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Shoe Discrimination

You know those loungy-type bars with the $15 cosmos, the super sleek cocktail waitresses and the leather couches? Those bars where investment bankers trade stock tip? Those bars that make you feel glamorous if only for one night? Those bars that your bank account only lets you frequent on special occassions?

Well my friend L.C. decided to have her 24th birthday celebration at one of those bars. I had my outfit picked out two weeks in advance — my zebra print wrap dress with my black patent leather clutch and matching patent leather peep toe pumps. I made sure to bring my only credit card that has yet to be maxed out. It was going to be a night filled with dancing, shots of Patron Silver, flirting and posing for way too many pictures.

L.C., in all her frantic planning, forgot to mention to her boyfriend that there was a strict dress code. He looked fantastic from the ankles up in an Abercrombie long-sleeve collared shirt and dark denim jeans. His footwear would end up being the downfall of the evening – sneakers. L.C. decided if we couldn’t sneak “the guy in sneaks” past the bouncers, she could certainly play the birthday card.

One by one we paid our absurd cover charge and received approving nods from the bouncers who were apparently important enough to need head-sets).

“Everyone can go through except this guy,” a very large bouncer said, blocking L.C.’s boyfriend from the entrance to the bar. “No sneakers allowed.”

“Listen, it’s my birthday and he’s my boyfriend. It’s my fault he’s wearing sneakers. I forgot to tell him about the dress code. He drove two hours to be here. Can’t you make an exception just this one time? Pleeeease,” L.C. said, batting her eyes.

“That’s a really touching story. But he’s still not allowed in,” the bouncer said, rolling his eyes.

The entire well-dressed group of us turned right around and walked straight out of the bar, demanding our money back on our way out. We found a pub down the street that was more than happy to accommodate the birthday girl, her boyfriend with the “wrong” shoes and the rest of her entourage. That was the the last time I ever tried to go to one of those bars.


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