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Canvassing the Neighborhood

Recently, New York Magazine posted the following fashion missive: “Bensimon, maker of our favorite French sneakers, has added a new style for summer and one local store currently has them in stock.” For shoppers in N.Y. City, “Tani, on the Upper West Side, has just received a shipment of the new ballerina-style sneakers, which feature a strap that loosely ties at the ankle … The rubber sole gives traction on wet days and the canvas molds nicely to feet after a few wears.”

So, the rubber-bottomed canvas sneaker is new. Again.
Blogger Trend Doll writes, “Many of our favorite designers have created their version of how a canvas sneaker should be. But who wants to pay a grip…right? Try hitting your local discount spots for canvas skippies…they work just as good!”
Bensimon canvas sneaker

Bensimon canvas sneaker

So, the rubber-bottomed canvas sneaker is new. Again.

Blogger Trend Doll writes, “Many of our favorite designers have created their version of how a canvas sneaker should be. But who wants to pay a grip…right? Try hitting your local discount spots for canvas skippies…they work just as good!”

Play sneakers by Comme des Garcons and Converse

Play sneakers by Comme des Garcons and Converse

Blogger 2 Fresh 4 Yall has also spotted the trend, though keeps it high end, writing, “Comme des Garçons has released a fair share of sneakers in the past, especially collaboratively, however they are now about to introduce the very 1st PLAY sneaker.” The unisex high and low-tops are a collaboration with Converse and come in black or white with a red heart motif.

Paladium Commandos Boots

Paladium Commandos Boots

Go for a grittier look with the rugged-cute Israeli military canvas boot which falls squarely between skate rat and paratrooper.

Keds style

Keds style

Add this one to the “Everything old is new again” category: Keds (the company that’s been there forever, with those good-girl skimmers-parlayed-into not-so-goody-two-shoes retro-patterned wedges) now offers up a Design Your Own feature. Choose from a lace up, a slip on or a mini slip on and then mix and match colors and prints on each section of the upper. But it doesn’t take an individualized shoe to rock a unique look in Keds. Need proof? Look no farther than the casual-chic model on the Web site’s main page.


A Sookie Stackhouse Summer: As Seen at BARE Mag

To return the favor for the sleek summer trends piece the BARE magazine editors did for us, I let them in on my True summer shoe muse. Here it is, in case you missed it over at BARE’s blog.

shoeblog1My personal start-of-summer ritual always begins with a really pulpy paperback and ends with a light new pair of kicks. But after devouring the Twilight series in the spring, I was afraid nothing could top the vamp-induced trance I wanted to recreate on the beach. Enter Sookie Stackhouse, telepathic waitress, vampire-lover, and my fictional summertime muse.

Sure tons of people picked up Dead Until Dark, the first in a series of supernatural books set in sweaty Louisiana, ages ago, but I think now is the perfect time. True Blood, the HBO show based on the hot novels, is in the beginning of it’s second season, giving me the perfect excuse to immerse myself in page-turners, season one episodes and season two spoilers. I’m all about Sookie.

It doesn’t hurt that the adorable Anna Paquin plays her character, a petite blond with a penchant for short summer dresses paired with platform sandals, sling-back kitten heels and girly sneakers. All her styles are summer-y, sexy, and timeless, perfect for a gal with a civil war- era boyfriend. And well, perfect for another gal in search of summer shoes to take me through every situation of the season on a very tight budget.

With Sookie’s style on my mind I turned to a funky vintage eBay boutique with plenty of southern charm, Elvis Really Rocks. My top picks from this aptly-named store:

Bone peep-toe sling backs with a heel low enough for strolling but high enough to get some attention;shoeblog2

Red hot canvas Keds with a pebbled sole and braided trim;shoeblog3

Prim navy Hopsack tennis shoes with thick jute soles;shoeblog4

Rope and leather braided sandals with wooden heels;shoeblog5

Now I’m not so sure Sookie would go for these chunky, laid-back, 70s suede cut-out sandals. But they seem like sweet shoes for summer reading.shoeblog6

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Going the Distance (and then some)

Night Splint from Hell

A year ago I did something very stupid—I ran a half marathon. Now, before the fit and fabulous start bombarding me with hate mail please let me explain. I ran a half marathon and I didn’t train for it.

As a former cross country runner, I should have known better. I was prepared and trained for a leg of the marathon. However when I reached the end of the leg, I felt inspired to keep running. Despite a small ache, that felt like a pebble was stuck in my shoe, I found myself at mile 13 relatively quickly and absolutely exhausted.

Two days later, I was barely able to walk. The small ache now felt like a tumor the size of a baseball pushing into my heel. I was a 24 year old cripple, who prided herself on an active lifestyle. In a nutshell, I hated myself. A year later and the problem still plagues me, but I have found relief with horse-like pain killers, stretching, and rest. I also found out that I fractured my foot somewhere along the lines and could have carpal tunnel in my ankles. So much for forever young.

What really kills me (aside from the ever versatile and sexy bottie I have to wear to bed—pictured above) is the fact that I have to wear sneakers during the day. At first I was ecstatic, but quickly became saddened. How am I to partake in all the fall trends? If I can’t wear the high heeled boots, I can’t wear the new Hudson peg leg jeans or darn a Chloe purse. Okay, I can’t afford the purse, but you get the picture. I might as well die in my sweat suits.

Lucky for me, Wendy inspired me to look around for a sneaker that didn’t scream GYM this week via her web video on 10/23. These monogrammed keds are perfect for preppy Baltimore. They still won’t go with my dress for dinner tonight, but they will at least get me to work without looking like I stepped out of Nine to Five a la Dolly Parton.


Power Pumps Go Soft

We pile into a train like a swarm of bees. Our destination: home.

We disperse as if we’re liquid pouring out onto the street from a single coffee cup.

And to think just hours earlier, we were all in our various offices, in our respected positions, slaving away as if it’s the only thing that matters.

My boyfriend texted hours ago, and still, I haven’t even had a moment to breathe, let alone reply.

I sit and wait anxiously for the conductor to announce “Bloomfield, this is the Bloomfield stop.” Thirty minutes (of torture because I forgot to bring a book or an Us Weekly to read), I’m moments away from home.

I get up and stand patiently behind a man in a black suit, red tie, and leather shoulder “man bag” (a masculine tote, if you will). I follow closely behind him, my face tight (from I don’t know what). I must’ve been mentally drained from having to write an article, sit in meetings and be creative (yes, that can be tiring at times).

I walk swiftly, to be interrupted by a small child. The little boy, probably 4 or 5 years old, ran towards me … or so I thought.

I then hear, “Sweetheart, slow down!” from the woman (probably his mom trailing behind). He runs to the man in front of me. He yells, “Daddy!” He then climbs up into the man’s arms as if scaling a rock climbing wall. He gives his working dad a big hug. My face loosened up and before I knew it I was smiling.

While I find joy in wearing my orange BCBG power pumps — and waking up to my dream job every morning — I look forward to the day I can retire them for a comfy pair of Lacoste slip-ons (or whatever young moms wear these days — Keds?).

I then hurriedly pry open my Marc Jacobs handbag, rummage for my cell phone as if someone was actively trying to take it away from me to text back my boyfriend.

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