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BARE Magazine’s Summer Trends Tell-all

BARE Magazine is Berkeley’s first student-run fashion and style magazine. Our friends here at ShoeTube have asked us to share some insight on Berkeley trends. Style at UC Berkeley has always been about individuals and their stories! In fact, students on the Berkeley campus already seem to be flaunting summer styles.

Summer ’09 is the time to get creative and bring out all the accessories–your statement necklaces, sunglasses, gladiators and of course bags, our arm candies! Some notable trends include:

Lots of Prints, Florals, and Vibrant Colors

Photo from Glam

Showing up on the runways in NY to Paris are exotic and sweet floral prints as well as tribal patterns and prints. We’ll be seeing a lot more color on campus. For example, have fun with nail polish and experiment with brighter colors like yellows, pinks and blues.

There will also be a lot of nude. And with the switch in season, we’ll be enjoying lighter, sheer and more transparent fabrics, a great choice for the warmer weather.

Decorated pants & Jumpsuits, inspired by Lanvin RTW Spring 2009

Photo from Satorialist

Photo from WWD

These are eight pieces from the Lanvin show that I favor and feel are presentational of current trends. I love how all the silhouettes are feminine, how the fabrics freely drape over the body, making the clothes look so comfortable, light and cute! The colors, prints and necklaces are all refreshing.

To view more Street-Styles, check out the BARE Blog!

Many thanks to:

Jooyoun Kim, BARE Reporter / Events Coordinator

Karen Kwok, BARE Blog Editor (


Cannes We Talk Shoes?

Cannes! It’s this time of the year! France, here we come. The best thing about Cannes in my opinion is that we see breakout movie stars, consistently eclectically chic starlets and the tried and true fashion heroes all make there way out to walk the red carpets and party all night long. If this film festival guarantees anything it’s that fashion will span the whole spectrum and its an all day every day parade of goodies from daytime press events for films, major announcements (The beaaauutiful Frida Pinto and Lost hottie Evangeline Lilly as the new faces of L’Oreal), film premieres and very high-end parties hosted by the likes of Chopard and Cartier. There’s much more to come but here is a little taste. Eva Herzigova in my beloved Giuseppe Zanotti, the always exciting Diane Kruger in Lanvin and socialite fashion muse Peaches Geldof in some daring red spiked heels. Enjoy and stay tuned….


Casual-Haute or What would Michelle Obama Do?

Google French design company Lanvin and the second entry (after the company’s own Web site) is the New York Daily News feature on Michelle Obama’s Lanvin sneakers.

Lanvin sneakers

Lanvin sneakers

“While volunteering Wednesday at a D.C. food bank, the First Lady sported her usual J.Crew cardigan, a pair of utilitarian capri pants and, on her feet, a sneaky splurge: trainers that go for $540,” the article reports.

A Chicago Sun Times headline snipes, “Michelle Obama under fire for wearing costly Lanvin sneakers,” but Politics Daily asks, “Did the spotlight on the sneakers spur Lanvin sneaker sales?”

Adidas Nizza Hi Sleek

Adidas Nizza Hi Sleek

Of the now-controversial metallic Lanvin trainers, blogger UpscaleHype writes, “I think these are cute for the ladies and I love the jumbo laces. I’m really feeling the soft touch the colors give off, it’s perfect for a women. It almost looks like these sneakers should be packaged with a free sample bar of Dove soap.”

Whether or not it’s appropriate for the First Lady to do charity work in pricey footwear is a matter to be debated by the political pundits. (In my opinion, at least she’s doing charity work — doesn’t really matter how discount one’s footwear is if it’s not being worn to do a good cause. Just sayin.) So for those who want to follow in Obama’s footsteps, here a few budget-minded options, found on Zappos:

Delia by Juicy Couture

Delia by Juicy Couture

The WNBA-meets-the Sugar Plum Fairy Adidas Nizza Hi Sleek in mauve and silver; the classic sporty Geox D Snake 25 in bronze and silver; old school Puma-reminiscent PF-Flyers in slate; and the cute, zipper-embellished low-top Delia by Juicy Couture, in tote pink.


Knockoffs vs. The Real Thing: Does it Matter?

My friend Jill can’t understand my shoe budget. When I debuted my new Lanvin ballerina flats one weekend at the movies, she launched a full scale offensive about my frivolous spending habits, making sure to point out that the shoes she was wearing (which had heels, mind you) had come from The Gap and had been purchased for a mere $29.95.
It got me thinking. Was I a fool for spending $480 on a beautiful pair of flats when I could have bought a similar pair for hundreds less at The Gap? I sat there in the theater, Jill crunching popcorn in the seat next to me, enduring those ridiculous commercials they play now before the movie starts, and stared down at my beautiful satin shoes, almost willing them to reassure me: “Don’t worry Katie! We’re worth the money! She doesn’t know what she’s talking about–we’re Lanvin!”

A week later I was at the Beverly Center in L.A., shopping with my best friend, Teo, when we found ourselves within credit-card charging distance of the shoe department at Bloomingdales. A little shoe birdie had alerted me that the new gold gladiator sandal by Giuseppe Zanotti was blinking away, just feet from where we stood. Teo saw my eyes fixate on the shoe display and said, “Come on, let’s go to DSW, they have all of those shoes and they look just as cute, they’re just not as expensive.”

The needle on my little mental record player screeched to a stop. I looked at Teo. Was she serious? “Come on, give it a try, we can always come back,” she said. Oh boy, she was on a roll. Maybe she saw the doubt in my eyes, maybe it was Jill’s lecture the week before… “Ok,” I said, and allowed myself to be led away from the light, towards the mean, nasty shoe discount store, that I’m sure had to be somewhere in the bowels of the Beverly Center.
When we got there, I perused the aisles of discount shoes. I could have been suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, but I did see some cute possibilities. Teo convinced me to buy a pair of gladiator sandals by a designer I’d never heard of. This is what I’ll say about them: They had the look of the Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, I wouldn’t say they were as cute, but they were a very affordable $39.95.
Skip to two weeks later. I’m totally depressed, the DSW sandals I bought broke the third day I wore them. So much for $39.95. If I multiplied that price by the money I’d have to spend replacing those shoes after 3 wears, would I get the price equivalent of my original Giuseppe Zanotti sandals? Who knows?
After a bit of a think on the subject, I came up with this: Perhaps $480.00 is a lot of dough to spend on a pair of flats, but if you work hard for your money and spending it on shoes makes you happy, why not go for it?
It’s like that Sex and the City episode where Samantha and Carrie drive to “The Valley” to get their hands on a cheap knockoff designer bag. It’s a good idea in theory, and it may fool your friends, but in the end, won’t you still be one that knows you bought a fake? I’d rather invest in something that is the real deal, because let’s face it, people around you may not know your shoes or your bag is a knockoff….but you will, and where’s the thrill in that?

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