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DIY Shoetube Style Part 1: Finding the Perfect Paint Amongst My Shoes

As I was lounging poolside trying to figure out my next home improvement project (I have a real fixer-upper), I decided that my front door is in desperate need of a new shade of polish errrr I mean paint. Mind you, I have a stream in my basement and a rogue raccoon living in my atttic, but obviously the front door takes priority.

Currently my door is painted what I believe is called “barn” red or at least that’s what the paint can in the garage said. I mean, seriously? I do not live in a barn, so I’m not quite sure why my front door should resemble one.

As I pondered paint pallets, much in the fashion I choose pedi-polish colors, I decided that I needed inspiration. Then it dawned on me: what better place to look for the perfect hue, than amongst my shoes?! All metallics were pretty much out, as were the yellow Puccis, anything neutral was far too dull, but what about the pinks? I scrutinized

Is it possible to have too many pink shoes?

Is it possible to have too many pink shoes?

the lineup and quickly decided that the Jimmy Choos were too pale, the Charles David too bright, but the Guccis were just right! 

Be sure to check back for Part 2 next week: I can’t wait to see the reaction at Home Depot when I tell them I need paint to match my pumps!

Hold the Phone: Jimmy Choos at H&M

Here’s my question: If Carrie Bradshaw hadn’t spent her paychecks on shoes rather than, say, real estate is it possible she would have wound up with the far dishier Aiden rather than the likable but (sorry, but I’ve got say it) not-so-sexy Mr. Big? I know, I know — without the shoes, Carrie wouldn’t have been Carrie and no one wants that. But in this, the post market-crash spendthrift world of 2009 a new possibility (and perhaps a multiple choice ending for Sex and the City) unfolds: Designer footware at bargain prices.

I kid you not.

Shoes from Jimmy Choos for H&M collection

Shoes from Jimmy Choos for H&M collection

New York Magazine just reported that luxury shoe designer Jimmy Choo is teaming up with discount retailer H&M: “Jimmy Choo and H&M are launching a collection of bags, shoes, and accessories for men and women and a clothing line, hitting stores Nov. 14.”

LA Times reported that, “Jimmy Choo founder and President Tamara Mellon vowed that her brand would bring H&M ‘a sophisticated, fashion forward, accessible and glamorous collection.'” Other H&M designer collaborators include Madonna, Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld.

Jimmy Choo fitting with H&M's Margareta van den Bosch

Jimmy Choo fitting with H&M's Margareta van den Bosch

According to figures in Britain’s The Guardian, a pair of Choo ballet flats at H&M will run about 40 pounds ($66) with boots ringing in at 180 pounds ($295).

Fashion bloggers such as The Budget Fashionista, Cyana Trend Land and Paolosavi are all tracking the story, but there is a cautionary tale here. Paolosavi writes, “Tres tres cool…can’t wait.” but commenter Jacob replies, “Exciting news indeed, but again- Choo’s shoes need the best quality. Same with earlier Cavalli for H&M collection, not all pieces were that great in real life.”

Probably the best tactic, on November 14 (it’s a Saturday, schedule accordingly) is to ask ourselves, “WWCD?” (What Would Carrie Do?) I’m guessing go shopping.


A Second Public Appearance for Michelle Obama’s Green Choos

mobluedressBack in January, Michelle Obama’s Inauguration ensemble had fashion critics and shoe lovers everywhere buzzing– myself included. At the time I was unsure about green shoes with a yellow-ish outfit, but the more I looked at pictures, the more I loved the combo, and really LOVED the shoes. I came to the conclusion that I absolutely had to find a pair of Jimmy Choo “Glacier” pumps, and obviously they needed to be green. Let’s just say that hunt has been rather futile, but I’m still holding out that they’ll magically appear on a sale rack somewhere!

I digress, back to Lady M. During the Obama’s recent trip to London, Michelle’s ensembles drew a lot of attention, especially the peacock blue Jason Wu dress with the 1/2 argyle Junya Watanabe cardigan. As I gave the ensemble the Manhattan once-over (LOVE the dress, mixed feelings on the cardi), my eyes froze on her footwear. There they were: my Jimmy Choo pumps! But then I got kind of confused. Wasn’t her dress blue? My Jimmy Choos were definitely green. Contrasting colors are one thing, but is green too close to blue in the color wheel for that to work? Perhaps the dress is greener than it appears in pictures? Oh to get inside Lady M’s closet! Hmmmm, that might solve several problems: I wonder what size shoe she wears? An 8 perhaps? Let’s just hope that new puppy doesn’t have a thing for Choo toys!


Heavenly Evanly Shoe Idol

Once in a while a Hollywood starlet comes along and really just kills it with her personal style and shines through so much brighter than the rest of them. Right now I’m super obsessed with Evan Rachel Wood and her string of spot-on glorious “my shoes are better than yours” looks. I love love love that she doesn’t overdo it with obnoxious attention seeking footwear (though don’t get it twisted I am quite the champion for the most obnoxiousest of obnoxiously insane impractical look at me! shoes) and instead picks a shoe that is left-of-center and very splendid yet still graceful and fittingly completes her classic hollywood meets goth rock chick look. I love her. I adore her style. I think she is a cute chameleon. Anyhooo enough about what I think! Here you go! Check out her string of hits beginning in the latter part of last year (2008) with this frilly little black cocktail number paired with a cool strappy cutout platform sandal in black. Very couture goth. Then follows it up in early 2009 at the Golden Globes where she rocks a classic black Christian Louboutin shoe to complement black Elie Saab gown. Note patent leather is her material of choice instead of the typical satin, jewelled, blah blah blah. Thats what makes it a little more interesting. Her big wow me moment was when she walked the 2009 SAG Awards red carpet in a deap teal Monique Lhullier dress offset by an absolutely gorgeous pair of fuschia satin Sergio Rossis which complement her little clutch- and then proceeded do a cheeky little red carpet show and tell to make sure everyone saw it. ERW is so hot it hurts and even she works it out in her photo shoots. Check out this spread where she is wearing white Jimmy Choo cutout boots. Wow. The heat is burning me. ❤ XO evan-rachel-wood-blog


The Perfect Exit

What shoes go well with a pink slip? As my eyes moved down the shoe rack hanging over my closet door, I calmly weighed my options.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t trying to match my shoes to a garment – this pink slip was the kind that sends you reeling into denial, anger and last but not least, the unemployment office. I knew it was coming, I even had the right outfit. I just couldn’t settle on the shoes. Would it be the red vintage-esque Marc Jacobs peep-toes I found on sale last week? No, too new. Perhaps my sassy patent Stuart Weitzman 4-inch stilettos? Too sexy. Something seemed wrong about each pair that my eyes landed on. I needed a pair of warrior shoes, a combat boot of sorts that would carry me through this ordeal with the least amount of battle wounds.

That’s when I spotted them – knee-high, black, immaculately tailored. My take on the world, devil-may-care Jimmy Choo boots that I spent the entire summer of ’06 coveting before throwing down my Visa and giddily embracing a season of debt. I pulled them on, zipped up the back and admired the effect in the mirror. I felt strong, defiant, empowered: a perfect remedy for the pink slip blues. These boots were made for walking out the office door, leaving them with a lasting final impression, and – the ultimate sting – a twinge of regret.
Later that day, severance contract in hand, I slung my purse over my shoulder and walked out that door one last time. As the heavy door shut behind me, I threw my head back haughtily and smiled: mission accomplished.

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