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Tess Tuesday: Winter is Coming and I’m None Too Pleased

I spend the vast majority of the winter months tucked up into the folds of many layers of blankets on my couch, watching DVR’ed television and sipping cocoa. Fine, that’s not true, but often I wish it were. Instead I spend my winters shivering, traversing the sidewalk hunched over with my head down, and complaining about the inexorable cold the second I arrive at my destination with chapped hands and a runny nose. New York winters are brutal, but as I understand, I’m actually spoiled having to put up only with this. Here the temperature rarely plummets below 0˚F, whereas in other cities, they’re dealing with temperatures below zero on a daily basis—I’m talking to you, Minneapolis.

Here they are.

The Top 5 Things I Hate About Winter:

5. When you’re in someone’s home and they just don’t have the heat high enough. You hint. You chatter your teeth. They don’t offer you so much as a cup of tea and they inevitably have one of those cold leather couches.

4. Falling on the ice. (This happens to me a lot because among my favorite winter pastimes is “ice skating,” though it’s most always met with the response, “Stop sliding around on that black ice, Laura, you’re going to fall!” And then I do, and I hate it.)

3. Runny noses and teary eyes. (Every time I come inside I have to wipe the tears from my eyes and blow my nose. Even then, it never really stops running. And do I ever carry tissues? Of course not.)

2. (a.) The great heaps of gray snow that are a permanent fixture on every sidewalk until mid-March. Upside: when the pile gets really tall, you can climb on it—it offers a sizable deal of fun in the cold while you’re waiting for the bus and you’ve grown tired of ice skating on the sidewalk.

2. (b.) Falling off of the gray snow pile into the street—people stare.

1. Cold feet. If you don’t wear the right boots, your feet are cold for months straight. And once they get cold, they never get warm, especially if you’re hanging out at this person’s house: See 5.

There’s just one solution and I’ve got it: Appropriate winter boots. Now, appropriate very seldom implies cute and fashionable, but I would never suggest something that wasn’t. I’ve got your backs, girls.

The Cosmosis Alaskacosomosisalaskabrown012

The Sorel Caribou Bootbft091709_026The Australia Love Corsetlovecorsetbrown012

Obviously, I want to hear what everyone else hates about winter—you know I love your stories.  And remember commenter of the week (here or over at Tess HQ) wins $50.


Tess Tuesday: If I Could Have a Superpower

I was late to Sunday brunch, and it was completely as a result of my not having the sole super power I’d really love to possess: the ability to know where my lost things have gone.  Sure, I’d like to be invisible, or fly, or time travel, or fly invisibly while I time travel, but none of those super powers would help me find the mate to my Paul Mayer ‘Bingo’ Flat. To be fair, every complete shoe wardrobe needs a lot of things, but the thing it needs most is a black patent ballet flat. They work with dressy and casual. They match everything.  They’re elegant, feminine, and comfortable. They’re essential.

But now I’ve found myself in a jam, because what do you do when you’ve lost the mate to your most versatile shoe? Cry, throw a bunch of your clothes on the floor, and arrive late to brunch in an outfit you only sort of like and a foul mood, forcing your friends to order you a Bloody Mary with desperate urgency? Yes. But then what? Girls, the only thing I can think to do is buy another pair. And now you see why I really do NEED that super power.

I know I’m not the only one: Which super power can you not live without and why?  Remember comment of the week wins $50 (comment here).

And here are some patent ballet flats in case you too have lost the mate to your most cherished pair. If you have, I would now like to take to time to extend my deepest condolences. This too shall pass—when you buy a new pair, like these:

The Paul Mayer Bingo flat.paulmayerbingoblack012

The Delman Mona.delman_mona_black_012

The Dolce Vita Flora.dvfloragraphite013And now, I ask that you partake in a collective moment of silence for all of the lost shoes we’ve ever mourned.


Tess Tuesday: Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

To be honest, we haven’t been this excited for a cultural event…where-the-wild-things-are-206x300

Since, well, since maybe ever.

And while we’ve determined that it’s impossible (or at the very least, certainly inadvisable) to actually become a wild thing…wild-things-300x196

That doesn’t mean you can’t, from time to time, pretend.  After all, aren’t fur (or faux) vests already an it item this fall?fur-vest-152x300

You pair one of those babies with a pair of these babiesdolce-boots1-300x300

And you’re good to go. And growl, if you want to.


Tess Tuesday: A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

keats-233x299You know who said that? John Keats said that. No. Wrong. Sorry–he wrote it.  In 1818.  Here’s the stanza you can find it in, from the poem, Endymion:

A thing of beauty is a joy forever:

It’s loveliness increases; it will never

Pass into nothingness; but still will keep

A bower quiet for us, and a sleep

Full of sweet dreams, and health and quiet breathing

And do you how old John Keats was when he wrote this?

He was 22 years old! He’d be dead by 25.

And do you know what those lines are about?

That’s right! You guessed it! They’re about shoes! Beautiful, beautiful shoes!

No. Just kidding. Sorry. They’re not about shoes.

corso-como-bots1-300x300But they could be! Right? After all, what’s more beautiful than a perfect pair of shoes? And while they can’t quite last forever, who doesn’t have a blissfully beautiful pair of shoes emblazoned in their memory for all time? I mean, who doesn’t think back, from time to time, wistfully, on the best pair of shoes they’ve ever owned? I know I do.

And I bet you anything that Keats did as well. (Though of course, it’s unverifiable.) So whenever anybody gives you a hard time about your insatiable need for beauty on your feet, just give ‘em some Keats, a man so Romantic they capitalized the word for him…

(P.S. If you like this post clikc here and comment. Tess is giving $50 to one lucky commenter of the week!)


Tess Tuesday: My Foot Hates Me

plantar-fasciitis-287x300I used to be (slash think I still am) an athlete. Thus, a mindless (and virtually sweat-less) 3 hour stroll through a nearby park this past weekend seemed entirely harmless. No aches, pains, or heaving inhalations. Why then, did I wake up the following morning unable to put pressure on my left foot? Two long disgusting painful words: Plantar Fasichitis. It feels as bad as it sounds and looks. This picture only slightly captures the burning aching stabbing pains running up and down my arch. Yikes.

Turns out I have somehow contracted this sharp debilitating foot pain syndrome due to lack of arch support in my new running shoes. Grrr. What’s worse – the only remedy for the constant shooting pain with every slight pressure on my left heel is to stretch out the facsia in my heel (by stretch I mean push – yes, activating the excruciating pains – trying to loosen up the tissue under my spasming foot) and sleep with my foot in a 90 degree boot (actually a pretty cool invention – designed to keep your foot flexed through the duration of the night, again, to stretch the cramping tissue). Awful. Then, to add more insult to injury – the heel inserts that somewhat reduce the stabbing pains line the bottom inner sole of your shoes – peeking out in my lowest cut flats and totally exposed in my new summer thongs! The shoe gods must be mad at me.

corsocomocampusblk013So, I lay here sulking, wishing someone would make a nice platform wedge or gladiator thong with this innovative Plantar Faschitis-friendly 90 degree action and heel/arch support built right in. Until then, I can only dream of the day when my heel will forgive me long enough to let me stroll down the street in Barefoot Tess’s new Corso Como ‘Campus’ heel.

Maybe this is nature’s way of slowing down my shoe purchases. A sort of intervention on my spenditure and forced reflection on my addiction by way of foot injury… If so, it’s working.

Check out Barefoot Tess for today’s special deal – that is if your heel doesn’t hate you and you can enjoy the fabulous shoes at great prices…


Tess Tuesday: Celebrities Are Hot

maloles_celeb_big_banner-300x293Katie Holmes used to inspire millions of teenage girls to develop ridiculously educated vocabularies so they too could have life discussions with their window-crawling best guy friend turn boyfriend turn ex boyfriends just like Joey from Dawson’s Creek. Now, she inspires one little girl (her daughter) to wear fabulous Maloles just like mom.

Meanwhile, Kate Hudson is the go-to leading lady. Stunning, blonde, down to earth, fabulous. And she is the go-to celeb for great style. Go-to and you shall see: she loves Corso Como.

And Jessica Alba. She’s hot, and so is her fashion sense. Check out her choice of footwear: That’s right. Corso Como.

Barefoot Tess carries these celeb favorite designers Maloles and Corso Como – and in large sizes that you can’t find anywhere else! Fashion meets celebrity meets large feet meets That is a lot of meeting.


Tess Tuesday: Shoe Seek

Seeking shoes?  Seeking great prizes?  Seeking something to seek?

shoe-seek-side-bannerBarefoot Tess teamed up with fabulous shoe-loving blogs, sites, and friends to create an incredible Shoe Seek 2009 scavenger hunt contest for a whole grand prize package full of wonderful prizes!  It is almost too good to be true, too amazing to believe, too incredible to fathom… except it really does exist.

What can you win?  What can’t you win?  Here is what the grand prize package includes:

-$250 shopping spree to!

-$50 Nordstrom gift certificate (courtesy of!

-A vintage porcelain heart brooch (courtesy of IPlayFavorites Blogger Joy D)!

-A signed copy of ‘The Budget Fashionista‘ Kathryn Finney’s first book “How to Be a Budget Fashionista”

-Shoe Seek winner feature blog/article and picture on the following fabulous shoe-loving sites:, Blogging Barefoot Blog,, Fashion Fille’s blog, YourFeetMakeYouUnique blog, and ShoeTube!

    Check out all the details and information on the Shoe Seek site – and register for your chance to win all these incredible prizes!

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