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Celebrity Sneakers

Recently, DJ and sometimes Lindsay Lohan kanoodler Samantha Ronson teamed up with Supra to produce a high-top sneaker. “The shoes are a version of the brand’s Indy pair but in a new set of colors — distressed black suede with a gold detail and white sole,” wrote New York Magazine’s The Cut Fashion Blog.

Samantha Ronson for Supra

According to Ronson’s Web site, she’ll have a new sneaker out late this month. “Originally not planned for a public release, we’ve decided to drop a limited run of these hyper-colored TK’s after hearing your cries for blood. 600 pairs of each colorway will be produced,” Ronson writes.

Samatha Ronson's hyper-color TKs

(Ronson’s brother Mark designed a shoe for Gucci for Fall 09  — which looks, oddly, like a 1980s deck shoe.)
Hello Kitty — celebrating birthday number 35 — also designed sneakers styles. “These two renowned companies have designed limited edition sneakers to honor Hello Kitty’s 35th anniversary,” said BeautyStyleWatch of HK’s collaboration with Asics. “Not only are they comfortable to wear but they are so totally hot to look at!”

Hello Kitty by Asics

And the LA Times blog writes, “When we thought Hello Kitty domination was beginning to wane, we came across these Asics sneakers and just about died and went to Hello Kitty heaven.”
Coming in Jaunary, according to Converse Shoe Store’s blog, the footwear company will release “several shoes dedicated to The Clash. Most notably is the Converse London Calling shoes which celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the album. There will also be a pair of Converse Shoes that look like a jacket with buttons and Chuck Taylors with The Clash logos.”

Converse's The Clash print

Parisian boutique Colette collaborated with Reebok on a redesign project. Explains excellent women’s sportswear blogger FemaleSneakerFeinds, “Reebok’s celebrating the 20th birthday of their Reebok Pump by collaborating with 20 elite shops to design their own versions of these classics. Here is Colette’s take, and I love ’em!”
The catch: According to SuperXOfficial, “Only 30 pairs of these kicks will be produced so either catch a flight to France on November 16th (the day they drop) or check eBay on the 17th in the a.m.” We’re passed those crucial dates, but it’s still worth checking.

Reebok Pump by Colette

This summer, Vanessa and Angela Simmons (daughters of Run-D.M.C.‘s Joseph Simmons) added to their Pastry line, which is kicks rather than cakes. Reports Sneakers and Shoes (who has been following the line since 2007), “Pastry is doing alright. I see women wearing them every other day in one way or another.”

Pastry sneakers


Sneakerball 2009: Who’s That Chick Rockin’ Kicks?

At the Greater Washington Sports Alliance (GWSA) 2009 Sneakerball that “chick” may have been Sheila C. Johnson, Lindsay Czarniak, or Cristy Oglevee.

Shelia C. Johnson (pictured right)

Sheila C. Johnson (pictured right)

For 6 years running the GWSA has honored outstanding members of D.C.’s sport’s community at this unique black tie event that encourages attendees to wear tennies with their tuxes! But I had to wonder, do women actually ditch their stilettos for sneakers?

As I approached the venue in my pink sparkly Converse, I was slightly apprehensive; however, my fears were assuaged as I saw not just men, but many women sporting sneakers as well. I talked to several women who fessed up that they too were afraid they would be the only heeless gals, but in the end swapped their pumps for Pumas anyway. Quite a few ladies, though, could not part with their heels and sported some killer stilettos. The hands-down most asked question of the night? Why on earth WOULDN’T you wear sneakers?! Most of the guys assumed it

Mike Easby, Mrs. DC Deanna McCray, Justin Scango

Mike Easby, Mrs. DC Deanna McCray, and Justin Scango

was a vanity issue, but Mrs. DC, Deanna McCray raised a very valid point. Her evening gowns are hemmed for heels (as are most of ours), so wearing sneakers would leave her dress dragging on the floor. She promised she tried–and wanted to–wear sneakers, but they just wouldn’t work.

As for the guys and gals that sported sneakers, there were some very impressive shoes! Converse were probably the most popular choice as one can find them in an array of colors and textures. I also discovered that Nike and Puma make some pretty sharp sneaks as well! My absolute favorite shoes, though, were the DIY projects. Sheila Johnson spruced up her sneakers with ribbon laces in shades of salamander, and I was totally jealous of Julie Hoyt who added rhinestones to the toes of her silver Converse (why didn’t I think of that?!).

Sheila Johnson wore salamander laces
Sheila Johnson wore snazzy salamander laces
Julie Hoyt jazzed added more sparkle to her Converse using rhinestones
Julie Hoyt jazzed up her Converse using rhinestones

While there were an abundance of stand-out shoes, the real stars of the evening were the GWSA honorees, including the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver and the Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin. I must say, that whether you’re more into sports or shoes, the Sneakerball is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and a black tie event that you will never forget.

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Canvassing the Neighborhood

Recently, New York Magazine posted the following fashion missive: “Bensimon, maker of our favorite French sneakers, has added a new style for summer and one local store currently has them in stock.” For shoppers in N.Y. City, “Tani, on the Upper West Side, has just received a shipment of the new ballerina-style sneakers, which feature a strap that loosely ties at the ankle … The rubber sole gives traction on wet days and the canvas molds nicely to feet after a few wears.”

So, the rubber-bottomed canvas sneaker is new. Again.
Blogger Trend Doll writes, “Many of our favorite designers have created their version of how a canvas sneaker should be. But who wants to pay a grip…right? Try hitting your local discount spots for canvas skippies…they work just as good!”
Bensimon canvas sneaker

Bensimon canvas sneaker

So, the rubber-bottomed canvas sneaker is new. Again.

Blogger Trend Doll writes, “Many of our favorite designers have created their version of how a canvas sneaker should be. But who wants to pay a grip…right? Try hitting your local discount spots for canvas skippies…they work just as good!”

Play sneakers by Comme des Garcons and Converse

Play sneakers by Comme des Garcons and Converse

Blogger 2 Fresh 4 Yall has also spotted the trend, though keeps it high end, writing, “Comme des Garçons has released a fair share of sneakers in the past, especially collaboratively, however they are now about to introduce the very 1st PLAY sneaker.” The unisex high and low-tops are a collaboration with Converse and come in black or white with a red heart motif.

Paladium Commandos Boots

Paladium Commandos Boots

Go for a grittier look with the rugged-cute Israeli military canvas boot which falls squarely between skate rat and paratrooper.

Keds style

Keds style

Add this one to the “Everything old is new again” category: Keds (the company that’s been there forever, with those good-girl skimmers-parlayed-into not-so-goody-two-shoes retro-patterned wedges) now offers up a Design Your Own feature. Choose from a lace up, a slip on or a mini slip on and then mix and match colors and prints on each section of the upper. But it doesn’t take an individualized shoe to rock a unique look in Keds. Need proof? Look no farther than the casual-chic model on the Web site’s main page.


Converse-ation Starter (get it?)

“Oh wow, you’re wearing Chuck Taylors!” If I had a dollar for every time someone approached me to comment on my Converse, well, it would be enough to buy quite a few new pairs of Chuck’s.

My infatuation with these basketball shoes of yore started when I was about 8 years old, and I was on vacation with my family.

We were at a restaurant and one of the waitresses had a pair of Chuck’s with glow in the dark dinosaurs on them. It was love at first sight and the first of many expeditions for a must-have pair of shoes.

Not only were those dinosaur shoes nearly impossible to find, but for some silly reason they were virtually only available in adult sizes! In a pre-internet era, I have no idea how my mother managed to find a pair. I believe those shoes are still in our attic: I guess you could say they’re fossilizing.

Mr. Taylor reappeared on the scene about 5 years later: shortly before my freshman year of high school. I was going through my poseur skater phase (talk about some frightening pictures) and decided that I needed Chuck’s in not only black, but blue and green as well.

Thankfully, that phase only lasted about as long as the Manic Panic purple streaks in my hair. But while the hair dye may have faded and the ripped jeans thrown out, I held onto all three pairs of Converse.
In my post-college “adult” life, I started wearing my Converse again as hackaround shoes.

Next thing you know, my feet are now clad in Converse more frequently than my camel Jimmy Choos!

I never really thought much about wearing them: I just thought they were comfy and fun. Apparently though, there is something about these colorful pieces of canvas that people find fascinating.

About a year ago one of my favorite partners in crime, who also happens to be a Chuck Taylor aficionado, moved to D.C. One fateful, rainy night we decided to both wear Chuck’s to our local watering hole.

Sure, it was kind of funny that we had somewhat matching shoes on (she in green, me in blue), but numerous people approached us just shocked by our choice in footwear.

People thought it was so cool we had on Converse!

Since then we’ve discovered that whether we’re the Bobbsey Twins at a bar or strolling through an airport alone, Chuck is guaranteed to deliver more than a cheesy pickup line: He’s the automatic Converse-ation starter.

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