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Get Your Punk On with Zanotti Knee High Boots

When you tire of sporting stiletto pumps and booties this season, consider showing off your punk-girl side with a pair of knee high boots. Knee highs are a great match for party nights this year, and this year’s top trends include a lineup of rocker-inspired boots complete with studs, buckles and metallic embellishments galore.

These Giuseppe Zanotti Knee High Boots fit the bill, a pair of suede uppers with an almond shaped toe and strap detailing. These super-soft leather boots are designed with a stiletto heel to give you that height you crave, and the ¾” platform provides you with some extra support.

The pull-on design of these boots complements your no-fuss attitude and you get the chance to show off your edgier, rocker side when you pair them with a short skirt or plain black dress for the night. Knee high boots are among the top trends for the winter and fall seasons in 2010, so you can plan to wear these several times throughout the year. Consider them a necessary investment for days when you need to break away from your conservative look. Sexy, edgy and oh-so-fashionable, these are the punk-inspired boots you need to attract some attention day or night…


Time to Get Starstruck in Glittering Zanotti Ankle Boots

zanotti star bootsSometimes the night calls for something so outlandish, so eye-catching, and so crave worthy, that you go out of your way to save up the moolah for the splurge.

Case in point: these star-studded boots from Giuseppe Zanotti, a Las Vegas-inspired pair of look-at-me boots that will get you in party mode the moment you slide into them. The 4 ½” skinny heel on these puppies is balanced out with a 1” platform, giving you plenty of support for those long nights on the town.

These cosmic boots are perfect for pairing with that little black dress or short, short skirt you’ve been dying to wear. And, you get plenty of shine factor with the dazzling assortment of rhinestone star embellishments scattered across the toe, heel and around the ankles. The side-zip closure makes it easy to slip in and out of these as needed, and there’s the almond-shaped toe means you don’t have to worry about any toe-pinching action as you party the night away. What’s not to love? Add these to your must-have boot list for 2010 and get ready to rock on like it’s nobody’s business.


Moving About in Macau

Just hours ago, I returned from a whirlwind week in Macau, China.

Every so often we have an experience that we unequivocally know will change us — make us somehow different, maybe even a little better. This often occurs when we remove ourselves from our comfort zone and do something that may feel a little scary for us, but ultimately, makes us feel stronger and more confident.

I think part of what draws me to web-writing is an inherent shyness -it’s easy to be outgoing and confident when you are alone in a room, staring at a screen – but out and about, I’m different. More hesitant, less sure of myself.

So, when I was invited on a press visit to the other side of the world, a location where I knew no one, had never been, and did not speak the language, I was a little nervous. Granted, I go on press visits all the time – but to Asia? Wow. That would be a biggie.

The day I was packing to leave, I got notification that a cold front was to pass through China, and I should pack accordingly. I took the info I had at hand: A great deal of walking, a chic but cozy city and my need for versatile footwear that would work in various settings — it’s the key to avoiding overpacking – and I knew my choice was clear. On my feet during those long walks would be the comfortably cosmopolitan Michael by Michael Kors Derby Boots with shearling trim.

And so, wearing my fabulous boots, I walked the historic sites of Macau: Saw the mystically beautiful Senado Square, with its historic churches, ruins, and well, Starbucks. Visited St. Paul’s ruins. Ate the locally-famous delicious egg tart…a lot. Rode the ferry. Discovered the beauty that is Portuguese-Chinese fusion. And learned Macau is much more than a town of casinos and piers, as nay-sayers will tell you. It’s a beautiful place to visit, with a stunning history needing to be heard.

But most importantly, I learned I could walk through the streets of a city 8,000 miles away – where I didn’t know the language – and not only be okay, but feel amazing. And that, more so than the mysterious black chickens or 1,000-year-old eggs I discovered, will change me forever.


Winter Foot Safety Tips

It may seem a little odd, in a shoe blog, to write about the dangers of, well, shoes. But, lets face it: We’re all going to be wearing some crazy heels and trendy boots this season. And, of course, our feet will suffer for it.

Shoes.comThe goal is to be gorgeous, and yet be prepared. Winter boots that are made without support can cause your feet to become sore and achy. Most people suffer from foot and leg problems due to the lack arches in winter boots, such as UGGs, which lead to heal spurs and also shin splints. Luckily, Surgical Director of NYC FootCare, Dr. Oliver Zong, gave us some advice.

According to Dr. Zong, proper footwear for icy, slush conditions is a pair of waterproof boots with good traction on the bottom. These will keep you from slipping on the snowy pavement. Here’s some more of his do’s and don’ts:

* Do invest in boots with support and an arch
* Don’t wear boots with heels, to prevent slipping
* Do wear good socks to keep your feet insulated
* Don’t let your toenails go untrimmed
* Do keep your feet as dry as possible to avoid cracking of the skin
* Don’t forget to moisturize the soles and heels of your feet daily
* Do allow your feet to air out between shoe and sock changes

So, good luck. And when you do get that pair of Uggs – cause you know you will – go for a little color and make this trend your own. I’m rocking this adorable purple shade of the Ugg women’s classic tall boot, $179.99, at – how cute are they???


Halloween in Hindsight

shoeI heart Halloween. Seriously, it’s not every night you get to dress up like a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader without eliciting haughty stares in San Francisco.

This year one of the only parties worth the hype was Vintage 415’s sold-out Stay Puft soiree at Yoshi’s, benefiting the CPMC SimSurg Education Center. Good music. Good crowd. Good costumes. Both floors were swarming with glitzy show girls, temptresses from the Garden of Eden, military men, and (my favorite) one very clever Alan and scene-stealing baby Carlos from the movie The Hangover. staypuft

Getting to Yoshi’s and back again in one collective group was half the adventure (it always is). Naturally, we learned plenty of lessons along the way. If you’ll be rocking cheerleader costumes next Halloween, savor these nuggets of wisdom:

1. Do the math before deciding how high your heels should be: 6 hours x 4 girls x 10 toes each adds up to some serious whimpering at the end of the night. Don’t spend much money on snow white boots—especially since they’ll be stained with other people’s drinks by midnight. Make like a genius (me) and slip a pair of white tube socks over your boots and poke the heel out with scissors.

2. For dinner, head to Mamacita to stuff your tiny white shorts with chips and guac and whatever those delicious pink shots were, and remember that Brazen Head serves desert until 2 pm. Something in that carrot cake and fallen angel cake relieves sore little piggies from a night of abuse.

3. Appoint a squad leader to “do the honors” when you’re approached by unsavory suitors dressed like creepy characters from A Clockwork Orange. One cheer that comes to mind: “U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no al-i-bi.” Or bust out with your own rendition of “I Kissed A Ghoul And I Liked It.”

4. Plan to take a cab everywhere, preferably with a male escort dressed as a very convincing police officer. Light-reflecting pom-poms make it exponentially easier to hail a cab out from under the noses of wealthy old socialites, which come first in this city every other night of the year.

shoetube5. If you desire to be seen before the promoted parties kick off, skip the house parties to “strut the nut” (Chestnut, that is). Busting a spontaneous move from outside the window at the Mac store can provide endless entertainment. Good luck getting the very serious, non-costumed computer shoppers to look up from the display merchandise.

6. Think before dancing with a man dressed like an injured superhero. Neck and knee braces mean Velcro, which equate to shredded nylon stockings. This goes without saying: always carry a back-up pair in your bra. The fact that I also managed to fit my trusty notepad and pen, blackberry, lipstick, gloss, cash and driver’s license is worthy of its own blog, no?

7. Don’t be fooled: You can’t be completely convinced you did Halloween “right” until the following morning at The Grove when you hear the tales from the parties you never made it to, or run into friends who slept in their makeup and are still going strong, striaght out of Night Of The Living Dead.


Stepping Up and Out

Recently, I underwent a little life tumultuousness.

pinkhighbootsThe recession is hitting lots of people in various ways. Some are losing their jobs, some are taking on second ones to make ends meet. Others are just living in fear, afraid to order that takeout lunch or buy a new pair of shoes, because who knows what tomorrow will bring.

In my own case, after having a delusional period of security in the face of chaos – I even joked the recession was good for freelancers – I left a longterm gig -and despite having a dozen other jobs, I immediately began to obsess about everything from rent to whether I could still afford to exclusively buy organic vegetables.

Everyone told me everything would be alright – that historically, when one opportunity ends, I have a knack for finding a bigger and better one. And, not a month later, I did.

I realize that nothing in life is certain, and I think that moment of doubt taught me to be careful, and to think ahead, rather than in the moment. No matter how secure something seems – whether it’s a job, friendship, or a relationship – ultimately, you need to just be able to rely on yourself, your abilities, and your strength to move on and onward.

Shortly after regaining my mojo, I invested in these Two Lips Kitty Kat high  boots from, a steal at $99  – and their vibrant seductive suede is reflective of the me I’m ready to show the world. Sexy, tall, and sure – with a whole lot of sassy pink to share.


Considering Thigh-High Boots

Thigh-high boots are a pretty difficult decision for me.

I love them – a lot. And would like to wear them at regular intervals – but honestly, generally, don’t we sort of see them as a little…er…slutty?

Let’s face it, a lot of us discovered them years ago, when Julia Roberts made the thigh high boot famous – as a LADY OF THE NIGHT in “Pretty Woman.” I mean, I love Julia. And was rooting for her and everything, but she was still a hooker, ya know?

What I’ve learned in my own experience, though, is that these boots are actually very wearable. If you think about it, they give you more coverage, than, say, leggings with your mini – and also, in my case, make your legs look thinner!

So, my rule? I will wear thigh highs – I will just shy away from, say, bright pink zip-up plastic-looking ones. Because THAT would be skanky. Instead, I’m all about choices like these Moschino tall suede boots in dark chocolate brown.

They are fun, and comfortable, and sexy without going too far — exactly what I want from my shoes (and my movies).

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