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Be Tardy to the Party in Bold Red Boots from Marc Jacobs

marc jacob redPatent leather boots and booties are here to stay for another season, so make sure you pack  a punch with at least one pair in a bold cherry red.

These Marc Jacobs patent leather boots caught my eye recently, a post break-up mood booster that are sure to accompany me for a few low-key parties and events this season. It was pretty easy to say bye to the recent beau when I took these eye-catching boots for a test drive (walk?). The kitten heel makes them a super-comfortable pair for all-day wear, and the slightly upturned toe gives me a break from my lineup of pointed toe (and often painful) pumps and boots of the season.

These boots have a little Brit-rock chic in them, a simple but luxurious pair of gleaming boots that will brighten up any gray day this season and pep up a neutral-colored outfit in a flash. I’m pairing these with dark wide-leg denim jeans, black pants and black skirts this season for a fresh and flirty look that’s party worthy but also not over-the-top. Try these on for size if you’re nursing a broken heart or just need looking for a fresh new addition to the shoe closet. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


The School of Hard Knock Offs

Today’s post on Shoeaholics Anonymous: “Knockoff Marc Jacobs Sandals.” The blog reveals, side-by-side, a pair of strappy red Marc Jacobs cork wedges ($339.95) and a Steve Madden version of the same shoe ($49.95). “Of course, we all know Steve Madden is known for some awesome knock-offs,” the writer points out.

Naga peep toe pump by Guess

Naga peep toe pump by Guess

In fact, the designer version-meets-discount version is regular fare for many a fashion magazine (I’m a huge fan of Self magazine’s “Admire it, Acquire it” it feature). But the recent lawsuit brought against clothing retailer Forever 21 (designer Travota accuses Forever 21 of copying a line of shirts; Diane von Fürstenberg, Anthropologie, Gwen Stefani and others have pressed similar charges in the past) gives the term “knock off” a dirty ring. (Like “Genuine Pradu” handbags weren’t bad enough.)

Still, how many of us can really spring for the Marc Jacobs sandals these days? And, in the shoe world, is it possible that imitation is still the sincerest form of flattery? Shoeaholics Anonymous seems to think so. The site boasts recent posts on Dolce Vita, Jimmy Choo and Louboutin knockoffs. (The Naga peep toe pump from Guess, pictured here, is nearly a dead-ringer for Jimmy Choo’s Eliza Petrol Patent Peep Toe Shoes.)

Gemology by Kenneth Cole Reaction

Gemology by Kenneth Cole Reaction

And, while out-and-out design stealing likely warrants cries of piracy, what about when designers “borrow” from their own high-end lines to flesh out their lower-priced offerings? Check out the $78.95 Gemology sandal from Kenneth Cole Reaction. It’s rhinestone-encrusted and comes in bronze, gold and silver.

Bedside by Unlisted

Bedside by Unlisted

Cole’s Unlisted brand features a sister (if not twin) style in the Bedside: sparkly beading, metallic coloring and just $45.

Glamour Girls Shoes Simpson

Glamour Girls Shoes Simpson

Finally, there are the replicas which are not knocksoff so much as tributes: Glamour Girls Shoes claims to be “your online source for the latest in celebrity worn and designer inspired footwear.” So, is Glamour Girls’ Simpson Peep Toe Wedge in homage to Jessica Simpson? The singer-turned-fashion-brand hasn’t produced a similar style in her current collection, but the open toe, the stacked wedge… it does nod to the star’s style. And a Simpson-esque shoe ($19.99!) is a step up from a “Genuine Sampson” any day.


The L.A. Native’s Guide to Fashion: How to Feed Your Taste For Marc Jacobs on a DSW Budget

There’s a misconception in L.A. that when it comes to fashion, our version of “couture” includes a pink velour tracksuit and a small dog on our arm. After all, we’re far too busy getting our boobs done and our hair bleached to worry about Balenciaga’s fall ready-to-wear line—right? Wrong! Contrary to popular opinion, there are some of us who know how to dress, and know how to do it without going broke.

Take my friend Ruth for example. At 5’10 and 120 pounds, Ruth looks good in just about anything she puts on. We’ve been best friends for most of our lives, growing up together in a tiny beach community called Pacific Palisades. Ruth’s ashy blond hair and blue eyes are the epitome of California beauty. But underneath that Abercrombie exterior, she’s a true label whore.
This season, it’s all about the comeback of the flat heel. From Lanvin’s uber popular Ballerina flat, to Chloe’s new ankle strap Mary Jane, Ruth believes the major designers did her and all tall, heel loving girls a personal service when they eliminated their fear of appearing seven feet tall in their favorite shoes.

Ruth is the kind of girl who looks like she shops at Maxfield’s. In reality, she finds most of her designer wear at H&M, Loehman’s and DSW. Ruth is a pro at snaking designer stuff from trendy discount stores. For her it’s all about finding the ‘un-gettable’ get, at a very ‘gettable’ price.

My one claim to fame happens to be a pair of camel suede Marc Jacobs riding boots. I bought them for 75 percent off one unremarkable Tuesday afternoon. Although the mark down still cost me almost two hundred dollars, anyone who has ever shopped for boots knows that’s a steal. The way I found them was by pure chance. My friend Jeff lived conveniently across an alleyway from the Marc Jacobs store in West Hollywood. The quickest way to get to his apartment was to cut through the store. When Ruth heard about my purchase, she was convinced I had a nose for sniffing out a sale. She dragged me on a few of her fashion field trips, and soon I was learning to satisfy my taste for high fashion on a truly bargain budget.
Let me say, however, that shopping at these trendy discount stores is an acquired talent.

Not everyone has the stamina to outlast a discount shopper. This type of shopper takes no prisoners. They are willing to piece through every skirt, trouser and flip flop until they find what it is they’re looking for.

I admit, sometimes I’d rather pay full price for something I know I want, than sift through stacks of clothing hoping to hit the jackpot. I

f you’ve ever been to a Barney’s warehouse sale, you know what I’m talking about. Picture hundreds of people lined up at 6am, tiptoeing in place like speed-induced racehorses at the starting gate. Then, Bam! The gun sounds and they’re off, in a kind of anarchic stampede.

But if you are up to the challenge, there’s no doubt you can find incredible designer duds at these stores for a price you can cope with–even after the high of swiping your credit card wears off.

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