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L.A. Gear…. Where’s Jermaine?

L.A. Gear Sneakers….anyone else reminiscing about their childhood?

You know, the ones with the blinking lights that were considered the coolest of cool when you were nine years old? I got such a pair of sneakers when I was in fourth grade and naturally thought I was now the coolest person on Earth. The funny thing about this particular pair of sneakers was the blinky lights.

When I purchased these sneakers (and when I say “I” I mean my mom, as most nine year-olds can’t afford expensive sneakers!) it came with a tag stating the blinky lights would only last two to three months. I was mildly saddened by this but thought “Oh well, I’m sure they’ll last longer than that!” I had no idea how true that would be! Those blinky lights lasted–I kid you not–for two years! The lights actually outlasted the sneakers!

They may still be blinking in a landfill somewhere, having outlasted Michael Jackson’s career (pictured here in an LA Gear commercial spot from the Bad era…. the song… the Bad Era for MJ publicity was…. well, it’s kind of never-ending, isn’t it?)

The sneakers developed holes and had to be thrown out, but those lights were still triumphantly blinking as I dropped them into the trash can!

Those sneakers went to England with me when I was ten.

My sister and I went there for a month with our mom to visit her friends and do some traveling.

I’m sure it was glaringly obvious we were Americans, and I’m sure my blinky L.A. Gear sneakers were a big part of that.

I remember my mom asking her English friend whether or not we were instantly recognized as Americans, and her friend immediately responding with “Yes!” My mom asked why and her friend replied, “Your shoes.” We were all wearing sneakers! My blinky L.A. Gear sneakers visited castles, cathedrals, museums, tea shops, and walked on the beach of the North Sea and on ancient Roman roads and blinked with every step!

Who would have thought those blinky lights would survive two years walking on two sides of the Atlantic?!


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