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eBay Quick Fix: Classic Golf Shoes

Whenever I’m packing to visit old friends and family, like I am right now, I start channeling Katharine Hepburn as Pat in 1952’s Pat and Mike (he’s Spencer Tracy).

I’m pulling out all my nipped-in pants, blousey tops and and casual cardis. No matter what situation Pat gets into, including playing multiple pro sports, she looks pulled together. Her style is just the way my instincts wander when the potential chaos of a large family gathering is on the horizon.

The perfect shoes to walk me through all this can only be sleek, sturdy vintage golf shoes–possibly featuring a jaunty little kiiltie. No need to get too serious. It’s a celebration after all. Here are the top golfers on eBay.

Preppy brown and white size 6 1/2s from eBay store Sporting Goods USA:

Black and white saddle shoes (size 9 1/2) from eBay boutique fancywhat for $18:

Lady Fairway classic buckle shoes (size 8, $13) from eBay store Recycle, Reuse, Reduce:

And structured, vinatge Kenneth Cole NY golf shoes (size 7, $40) from Philly’s Finest Vinatge:

Sure these are a bit different. But they are also adorable and dignified. And for me fashion, like golf, is a game I take part in just to please myself.


Red Boots Worth Blushing Over

Maybe Stiletto Warrior‘s love of red leather L.A.M.B. was weighing heavy on the mind of the shoe shopper in my subconscious. I was on the L train last night and the woman to my right was wearing red leather knee-high boots that were so timeless and gorgeous and different that they seemed to be calling to me.

Their owner however, was engrossed in the latest New Yorker. I know what it’s like to be interrupted by a stranger mid-essay. It’s not pleasant. But the boots. I had to know where they came from. I resolved to wait until the last possible moment to bother her.

Suddenly, someone got up and the woman with great taste in shoes sat down. I was left standing. This exchange had seemed much simpler when we were eye-to-eye. Now I’d have to practically yell at her to get her attention.

I’m sorry to report, dear readers, that I lost my nerve. I left her and the boots headed further into Brooklyn without me. The second I stepped off the subway I regretted it, not only because I wanted the shoes, but also because I’d forgotten how nice it is to be complimented. Why hadn’t I factored that in?

Suppose she’d had a tough day and then I told her that those very boots represented a significant cultural revelation to our little enclave. Clearly, she’d go home feeling triumphant and share the story with her spouse, lover, or adoring, hot live-in housekeeper–who would then sit down next to her, slide the boots off with gentle hands and begin the foot rub of her life.

Wait, how had this become my fantasy? I snapped out of it just as I got home and searched for the best red boots eBay has to offer. This first pair is closest to the foot rub fantasy boots, but they’re all pretty fantastic.

Vintage slouch boots from boutique Nancy’s Next to New (starting at $25)311611380_tp

Cute cowboy boots (starting at $25)


Suede riding boots (buy now for $50)297932568_tp

Frye red leather shearling flat boots (buy now for $140)307184188_tp


eBay Quick Fix: Ankle Boots

Today I stopped denying autumn’s approach. Today my fall J.Crew catalog arrived. It’s a brief but magical time when I can layer cozy cardis over my cutoffs. Only one type of shoe completes the mood and will last straight through to next summer: the ankle boot.

For a lover of the rugged look, might I suggest these lace-up granny boots from eBay boutique Vintage and More:Grannies

And for the classic fashionista, saddle brown suede Ralph Lauren booties from Shoedresser boutique.RL


The High Heel Starter Kit

I recently celebrated a low key birthday (28). Even years do that to me. On odd years you can find me at a rooftop barbecue, backyard party or dive bar with everyone I have ever met, drinking rum and coke slushies. But even years are more contemplative. I stay in. I ponder.

So this year when I received a wonderful, interesting gift I had quiet time to decipher its meaning. It’s a Sephora “My First Makeup” starter kit. Inside are some very luscious cosmetics like Korres lip butter, Tarte cheek stain and Lorac bronzer.

To be clear, this is not my first makeup. I was a makeup early adopter, sneaking my mom’s eyeliner in middle school. And while the individual pieces were meant to be the real treat; the idea of getting a starter kit at this seemingly late stage in my cosmetic lifetime is immensely refreshing. Suddenly, I’m being given permission to start over. I cleared all the hard-caked mascaras and purple lipsticks from my big blue Samsonite makeup case and made way for my light and free new beautifiers.

Then I thought, how great would it be to get a high heel starter kit, just like this? It would have maybe five essential pairs of pumps, nestled side-by-side in a long velvet-lined box. It would be the gift to end all gifts. If I ever put one together, I’d go vintage, and these would surely be my basics:

Stuart Weitzman for Mr. Seymour silver 3 inch heels from affordable eBay boutique Maxfield P;stu1

Eighties Yves Saint Laurent suede pumps with a platform front from In Your Closet NYC;YS2

Andrew Gellar classic black alligator heels from Upscale Vintage Treasures;Alligator

Old Hollywood-style Nine West ivory peep toe pumps from Vintage Clothing/Collectibles;West1And the all-important lace-up 1960s spectator pump in a refreshing tan and navy combo, from the boutique Jantem 4 Manuels All That Glitters;Ox


Ode to Reality Bites

I’m not sure if it’s the recession, the resurfacing of round sunglasses, or if just I wasn’t disaffected enough the last time I saw it, but I was way too into Reality Bites when it played at my park the other week. If not for the smoldering looks from Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder, then definitely for the floral sun dresses and green wedge sandals worn by sweetly sarcastic Vickie Miner (Janeane Garofalo circa 1994).
The best part: All of the roughly 500 people watching emitted a collective groan following this gem from Winona’s character, Lelaina, “I was really going to be somebody by the time I was 23.”
It was Troy’s (Ethan’s) sweet response, though, that led me to make this loving polyvore set that night (click here for details on the goods), “Honey, all you have to be by the time you’re 23 is yourself.”

Reality Bites

But what good are Vickie-inspired dresses and glasses without some shoes scored on eBay?

Fist up, green Christian Louboutin straw wedge heels:IMG_0061

I couldn’t NOT list these Chloe platforms:P1010372

and gorgeous Ritz dark wood sandals with carved side details:277345315_tp

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