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Poste Mistress London . . .

Imagine an old-fashioned sweet emporium – all candy-striped paper bags, Stepford Wives’ smiles and a surge of childish pleasure washing over you -and substitute the jars brimming with pink sugar mice, bonbons and shiny red gobstoppers with displays of gorgeously kitsch footwear and boudoir-inspired decor and you’ve got POSTE MISTRESS.

Poste Mistress London

Poste Mistress London

Owned by British high street shoe giant ‘Office‘ and sibling to its big brother ‘Poste the hugely successful shoe shop for boys launched by ‘Office’ in 2000; Poste Mistress is a thriving community for its own shoes, housed heel-to-toe with some of the world’s most iconic and eclectic labels such as Miu Miu, Cacharel, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Fiorentini + Baker and Converse.

pmistressShoesBLocated in Covent Garden’s Monmouth Street, home to many of London’s most stylish and quirkiest shops, Poste Mistress’ lush velvet furnishings, laid-back posh powder room vibe and delightful (despite the smiles, unlike the Stepford Wives in every way) staff all help to make it one of the most covetable shoe-shopping experiences you can find in the metropolis. Think Doris Day meets Amy Winehouse . . . and you’ll get the picture.
Poste Mistress doesn’t yet have its own online presence for shoes, but you can view a very limited range at Office.


Oscar Party Showdown

It’s that time of the year again, a time to set our gaze on stars and starlets parading down the red carpet. If you’re hosting your own Oscar bash at your assigned Oscar-watching basecamp, make sure your outfit is Hollywood-worthy with the right ensemble.

The shoes are always a good place to start.

This year’s Oscars events call for the more than the little black dress, so don’t be afraid to sport some of the season’s hottest hues; dark purple, deep gold or dark green –

– and pair them up with these magnificent sandals:


Since it’s the season to show off that strut and really get noticed, enjoy a few moments of enchanting looks in these gorgeous Givenchy Sandals. They’re magical, bewitching and definitely something out of the ordinary; the criss-cross strapped booties are designed with a lace upper and leather lining, and your 3 ½” heel gives you a chance to enjoy a stiletto-like presence.

They’re the party heels of the season, and you can don them with any knee-length or mini-dress for Oscar night or beyond.


Inauguration Stilettos Salute the Night’s Festivities

Golden Globes, Oscar Night, the Emmy’s…who cares? This year’s must-dress-up-for event is Inauguration Night, and the First Lady isn’t the only one with an excuse to dress up for the occasion.

Stylelist reports that A-listers are preparing for this years event by reserving designer gowns and ensembles worthy of their own award. Designers Kenneth Cole, Marc Jacobs and Sean John have been plenty busy sketching up wardrobe options for the dapper President-to-be, but what’s in store for the ladies at the ball?

This year’s top trends for the festivities include black and navy ensembles with streamlined silhouettes, bold red accessories, and ‘50s inspired dresses and skirts.

Just think of ways to incorporate red, white and blue into your ensemble. As we head to the shoe aisle, it’s no surprise that stilettos will reign supreme, and with Spring right around the corner, you can even get away with an open toe.

These serpentine heels from LAMB  may just be the reason to show off those gams for the grand event; the 4” stacked stiletto heel sits atop a comfy ¾” platform and is designed with criss-cross straps with a sexy twist. It’s a perfect match for crashing the nearest inauguration party with your stiletto-loving self, or just for throwing a bash of your own as the hostess with the enviable shoes.

Stand tall and proud during the inaugural address and look forward to toasting to the event for history in the making – all while enjoying a few minutes under the spotlight.


The Guaranteed Workout-in-a-Heel

When the weather outside is frightful – and those dreary days ahead call for the ol’ online shoe shopping spree – don’t let the latest lineup of cone heels pass you by. It’s the year’s latest trend that gives you a stylish, I-just-got-off-the-Milan-runways look.

A blend of geometric design and up-to-there heights, these heels are designed for a high impact presence.

Besides, why would you for a season of ankle booties and knee-high boots that compromise the chance to show off the overpriced manicure? It’s not easy to find peep-toe pumps that work for the chilly season ahead, but a girl’s got to find a way to prevent hiding toes behind thick socks all season.

I present to you, the Costume National leather pump, a cone-heeled number made with rich brown leather and an extra-high arch. It’s the 5” heel for those who can’t fathom stepping into stilettos for the night on the town, or for those who want to show off their playful side during the mid-week slump at the office. Plus, it works as the ultimate trade-out shoe after work – the perfect pair for those last minute dates where running home to change just isn’t possible. Tuck these inside your Morning After bag and you’ll have plenty of ammo to turn a few heads for the evening. The cone heel gives you extra support, carves out those calves, and delivers that extra height you need to show off those Gisele-like legs. Practice your trot, ladies because this one’s worth the challenge.

So as you’re slathering on the bronzer to keep up that sun-kissed glow, and trotting off to that date or shopping conquest that demands a little sassiness , don’t forget the power of the cone heel. It will get you through any dull day when skinny heels are out of the question. Edgy yet sophisticated, polished and pulled together, you’ll be teetering on the edge of good times.

Plus, they’re a guaranteed lower body workout; just 20 minutes per day and you’ll be well on your way to a maximum calorie burn.

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