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Live Nude Shoes

Following the Spring 2010 runways shows, Vogue reported, “The big story for summer is nudity — the vast majority of shows opened with nude, ice-cream colours, making cut and drapery the big style statements as opposed to eye-popping colours.” And, while flesh-toned shoes did make a showing for summer ’09 as well, they’re back.

Listed among the spring trends at Neiman Marcus: Nude shoes. They’re available on the high end (like these Louboutin cutout booties):

Christian Louboutin's Cutout Bootie

And in the mere mortal price range: “Pierre Hardy continues to design shoes for Gap, for summer 2010,” blogger Nitrolicious writes. “The shoes retails for $98 and will be available at select Gap stores on May 4th. I’m not too sure about the shoes at the moment, would need a better look in person before I decide if I want them or not. Your thoughts?”

Pierre Hardy for Gap

The sole comment thus far, from “Stylish”: “Love the nude cork wedges…perfect for summer with white dresses.”

Easy wedges not your style? Obsessed With Shoes notes Fendi’s summer collection 2010 sandals, which seem to wrap the foot, all Grecian-like, in swaths of pantyhose. “They are simple sandals covered with lightweight mesh material that wraps around the ankle, with lots of extra material for an extra bulky bow,” the blogger writes. “The interesting aspect of the shoe, is the transparent platform, of course. It gives the shoe a futuristic, utilitarian look.

Fendi sandals

“Nude shoes make your legs look miles long. We love it!” enthuses in a tutorial on how to wear the color. Need more inspiration? Style blog What She Wears suggests, “If you’re after a sharp, sophisticated look, the best fit shoe wise would be nude shoes. To be specific; patent, peep toe shoes in a nude colour (also referred to as camel or beige).”

Yep, nude is the new black. And why not? Black, by the time warm weather rolls around, is the absolute last thing anyone wants to wear. And white shoes: Let’s face it, unless you’re 10 years old and attending an Easter egg hunt, or a member of The Strokes, white shoes are pretty ridiculous. Nude, taupe, cream, egg shell, ecru and beige are not just for kitchen appliances anymore: Turns out those skin-colored neutrals make for go-with-everything footwear.


Clear & Present: See-Through for Spring

“I can see “clearly” now: Prada’s 2010 spring summer show features clear plastic heels, bags and shades,” writes social diarist The Daily Truffle. “This post is … about the re- occurring theme of plastic, vinyl, and crystal accessories. What caught my attention about the accessories of this collection, was the repetition and cohesiveness of the designs. The shoes, sunglasses, and purses all fit together beautifully.”

Prada, for Spring 2010

As The Daily Truffle points out, Prada is not to the only designer who brought clear plastic accessories to the Spring 2010 runway shows. Chanel and Michael Kors followed suit, though these are a far cry from the the inexpensive plastic “jelly” sandals that dominated beaches in the 80s (and experiences a resurgence a few years ago).

Michael Kors

“Michael Kors designed a sleek and architectural shoe collection for his Spring/Summer 2010 collection,” writes blogger Obsessed with Shoes. “They had a very polished and clean look in basic colors like black or white. Clear plastic was a key component in this collection, and while that can sometimes cheapen a look, that wasn’t the case for Michael Kors.”

Prada collection, images from

In the January issue of W Magazine, Prada’s clear (clearly expensive, that is) heels make a showing in the extensive Spring Fashion spread.

Christian Louboutin's Engin spikes

Even Christian Louboutin jumped on the bandwagon with a pair of peep-toe pumps. The soles are the ubiquitous Louboutin red; the toes are clear plastic with silver cone studs. “Don’t be jealous about the Christian Louboutin men’s spring/summer 2010 collection, the women’s collection is just as good if not better,” enthuses blogger Nitrolicious. (Though one commenter noted, “I just don’t dig the clear plastic on shoes; is it ever flattering? Sorry, not these Loubs for this kid.”)


The Taming of the (Halloween) Shoe

shoeI’m all about buying footwear with enduring value and comfort—you know, rather than indulging in fleeting trends that collect dust in the back of the closet. This is precisely is why Halloween always stirs up some commitment issues. Last year’s challenge was to find white, high heeled boots that would complete my Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader costume. Quel nightmare.

Being a glutton for punishment (in the form of driving to every costume and consignment store within a 50 mile radius), I’m considering going as Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz this year. The search for shoes will be no easy task, especially since I’m looking to buy a pair of ruby red dazzlers I can wear again and again after dark, any time of year.

Enter Christian Louboutin’s glittered pump platform. The veritable wizard of ooohs and aaahs has turned out an aggressively sexy ruby slipper (with signature red sole) that’s built for more than a one night stand. At $775,  it better be. Available at


What Would Dorothy Wear?

IMG_0500What would the Kansas farm girl-turned fashion icon wear today? That’s the question Warner Bros. and Swarovski posed to 19 shoe designers you love (I know you love them, don’t doubt me) and one FIDM design contest winner, Kaddie Lam (pictured with her spiral-heel stiletto). The result? Mouthwatering red confections that would make any modern-day Dorothy want to perfect her yellow brick road strut.

A very chic friend I’m now indebted to was kind enough to take on the role of field reporter and sent back pics of her favorites; as displayed last night at Tavern on the Green for The Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary Emerald Gala.

What’s the fate of these gorgeous creations? They’re being auctioned off here until September 29, with the proceeds going to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, which works in 17 countries to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS.

So if you’ve got the budget, bid away. If you don’t, just click your heels together… or maybe watch the movie. It won’t bring you ruby slippers, but it will bring you back to your shoe-loving roots.

Moschino platform pumps with an oversized half bow on each toe. So sweet!


Christian Louboutin satin heels with fabric-feather detail.IMG_0497

Abaete crystal-encrusted pumps with bow detail.IMG_0501

Tuleh strappy pumps covered in satin and tulle. Dubbed a hot mess by our reporter. IMG_0498

Precarious platforms from Alberta Ferretti.IMG_0503

And L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani wooden open-toe platforms with satin bow. Not to mix magical stories but, these are the fairest of them all.IMG_0502


Soleful Tete-a-Tete with a DC Cabbie: What makes women so nuts over a shoe?

Since I’ve been writing for Shoetube, I’ve found that people have no problem spilling their souls when it comes to, well, soles.

A few weeks ago I was on my way home from the Smithsonian Young Benefactor’s Gala* and somehow my cabbie and I got on the topic of shoes. I was telling him about Shoetube, he was telling me about his wife’s massive shoe collection, and then he asked me the million dollar question:

“What makes women so nuts over a shoe?”

Then he started pelting me with questions harder than the rain falling outside:

Is it because a shoe is expensive? Is it the name? Is it because of a celebrity?  Why does my wife NEED all these shoes?!

The man makes a point. Why is it that certain shoes are just to-die-for and some even worth eating ramen noodles for a month? Is it M. Louboutin’s red sole? Is it because Victoria Beckham wore them? Is it just because they’re $$$? Or is it about getting that must-have shoe that’s impossible to find?

Perfect example: pierre-hardy-for-gapI met a girl earlier that evening in a pair of a-mazing $1,000 Pierre Hardy stilettos. Sure, we chatted about those, but what she was even more excited about were the  Pierre Hardy for GAP sandals that she’d scoured the country to find.  She’s currently on an international mission to find this specific Payless sandal that’s been featured in quite a few magazines, but cannot be found anywhere in the US or Canada. Someone needs to call in INTERPOL stat!60% off at the

Personally I’m guilty of being a red sole addict: these are my latest moral (aka money) dilemma.

To answer the cabbie, I can’t explain it: there’s just something about some soles that make them irresistible.

P.S. As I exited the cab, he informed me that there was no way he was going to tell his wife about Shoetube. However, from what he told me about his wife’s love of shoes, my guess is she’s reading this right now 🙂

*recap on that to follow as soon as I work out some technical difficulties with my camera


Nudity at the Terminator Premiere

The Terminator movie premiere was as expected huge but what the girls were going to wear was a total toss up. Would they go glamorous in gowns? Would they show up futuristic and pay homage to the movie? Would they come in classic cocktail? Well kind of but not really. My two favorites Bryce Dallas Howard (What a gorgeous creamy skinned red head!) and fellow fair skinned beauty Rose McGowan showed up in outfits that were funky and fun! Both took risks a little left of what we see on a day to day basis in Hollywood but what did we really expect from these ladies? Bryce and Rose both wore nude Christian Louboutins- the former wearing a sky high peep-toe platform and the latter wearing a pair of lace up pair of killer heels. Enjoy the photos!


The School of Hard Knock Offs

Today’s post on Shoeaholics Anonymous: “Knockoff Marc Jacobs Sandals.” The blog reveals, side-by-side, a pair of strappy red Marc Jacobs cork wedges ($339.95) and a Steve Madden version of the same shoe ($49.95). “Of course, we all know Steve Madden is known for some awesome knock-offs,” the writer points out.

Naga peep toe pump by Guess

Naga peep toe pump by Guess

In fact, the designer version-meets-discount version is regular fare for many a fashion magazine (I’m a huge fan of Self magazine’s “Admire it, Acquire it” it feature). But the recent lawsuit brought against clothing retailer Forever 21 (designer Travota accuses Forever 21 of copying a line of shirts; Diane von Fürstenberg, Anthropologie, Gwen Stefani and others have pressed similar charges in the past) gives the term “knock off” a dirty ring. (Like “Genuine Pradu” handbags weren’t bad enough.)

Still, how many of us can really spring for the Marc Jacobs sandals these days? And, in the shoe world, is it possible that imitation is still the sincerest form of flattery? Shoeaholics Anonymous seems to think so. The site boasts recent posts on Dolce Vita, Jimmy Choo and Louboutin knockoffs. (The Naga peep toe pump from Guess, pictured here, is nearly a dead-ringer for Jimmy Choo’s Eliza Petrol Patent Peep Toe Shoes.)

Gemology by Kenneth Cole Reaction

Gemology by Kenneth Cole Reaction

And, while out-and-out design stealing likely warrants cries of piracy, what about when designers “borrow” from their own high-end lines to flesh out their lower-priced offerings? Check out the $78.95 Gemology sandal from Kenneth Cole Reaction. It’s rhinestone-encrusted and comes in bronze, gold and silver.

Bedside by Unlisted

Bedside by Unlisted

Cole’s Unlisted brand features a sister (if not twin) style in the Bedside: sparkly beading, metallic coloring and just $45.

Glamour Girls Shoes Simpson

Glamour Girls Shoes Simpson

Finally, there are the replicas which are not knocksoff so much as tributes: Glamour Girls Shoes claims to be “your online source for the latest in celebrity worn and designer inspired footwear.” So, is Glamour Girls’ Simpson Peep Toe Wedge in homage to Jessica Simpson? The singer-turned-fashion-brand hasn’t produced a similar style in her current collection, but the open toe, the stacked wedge… it does nod to the star’s style. And a Simpson-esque shoe ($19.99!) is a step up from a “Genuine Sampson” any day.

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