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GoodShop & Give Back on Black Friday & Beyond

How would you like to pump up your Black Friday buying power and give back to nonprofits in need at no extra cost to you? Well, if you do click over to GoodShop before you hit over 900 online stores, you can take advantage of stash of coupons. It only takes a few extra seconds and up to 30% of your purchases will be donated to the nonprofit of your choice. (There are over 85,000 charitable organizations registered with the site.)

Trust me, I realize that this sounds suspiciously like a scam but my dance organization, Monkeyhouse,  has worked with this site for three years. Checks really do arrive each fall and somehow they are always slightly larger than we were expecting.  In fact, Monkeyhouse just received another Goodshop donation on Monday.  I am so encouraged by this passive revenue stream that I have personally offered to match all the money that Monkeyhouse earns through GoodShop in November and December.

GoodShop has teamed up with over 180 participating shoe stores, and they have got deals for you whether you are into stilettos, sneakers, or retro roller skates. For instance, if  you got inspired by Shoetube’s recent Tess Tuesday post,

you could cut $10 off a $100 purchase and send 6.5 – 8% to your favorite school, charity, or religious organization with GoodShop.

Or, if Wendy’s romp through nostalgia reminded you to revamp your running shoes, you could save 20% if you rush to GoodShop by 11/29/09. But don’t worry if you miss out on that deal’s deadline, there are several other coupons and they will always kick back 4-8.5%  of your total to a worthy nonprofit.

Even if you have got to get golf shoes after this week’s Quick Fix, you can support your favorite cause by swinging by GoodShop beforehand.

So hop on over to GoodShop and discover how easy it is to give this holiday season.


eBay Quick Fix: Silver Lining

For anyone who needs a little silver lining now and then. I know I do.

Marc Jacobs peep toe pump, from the boutique AxelUSA. A 25% discount puts these lovelies at $225 (various sizes available too).MJShoes1

Classic, classy, 5″ heels from boutique The Vivid Room are going (in lots of sizes) for about $40; a perfect fit for the budget optimist.Seduce-420SQ-silver

And if you happen to be a lucky size 8 optimist, check out these low-heeled, 60s, vintage Pietro Nieman Marcus round toe pumps, selling for only $13 from Vanities Vintage. Want to thank me? Hug your friends, hang with your family, share your sparkle.318513219_tp


Harry Potter: Beyond the Robe

03So maybe when you think high fashion, you don’t automatically picture Professor Horace Slughorn strutting down Diagon Alley. But wizards know how to dress. They’re always having their robes professionally tailored and donning grand velvet confections underneath.

In the new Harry Potter movie (yes I am a superfan), they step it up. The Slytherins scuttle about the school in sleek black suits and shrunken jackets, with big leather handbags remnicent of Gossip Girl. The Quidditch uniforms are fitted and rather cool. And the campy, crazy and excellently evil Bellatrix Lestrange, played by beautiful Helena Bonham Carter, smolders in ethereal layers of black.

She wasn’t in as many scenes as I would have liked but with photography direction from Bruno Delbonnel of Amelie fame, her look did more than enough justice to her character, and made me want to go goth with gusto.

While I was too mesmerized by her wild hair and wicked spell work to really notice her footwear, here is what I’ve imagined for her (and for those of us who’d like to take a little fantasy into our everyday lives), all from the enchantingly affordable eBay boutique Fasionfixer Vintage:

Punk goth platforms;100_5240-1

Lace-up black leather granny boots;100_6049

Hot oxford cut outs;100_5227

And brown Roper boots for evil-doing lite.100_5249

Photo via.


eBay Quick Fix: 1940s Vintage Goodness

dgrn2These black satin vintage peep-toe pumps by Daniel Green made me gasp. As in, I was sitting in a coffee shop when I found them and I made a gasping noise, and the guy next to me squirmed an inch or two farther away. They are insanely gorgeous and they remind me of this fantastic NYT Article, Recession Looks – 1940s and Now. The key to recession fashion, it says, is utilitarian elegance and these have got it in spades. They’re satin, they’re low-heeled but cut with such sensuous clean lines. They are also a size 5 1/2. I admit, if they were an 8, this post wouldn’t exist.


A Sookie Stackhouse Summer: As Seen at BARE Mag

To return the favor for the sleek summer trends piece the BARE magazine editors did for us, I let them in on my True summer shoe muse. Here it is, in case you missed it over at BARE’s blog.

shoeblog1My personal start-of-summer ritual always begins with a really pulpy paperback and ends with a light new pair of kicks. But after devouring the Twilight series in the spring, I was afraid nothing could top the vamp-induced trance I wanted to recreate on the beach. Enter Sookie Stackhouse, telepathic waitress, vampire-lover, and my fictional summertime muse.

Sure tons of people picked up Dead Until Dark, the first in a series of supernatural books set in sweaty Louisiana, ages ago, but I think now is the perfect time. True Blood, the HBO show based on the hot novels, is in the beginning of it’s second season, giving me the perfect excuse to immerse myself in page-turners, season one episodes and season two spoilers. I’m all about Sookie.

It doesn’t hurt that the adorable Anna Paquin plays her character, a petite blond with a penchant for short summer dresses paired with platform sandals, sling-back kitten heels and girly sneakers. All her styles are summer-y, sexy, and timeless, perfect for a gal with a civil war- era boyfriend. And well, perfect for another gal in search of summer shoes to take me through every situation of the season on a very tight budget.

With Sookie’s style on my mind I turned to a funky vintage eBay boutique with plenty of southern charm, Elvis Really Rocks. My top picks from this aptly-named store:

Bone peep-toe sling backs with a heel low enough for strolling but high enough to get some attention;shoeblog2

Red hot canvas Keds with a pebbled sole and braided trim;shoeblog3

Prim navy Hopsack tennis shoes with thick jute soles;shoeblog4

Rope and leather braided sandals with wooden heels;shoeblog5

Now I’m not so sure Sookie would go for these chunky, laid-back, 70s suede cut-out sandals. But they seem like sweet shoes for summer reading.shoeblog6

Photo via.


eBay Quick Fix: Bettie’s Bombshell Vintage

180px-Bettie_PageThe thing I love most about eBay is checking out the sellers. I form these passionate one-sided relationships with them based on their usernames, the collection of items they have for sale or how well-edited I find their stores. So today I’d like to introduce you to one of the sellers I’m all about, bombshellxbettie. She does her muse, Bettie Page, justice, and for this, I love her.

Considering Page’s perfect bangs, black hair, curves and the fact that she sewed all of those iconic pin up outfits herself, this is a huge undertaking. But Bettie’s Bombshell Vintage pulls it off, so to speak. Take today’s three for-sale items.

These 70’s leather sandals with wooden, stacked wedge heels, are exactly what I’ve been dreaming of. The double front straps combined with the slim ankle strap and woven design keep this pair substantive and airy all at once. They’re low, so walkable, but shaped sleekly enough to elongate the leg. Sigh. I’m infatuated if you can’t tell, but they aren’t my size. So to all you lucky size 6Ms, the sale ends at 10 EST.Sandals

She’s also got some of the hottest color-block flats I’ve seen this season. And yes, I’m pro 80s, pro color-blocks, and pro whoever gets these. The sale ends around the same time.block

And just to round off all the cute shoe action, she’s offering a flirty paisley shift in emerald green, lavender and white: a bright and classy addition to any summer shoe collection. Pair it with red lipstick and do your favorite pin up icon proud.dress


A Slice of Weitzman

In case you missed it, Shoetube’s video team caught up with the man behind the shoe, the Stuart Weitzman shoe, in an exclusive interview last week. To be perfectly clear, I’m biased. I love a good Weitzman. My favorite pair of loafers (vintage, bone, perforated suede with wooden heels and tassels on the vamp) are Weitzmans. I picked them up in the enchanting vintage shop next door to my hairdresser. This French-owned boutique has a huge gilt-framed mirror so I naturally rush right in to check myself out as soon as I’m done getting a trim.

The top-notch construction of my loafers is easily apparent and the style is, I’ll say it, timeless. For those of you considering investing in a new pair of the man’s shoes, you have my full confidence in the matter. They’re worth the money. And for those of us lacking in funds but bursting with enthusiasm, to eBay!

Mr. Weitzman did say, in reference to women at large, “I see you on the street. I see you at parties, and inspiration comes to me.” At least we can show him some inspiration of his own design. My top picks, at truly bargain prices:

Classy, classy, classy nude snakeskin slingbacks with a peep toe and primly folded bow ($2.99 with free shipping at post time!),A1

richly woven sandals in dark brown leather ($14.50 at post time),A2

sophisticated jelly sandals–is it possible? Yes (for only $10 to start)!A3Tan leather woven into a classic, airy pump with a wooden heel ($10 at post time),A4

black patent alligator loafers with a lush tassel ($10 at post-time),A5

and for only a $1 starting bid, black satin slingbacks with an orange, purple and red print shaped into bow so fluffy and delicate that this pair should be worn by someone willing to stroll down a Paris street while savoring a croissant. Bon appetit. 1243392244_1

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