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Play It Up with DSquared2’s Tic Tac Sandals

dsquared tic tacWhen you’re heading to the soiree to make a fashion statement, lay on the glitz and glamour with some uber-stylish sandals decked in jewels and beads. DSQUARED2’s got you covered with these Tic Tac Tic Tac Velluto Raso sandals, a pair of scene-stealing shoes that will bring out your party-lovin’ ways in no time.

These swanky shoes are covered with shiny crystals, oversized baubles and charms, giving your feet a much-needed makeover for the season. Teeter on over to the dance floor in the 4 ½” heels and enjoy your moment in the spotlight, oh stylish one.

And what should you pair these deviously dangerous sandals with? A leather mini skirt will make you the diva of the night, but you can also make the most of this look with an A-line LBD, a pair of wide-leg pants or some fancy capris to create a showstopping look. Go on, you deserve to play diva for at least one night this week, Halloween perhaps? Try these on for size and let your playful side run wild.


Life Just Got Sweeter with DSquared Heels

dsquared-candy1The ultimate in eye candy, these DSquared Heels were designed for any sugar-lovin diva. The candy-striped heels and cherry red upper make this a must-wear for showing off your playful side.

The stacked 5” heel is balanced by a 3/4” platform and the thick leather sole and lining make them extra comfortable; you don’t have to practice much in these babies, so feel free to throw them on at the last minute.

What to wear with these delicious duds? Your best bet is a white dress (after Memorial Day, of course), a short denim skirt for a killer schoolgirl look, or a hot red sundress. These shoes are a great fit for any girl who isn’t afraid to have some fun.


Gems and Jewels for Your Hedonistic Pleasure

dsquared1“Recession? What recession?”, you will say when these gorgeous jewels are showcasing that perfect pedicure and making you the starlet for the night. Delightful and opulent don’t begin to describe the magnificence of these sculpted works of art.

These party-worthy sandals command the royal treatment with the bejeweled ankle straps, glistening faux gemstones and delicious chocolate brown embellishments. The nearly-5” heels will keep you propped up like a celebrity into the late night hours this season, and are a fine addition to your couture ensemble. They’re made by DSQUARED, a pair of elegant sandals that will complement your little brown dress or satin minidress.

As long as the hem of the ensemble is hiked high above the knee, you’re golden.

Just be sure to practice, practice, and practice some more on these uber-skinny stilettos; the pencil thin heels can be a challenge to strut in because your ankles are held firmly in place with that glitzy band. Your efforts are bound to pay off when you can show off this bejeweled treasure and enjoy the spotlight for yet another night.


Red Hot and Lovin’ It

dsquaredI’m having one of those ‘blah’ weeks with one too many empty spaces on the social calendar and, luckily for me, some extra $$ sitting in the bank from my frugal antics as of late.

Which of course means only one thing; it’s time to browse the shoe aisles and pick up a sweet treat for the feet.

It was with this directive that I discovered these gleaming cherry red DSQUARED2 Piercing Pumps, a bold and fiery pair of Mary Janes-gone-wild -– and I think I’ve fallen in love.

These stiletto pumps are designed with three instep straps and button closures. They’re also polished to perfection in glossy red patent leather, and the 4 1/2” skinny metal stiletto heels alone are worth forking over the dollars for. An almond shaped toe adds even more sassy style to your step…what’s not to love?!

These shoes are on their way to my closet as we speak; if you‘ve been looking for a grey-day pick-me-up, this one definitely makes the cut.

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April 2020