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Red Leather Diva in L.A.M.B. Booties

lamb bootiesWhen it’s time to pull off a show-stopping look that shows off your wild side, there’s no way you can hold back with these seductive red leather gladiator-inspired booties from L.A.M.B.

These strappy leather sandals are finished with a cascading ruffle detail down the front which means you need to hike up that skirt — as high as it will legally go — and show off those gams like you mean it.

The 4 ½” heels are a great match for any semi-casual outfit when you’re hitting the town, and not only go well with your latest minidress or skirt, but can also add a sultry twist to fitted jeans or a pair of straight black pants. Enjoy our time in the diva spotlight with these sassy heels, and be prepared for an unforgettable night!


Calling All Graduates

I’m headed to Tejas this weekend for my brother’s college graduation and the trip has got me pondering my own walk across the stage. It’s been three years since I graduated from The University of Texas, but I can still remember what I wore to the ceremony right down to my shoes. Seeing as I attended a school with roughly 50,000 students, it was hard differentiating yourself from the crowd, especially in a cap and gown.

This predicament would pose a problem for any fashionable gal no matter where she hailed from. How is a girl supposed to flaunt her style under such conditions? One word: shoes.

Many girls at UT saw graduation as an opportunity to show off her best, most stylish pair of shoes—and in the process—help out mom and dad whose eyesight was fleeting. So in the spirit of graduation, and failing eyesight, meet Report Signature‘s Pamona pump in coral.

Report Signature's Pamona Cut-out Pump

Report Signature's Pamona Cut-out Pump at

This shoe’s easy-to-spot color is the epitome of spring and perfect for graduation crowds. The Pamona is classy enough to wear around your Memaw at graduation dinner, but hot enough for one last night out the town afterward. The best part about this shoe is its college friendly price. The Pamona goes for a mere $117 on Because we all know you’re not a graduate yet.


Funky Find from Jena

Teaching dance classes, I am usually unaware of how my students dress in “real life.” After months of predictable permutations of pigtails, leotards, and sweatpants, I am always somewhat startled when I arrive at the Impulse Dance Center Holiday Party for class assistants. Who are all these stylish young women in high heels with hair cascading to their waists?

Waiting in line for the lasagna this year, I glanced around the room to attach names to these suddenly unfamiliar faces. Introducing oneself to someone you have taught for several years is mortifying. I am incredibly embarrassed to admit, however, that is not as uncommon as it should be at events such as this.

So who was the stunning, statuesque student striding over toward me? Why did I banish my glasses to my bag when I arrived?

Jena? Maybe but she seemed a little tall…

Jena's Funky Find

Jena's Funky Find

Could this really be the same shy child who preferred to perform in the shadows of other dancers for so many years? Her casual confidence bore little resemblance to the girl who graduated a few years ago.

Indeed, it was Jena. While she regaled me with the tale of finding a fantastic spot for funky Brazilian footwear in Connecticut, I marveled at her transformation.

Everyone on the faculty was thrilled when she chose a local college and decided to continue dancing at the studio. Gradually, she has gravitated to the front of the room for floor work and to the start of the line for complex jumping combinations.

Her show stopping, attention-grabbing shoes exemplified how much she has evolved. Their vibrant colors and quirky details punctuated her elegant outfit with an offbeat counterpoint. It was no small feat to brave a chilly evening and several flights of stairs in those open toes and 3-inch heels. It signified a bold commitment to her personal sense of pizazz.

In addition to her studies, she has assumed more responsibilities as an assistant and mentors many of the younger kids. Even with out the heels, you can see why they look up to her. She has internalized the surprise, sass, and mystery of Jazz.


An Early New Year’s Resolution

Get in shape. Volunteer more. Learn how to cook Thai food. They’re all top priorities on my soon-to-be New Year’s resolution list, but this year, I’m also committing to only buying the necessities in shoes and clothing.

This is partly because the closet is now overflowing with things I’ve managed to wear once…and then I’m over it. The magic is gone after just one showing of my latest find, so I’m resolving to ONLY buy things that have a utility factor of at least 5 – I must be able to wear the item at least 5 times within a year to justify the purchase. I’ve even bought a little notebook to keep track of the events I plan to attend sporting my new ensemble, and plan to carry this by my side on every shopping adventure.

This will all happen, of course, after the New Year’s party. Buying a new outfit for New Year’s needs no justification.

As a result, I’ve resolved to find the most eye-catching, glamorous and ‘can-you-believe-she’s-wearing-those-in-winter?’ shoes. Otherwise known as this pair of Giuseppe Zanotti stiletto pumps.

You see, it’s not every day that you get to wear snake-embossed leather and glossy patent leather in one step. These red hot shoes with black trim and a sleek silver snake embossing are the perfect way to draw attention to the red and silver dress I’ll be sporting for the New Year’s bash. They’re chic, elegant, and even have an up-to-there heel to take the va-va-voom factor up a notch. To the second power, in fact.

I’ll be kicking off the New Year with a pair of over the top heels that demand no justification beyond the New Year’s bash. These might make an appearance on my birthday, but they’re officially my last overindulgent purchase from the shoe department.


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