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Women, Worth, and What to Wear

As the world begins to take notice of the “power of bloggers”, I sometimes get opportunities that are nothing short of overwhelming. Last week was one of those times – I got to have breakfast with Suze Orman.

reactionheelsI am not very smart when it comes to money. As a single, self-employed, woman, I know there are at least three reasons I should get a little better. But yet, there I am, all the time – throwing receipts to the bottom of my bag. Not balancing my checkbook.

When you are a freelancer, living paycheck to paycheck is just not smart living. Not having a savings account – probably even worse. In times of recession, of course, the lunacy of my life is out of control.

Last week, Suze Orman invited a handful of bloggers to join her for breakfast, where she talked a little bit about the era of social networking; but more importantly, to have a close-knit discussion of our own lives, and needs, and worries. Before going, I was excited, but did not know the magnitude of the morning I was about to have. Could I, someone who has scoffed personal organization and money management for years, get anything out if this?

Of course, my mind immediately went to what to wear. As a beauty blogger, it’s often hard to be taken seriously – I wanted to make sure I looked like a grown up. I chose a conservative A-line shift dress in monochrome colors, but decided to pair it with shoes that reflected who I was. I was, for better or worse, a girl living on the edge – what else could I wear but my Kenneth Cole Reaction Know Lace sandals? At under $100, they are sexy, snazzy, classy, AND budget-smart – all the characteristics I myself aim to possess.

By the end of breakfast, I was inspired – far beyond what I expected. I made a decision to start saving, and to look beyond the next week with my finances – because what would become of me if next week, all my work dried up? I learned to respect myself, and put clients, and friends, and situations around me where I felt respected, and nurtured, rather than held back (or held down). I learned that this economy ain’t getting better tomorrow – but we can still be better, within it. Wish me luck!


Giving in to the Oxford

There are a few trends⎯leather motorcycle jackets, fringed moccasin boots, even cropped leggings⎯that I have resisted out of a sort of pigheaded pride.

It’s not that I think I’m above these pieces. It’s that when I first saw them, I gave them a season, maybe. I waited for them to pass. And like my attempts to take the bus rather than walk home on a rainy day, I’m left waiting but can’t budge because the longer I stand still, the more I have invested in the bus actually coming. Or in this case, the fashion don’t articles being written. Right?

Out of my many shortsighted restrictions, flat oxford shoes have been the hardest to resist. So when I opened May’s Marie Claire to see an adorable Rachel McAdams shot in even more adorable Christian Louboutin oxfords, I knew it was over. I’ve come crawling back to the oxford, tail between my legs, in the rain.

Photo via Just Jared:

See the whole series at Just Jared:

It wasn’t your fault, oxford, that a buyer at Urban Outfitters spotted you before I did. I shouldn’t have judged you so harshly. I should have believed in you. Now, with a degree of sureness that you’ll last another full season, I’d like to purchase you. Just not at full price.

I’m sheepishly headed to eBay store ShoeMetro for black Steve Maddens,stev101308_064154main

or Whochee Vintage for Kenneth Coles,249927382_tpor MrHaney4 for classic Cole Haans,0327_6_264

or Historic Images for crisp ivory Rockports.f021509t


Walk a mile in my shoes

My sister wore disco-era platform sandals to my wedding, 25 years after “Saturday Night Fever.” Still, I better recollect coveting those cork and leather sky-scrapers than I remember reciting my wedding vows. I love impractical shoes.

I have signed up for Salsa class simply to justify purchasing strappy velvet and rhinestone heels, I’ve obsessed over red mules for weeks after spying a pair peeking out from under the raggedy denim hem of a girl across a dark bar, I’ve endured blisters and bruised toes rather than slip out a too-tall pair of Mary Jane wedges. Not that I hold any records for my diva-worthy stiletto collection, but I adore ankle-wrenching footwear with an enthusiasm only neared by my love of dark chocolate and off-dry Chenin Blanc.

However, other than to the occasional holiday party or romantic dinner, I never wear dangerous heels. A handful of pairs languish in their boxes on my closet shelf, but I regularly pass them over because, as much as delicate, stacked peep-toes would compliment my trouser jeans, I can’t face walking any distance in them. And walking is what I do.

Every morning, I walk my dogs a couple of miles. Then I walk the mile-commute to my office, often taking my lunch-break to run errands around town. By foot. So when I say, “walk a mile in my shoes,” I really mean more like five miles. Great for my calves, not so great on my soles.

But, even though my dedication to fitness, a smaller carbon footprint, and the mood-heightening affects of walking keep me out of the tall shoes I desire, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. And, slowly but surely, I’ve begun to develop an appreciation for cute flats.

High on my list of favorites: edgy takes on the ballet flat (buckles instead of saccharine bows), canvas skimmers in colorful retro prints, and slightly sporty leather Mary Janes that marry form and function. My go-to pair came from the Kenneth Cole Tribeca line. Thick, rubbery soles stand between me and the sidewalk, while soft chestnut leather works with jeans and skirts. The adjustable straps Velcro snugly, a futuristic nod from a style that has been around forever. (This season’s Kenneth Cole “Charming” Mary Janes have a similar vibe.)

Do I still long for the towering height of an ambitious platform? Sure. But I can always carry it in my tote bag until I get wherever I’m going. For the commute, I’ll stick to my flats, thanks very much.

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June 2020