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I Love My Pink Suede Shoes

Last week, I went to a grown-up’s version of an amusement park – I got to tour the Aerosoles showroom in NYC!

Aerosoles 013Letting a somewhat shoe-obsessed person loose in a room full of pretty new fall shades is somewhat of a dangerous undertaking, but I think I controlled myself rather well. I avoided almost-all Tom Cruise-esque jumping on top of the couch squealing, and chose the one pair of shoes that I felt reflected my intrinsic nature…and were comfy.

These are the new Aerosoles Genesis style – I got them in the pink (obviously), and am already dreaming about pairing them with my favorite gray tights and sweater dress as the weather chills in a few weeks. How fab is that color??? I was literally ready to die. (But for those of you who have lifestyles that demand more conservative choices, it comes in great black and camel shades as well.)

I have to confess – despite my ShoeTube-world lifestyle – that I have a lot of difficulty, generally, with heels. I just do not like to be in pain!!! These do not hurt, though, they actually feel like little pink pillows on my feet.

I was so excited about my new shoes that Aerosoles has agreed to do a giveaway! One reader will win the Genesis style in the color of their choice! To have your chance to win, please share your favorite Aerosoles comfort-meets-style moment/memory. PLUS, you can earn extra contest entries by RT-ing this contest on Twitter. (I’m @alywalansky.) Deadline is September 5.

Aerosoles 004PS: Teachers! Due to a super-cool arrangement that Aerosoles has with the NEA, if you flash your membership card at any store location, you will instantly get 15% off any style, even ones on sale!


Comfort over Chic

I’m probably the only beauty editor you’ll ever find that goes to posh events in flip flops.

I do so because, despite loving fashion, I hate being in pain!

And that is exactly why I have grown to super-fandom of Donald J. Pliner’s footwear. This is a man who has been quoted saying “When the feet are uncomfortable, so is the mind, so is the body, so is the soul.”

This is something I can relate to, and why I was so excited morning to see his line is having a sale event at ideeli – right now these Idraw pewter sandals are marked down from $350 to $139.

This is a fabulous way for me to have the platform sandals I crave, sans the broken ankle I’m trying my best to avoid. All in all, not a bad shopping day!


Reformed Shoe Hater: Once They Hit Your Feet It’s So Good

I came across the Dr. Scholl’s Disco while perusing the Chicago-based blog Possessionista. At first glance, I thought: “What the hell? No way this homie’s ever gonna be caught dead in some Croc wannabes—or Crocs for that matter! My momma didn’t raise no fool. Word.” Or more accurately, it went something like this: “Ewwwwwwwww!” Nevertheless, I was being a shoe hater.

Dr. Scholl's Disco in Surf Strip PU

Dr. Scholl's Disco in Surf Strip PU

After my gangsta fit subsided, I realized that—like most things in life—sometimes a shoe deserves a second chance. Upon closer inspection, I began to see the Disco in a new light. Sure, I would never wear these to the office or to girls’ night, but I could definitely see myself walking along Lake Michigan in these puppies. In fact, with its comfortable cushion insoles and adjustable straps, the Disco seems perfect for most tourist attractions throughout the spring and summer seasons. Just be sure to leave your fanny pack at home.

The reviews on Shoe Buy only furthered my new assessment of the Disco, which racked up an impressive 4 1/2 stars. In addition to the colors shown here, Dr. Scholl’s sells them in brown, black, beige and red. I’m partial to the Surf Strip PU myself. If you’re gonna go out on a limb, why not go all the way out there?

Be sure to stop by Possessionista’s blog for a discount code to receive an additional 10 percent off the Disco.

Dr. Scholl's Disco in Yellow Vintage Floral

Dr. Scholl's Disco in Yellow Vintage Floral


Giving Uggs the Boots

According to a recent post in New York Magazine’s “The Cut,” “Sales of Uggs grew by 57 percent last year.” The article points out that, “Priorities have shifted in the recession, and we’re apparently more interested in feeling good than looking good.”

TypeZ gladiator sandals

TypeZ gladiator sandals

As if striking back at the trend, ABC show Good Morning America ran a segment on the contraindications of the fleecy footwear. “Some doctors worry that the fashion staple could cause serious foot pain in the long run,” the feature explained.

But it was only a few months ago that ABC News ran a piece lauding these boots that (like dandelions and tax day) keep coming back. EBay style director Constance White was quoted saying, “I will not throw out a pair of Ugg boots. … They dipped — came off the radar and weren’t `it’ anymore — but they’ve had the huge rise in popularity again.”

Monaco by J-41

Monaco by J-41

Just because consumers are going for comfy practicality over trendy edge, that doesn’t mean we all have to trade in stilettos for fleece-lined ankle boots. Even two years ago USA Today ran a story on best-of-both-worlds styles. “Increasing numbers of affluent baby boomers have the agony of de feet. They are turning away — however reluctantly — from the delectable creations of Manolo and Jimmy and taking their fistfuls of $100 bills to a new niche in the market: the sexy, pricey comfort shoe, made by the likes of Taryn Rose, Cole Haan, Ecco and … Aerosoles?”

Fitzwell's Valora II

Fitzwell's Valora II

Zappos actually has a category in the “Comfort” section entitled “Fashion.” Among the offerings: TypeZ‘s boot-tall gladiator, J-41‘s sporty-meets-strappy wedge sandal and the ruched leather Fitzwell Valora II — described in one customer review as “Super Comfortable…The kitten heel is great, and there’s a gel packet in the heel that adds to the comfort level.”

For those who just can’t live without their Aussie sheepskin boots, blogger Style Eyes Fashion (who writes that Uggs are: “a bit like Marmite on the style front, you either love them or hate them”) has some alternatives, including flat boots by Bumper.

Hazel by Ugg

Hazel by Ugg

In fact, even the Ugg company is turning out some surprisingly non-Ugg creations. The tall suede Broome style gives classic Frye campus boots a run for the money; the Hazel slingback, with a violet upper and 4-inch cork wedge, is anything but slumpy.


Finding Comfort in London

A couple of months back, on a whim, I flew to London, where I’d lived for a couple of years before coming to Boston. I brought only two pairs of shoes: one pair of the most comfortable flat pull on vintage and a pair of fabulous rose-colored suede pumps with a three inch heel. I hadn’t found the right place to wear the heels here in Boston, where I generally dress on the classic, preppy side of the line; but in London, I knew I’d be allowed to unleash the ferocity of my pink pumps without anyone so much as batting an eyelash.

I felt pretty good about my fashion choice as I set out on the Tube to meet my friend Ben for lunch. Girls on the subway were all funked out, with asymmetrical haircuts, chunky jewelry, and the most amazing, brightly colored shoes. And also, Ben happens to be six-foot-three, so wearing a heel seemed like the obvious choice. It even seemed wise, at the moment.

My mistake became clear, though, as Ben whisked me through Leicester Square, past the lions at Trafalgar Square, up the mall, past the ICA and through St. James’ Park. I’d forgotten how much longer Ben’s gait is than mine and how fast I had to go to keep up with him. As we made our way toward Tottenham Court Road, I spotted a row of shoe stores and fell into the doorway of the first one we came to, called Office.

“Shoes! Oh, flat shoes! I have to stop!”I called from the shoe store, as Ben got carried along in the current of shoppers hurrying up the pavement. ducked in and slipped on the first thing that caught my eye: flat, red ankle boots with the perfectly appropriate name of Perky. They were on sale, and they were heaven. I felt like I was gliding for the rest of the day.

I haven’t worn the boots since coming back to Boston –for some reason it was fine to look a little like Peter Pan in London in a way that I just can’t bring myself to here; but I do keep them at the front of the closet, where they await another trip across the Atlantic.

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