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GoodShop & Give Back on Black Friday & Beyond

How would you like to pump up your Black Friday buying power and give back to nonprofits in need at no extra cost to you? Well, if you do click over to GoodShop before you hit over 900 online stores, you can take advantage of stash of coupons. It only takes a few extra seconds and up to 30% of your purchases will be donated to the nonprofit of your choice. (There are over 85,000 charitable organizations registered with the site.)

Trust me, I realize that this sounds suspiciously like a scam but my dance organization, Monkeyhouse,  has worked with this site for three years. Checks really do arrive each fall and somehow they are always slightly larger than we were expecting.  In fact, Monkeyhouse just received another Goodshop donation on Monday.  I am so encouraged by this passive revenue stream that I have personally offered to match all the money that Monkeyhouse earns through GoodShop in November and December.

GoodShop has teamed up with over 180 participating shoe stores, and they have got deals for you whether you are into stilettos, sneakers, or retro roller skates. For instance, if  you got inspired by Shoetube’s recent Tess Tuesday post,

you could cut $10 off a $100 purchase and send 6.5 – 8% to your favorite school, charity, or religious organization with GoodShop.

Or, if Wendy’s romp through nostalgia reminded you to revamp your running shoes, you could save 20% if you rush to GoodShop by 11/29/09. But don’t worry if you miss out on that deal’s deadline, there are several other coupons and they will always kick back 4-8.5%  of your total to a worthy nonprofit.

Even if you have got to get golf shoes after this week’s Quick Fix, you can support your favorite cause by swinging by GoodShop beforehand.

So hop on over to GoodShop and discover how easy it is to give this holiday season.


MBTs Walk and Roll (part 1)

 MBT claims their curved sole design tones just about every muscle below your waist as well as improves your posture, circulation, and joint problems. As a woman who has choreographed pieces for Monkeyhouse using everything from drywall stilts to Skechers roller skates, I was immediately intrigued by MBT’s movement possibilities. Their marketing hyperbole worried me, however. It hearkened back to my days of hawking “healing dolphin water” for $30 a pop at the now defunct Village Tea Shoppe. mbt-shoes-chapa-gtx-ebony-small

Curiosity eventually consumed me and my black suede and Gore-tex Chapas arrived just in time for my dance interventions at the 2009 BOOMTOWN Festival. Given Amelia O’Dowd’s proclivity for quirky, off balance  maneuvers, I asked her to test them out for me during the first two performances. “They feel like you are standing on a tennis ball” or “wobbling in moon boots” she giggled before she acclimated to their rolling eccentricity.

If you eager to know if  these space age sneakers are a worthwhile  investment, tune in on Friday for my full throttle walk and roll report.

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