey. We recently moved to the glorious neighborhood of Chelsea (in New York City). Weeks ago, I’d hop in my car, drive to work, and walk into my office in my fabulousness a la super-tall heels. And I felt like the queen of the world.  

Now that I’ll be trekking up and down Manhattan streets and avenues, likely carrying my heavy-ish laptop, I knew a change would have to be made for the sake of my feet. It’s not my first choice to wear flats, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And when you sacrifice height, something’s gotta give. You have to make for it with sass.

So here was my other dilemma: When you work in the city, there are so many other expenses–better (more expensive) food, metro cards, and well countless happy hours. A girl’s also gotta save.

Luckily, I found ultra-fabulousness in winter wear. Thank you, These Sporto Casey Waterproof Suede Ankle Boots, as cute as they are, only set me back $29.99! They used to be $90. What a steal!


Twins – A Tale of Gender Bending Boot Buying

A man extended his hand to me. “I’m Sean Owens,” he declared.

It felt a bit like meeting some mythic action hero dressed as his alter ego. While others might have been fooled by his subdued neo-Ralph Cramden togs, I knew who he was. I had heard the legends of his solo “swish-and-swashbuckling” adventures on San Francisco stages.

Audience members from the Exit Theater say his wit is more acerbic than apple cider vinegar. He’s capable of portraying 8 1/2 Women in a one Man Show. He has legs that are longer than my most rambling blog entries…speaking of which, why didn’t anyone tell me about his shoes?

Now most women would be more interested in his footwear finesse when he is sporting a dress, I guess, but not me.

I salivated over his dandy manly boots. They were made of a mismatched patchwork in corduroy, suede, and leather. My wide tootsies would be so happy in a slightly smaller sized version of those sassy shoes.

“They are by Camper,” he confessed when I asked.

Somehow I wasn’t surprised. Lately, Campers had been catching my eye on the crowded streets of European capitals.

I was stunned, however, to discover that Camper launched their line of Twins shoes in 1989. These footwear confections are designed to be unexpectedly asymmetrical yet complimentary.

Why did it take me almost 20 years to discover them? My socks haven’t matched since high school, a trait I apparently inherited from my father.

When my parents met on a blind date, Mom regally resembled Jackie O in her sleek, fur trimmed, wool cape and dress. Dad arrived wearing cut-off camouflaged shorts, a mis-buttoned shirt, and two different socks and types of shoes. They just celebrated their 43nd anniversary last week and those two Gemini’s are still fabulous foils for each other.

Oh, the irony of this tale of gender bending boot buying! Camper doesn’t seem to be making men’s Twins boots anymore. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the fall season however. Until then, you can snag several styles of Camper Twins sandals on Zappos.


The L.A. Native’s Guide to What NOT to wear: skinny jeans and ankle boots

Last season saw the triumphant comeback of the skinny jean and its trusty sidekick–the round toed ankle bootie. Yet another fashion disaster.

I’m just bitter because I’m a victim myself.

Two decades after Aqua Net, rubber neon bracelets and belted t-shirts, these delightful pieces began multiplying like gremlins, escaping the trashy vintage stores on Melrose and off the bodies of those still sporting mullets on Hollywood Boulevard. Suddenly, Barneys, Saks, Neimans–you name it, they all had ’em–skinny jeans and ankle booties.

And even more annoying, you now had to pay the same high price for half the shoe and let’s face it–half the jean.

Let’s forget for a moment that these things were horrid the first time around, that they look good on probably one percent of the population and so pose bleak potential for actually making a profit, and focus instead on the way they infiltrated the system.

Blame the celebrities! Gwyneth Paltrow loves her Balenciaga booties, Lindsay, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller wear theirs with leggings. How is the general population supposed to avoid falling into this marketing trap when its favorite fashion pin-ups are the first ones flinging themselves down the rabbit hole?

When ankle boots and the tapered jean first appeared in W Magazine as “the new trend”, I thought the editors were off their rockers.

In L.A. the only people who dressed like that were the sad souls still wearing their Motley Crue t-shirts and stalking the Sunset Strip.

It’s funny how you tend to forget that once Barneys starts advertising Chloe’s new ankle bootie in the window facing Rodeo Drive. I didn’t even realize I’d succumbed to the campaign.

All I knew was that I had to have the same pair of Chloe ankle booties–in black–that I’d seen Gwyneth wearing (with skinny jeans) on a street in London. Who cared if they made my legs look like tree stumps, or if the skinny jeans I’d squeezed myself into gave me “cankles”? It’s funny what an intelligent girl will do for fashion.

But soon I found the oh-so-trendy bootie really only worked with ONE look–the skinny jean.

And I also, just as quickly discovered that, to model this dynamic duo, I had to stay SKINNY–which is, of course, was why Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Gwyneth were the celebrities wearing them.

After the holidays, trying to stretch those skinny jeans over my calves was a project I just didn’t want to undertake. And, since I always wore my booties with the jeans, before long, both were collecting dust in the back of my closet.

And so, as we now head into a new season advertising the opposite extreme–wide leg trousers–I give you my cautionary tale.

While I’m not sure if eliminating the female figure entirely with a shapeless denim pant is the answer to the skinny jean, we at least now have another option to pair with our ankle booties. Because, after all, when you pay $500 bucks for a pair of shoes, you want to wear those suckers down! At least I do.

Besides, in my new wide legged jeans, no one can actually see my cankles! They just see the fabulous shoe. And that’s cause for celebration right there.

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June 2020