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Sneakerball 2009: Who’s That Chick Rockin’ Kicks?

At the Greater Washington Sports Alliance (GWSA) 2009 Sneakerball that “chick” may have been Sheila C. Johnson, Lindsay Czarniak, or Cristy Oglevee.

Shelia C. Johnson (pictured right)

Sheila C. Johnson (pictured right)

For 6 years running the GWSA has honored outstanding members of D.C.’s sport’s community at this unique black tie event that encourages attendees to wear tennies with their tuxes! But I had to wonder, do women actually ditch their stilettos for sneakers?

As I approached the venue in my pink sparkly Converse, I was slightly apprehensive; however, my fears were assuaged as I saw not just men, but many women sporting sneakers as well. I talked to several women who fessed up that they too were afraid they would be the only heeless gals, but in the end swapped their pumps for Pumas anyway. Quite a few ladies, though, could not part with their heels and sported some killer stilettos. The hands-down most asked question of the night? Why on earth WOULDN’T you wear sneakers?! Most of the guys assumed it

Mike Easby, Mrs. DC Deanna McCray, Justin Scango

Mike Easby, Mrs. DC Deanna McCray, and Justin Scango

was a vanity issue, but Mrs. DC, Deanna McCray raised a very valid point. Her evening gowns are hemmed for heels (as are most of ours), so wearing sneakers would leave her dress dragging on the floor. She promised she tried–and wanted to–wear sneakers, but they just wouldn’t work.

As for the guys and gals that sported sneakers, there were some very impressive shoes! Converse were probably the most popular choice as one can find them in an array of colors and textures. I also discovered that Nike and Puma make some pretty sharp sneaks as well! My absolute favorite shoes, though, were the DIY projects. Sheila Johnson spruced up her sneakers with ribbon laces in shades of salamander, and I was totally jealous of Julie Hoyt who added rhinestones to the toes of her silver Converse (why didn’t I think of that?!).

Sheila Johnson wore salamander laces
Sheila Johnson wore snazzy salamander laces
Julie Hoyt jazzed added more sparkle to her Converse using rhinestones
Julie Hoyt jazzed up her Converse using rhinestones

While there were an abundance of stand-out shoes, the real stars of the evening were the GWSA honorees, including the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver and the Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin. I must say, that whether you’re more into sports or shoes, the Sneakerball is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and a black tie event that you will never forget.

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Farrah was Fab from her Head to her Feet

Lots has already been said about the passing of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. Together they go, hand-in-hand to the great beyond, leaving behind a sequinned glove and a set of perfectly-frosted wings (the hair kind, not the angel kind). Likely much more will be said in the coming weeks about the fashion legacy of this pair: Michael’s military look, the white socks, the brimmed hats. And Farrah’s hair. Always the hair. Like writes, “The feathered blond hair, that smile, those tawny limbs.”


But what of the rest of Farrah’s look? She was so quintessentially 70s, what with the one-piece bathing suits, the spandex disco cat suits, the crisp nautical stripes and the breezy beachy cotton tops and faded jeans. In fact, she did 70s so well that she didn’t really ever need to update her look: Instead of becoming dated (as the trend-followers do) she became an icon.

But what of her shoes? Turns out Farrah got those exactly right, too. here’s what she wore, and how to emulate her look:

1. The disco sandal

Blogger Think Thru Fashion posted a tribute to Farrah’s look (click the link to view it).


Sky-high heels, lotsa thin straps. She was boogie nights 24/7, pairing these sandals not just with the unitard (hopefully the bike is just a prop) but also with the belted, full-skirted dresses she rocked on Charlie’s Angels.

But what of her shoes? Turns out Farrah got those exactly right, too. here’s what she wore, and how to emulate her look:

Bring back Saturday Night Fever with the Women’s Dream slingback from Carlos Santana’s line.

Women's Dream by Santana

Women's Dream by Santana

2. The classic trainer

Farrah’s Angels character Jill Monroe wasn’t just a pretty face. Sure, she flipped her hair a lot, but she also packed heat and rode a skateboard. This famous shot inspired the Farrah Skateboard company whose mission statement reads: “Farrah Skateboards is all about you. The girl who feels her hottest on her board.” Even if you’re not a skate rat, take note of the narrow-toed Nikes. Classic 70s, right?


Yes, somehow re-invisioned in the mesh and leather of the Nike Air Match the same look is totally modern.

Nike Air Match

3. The espadrille wedge

Finally, that always casually-stylish, beachy, nature-girl-meets-socialite wedge. In the picture at the top of this post, Farrah pairs her espadrilles with high-waisted, wide-leg jeans (another trend that’s made its way back around). Recreate the timeless look with an updated take, like the Kenneth Cole Fire Drille.

Fire Drilles from Kenneth Cole

Fire Drilles from Kenneth Cole


Terminator: Style Resurrection

sarah_connor_lindaNot yet the buff soldier she’s destined to become, but so unselfconsciously sexy, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in The (original) Terminator, has me finally reveling in this 80’s revival. A few of us dusted off the old VHS in anticipation of Terminator Salvation. We found everything we weren’t expecting: a seriously hot romance, spookily choppy effects that only amped up the novelty, hip jackets we’d scoop up in a second and the sneakers, by God, the sneakers. After spending a scene idly wondering how much of Sarah Connor’s wardrobe I could approximate at American Apparel, I knew it was time to embrace the decade I’ve been avoiding. I’m just debating between low and ladylike in classic Tretorns from Ebay’s ReRun Shoes store,65093377_tpthese vintage Ralph Laurens,239071391_tp or these Nike Cortez from ReRun Shoes.205040293_tp
I might go the high top route too. Since these were futuristic in the 80s and now they’re retro, they embody the time traveling prequel/sequel dynamic of the new Terminator movie (I’ll stop before the sci fi geek in me gets off topic). My top high top picks are hot Reeboks from Rerun Shoes again,239071142_tpNike All Courts,584c_1gold Reeboks!bodnkqmkkgrhgookkmejllmvusbjsyi5e4w_1

And possibly the raddest Nikes of all (Bonus: 99 cents at time of posting). boqqshwmkkgrhgoh-coejlllfz3lbjtvlsnj2_1

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Running for a Lost Brother

My nephew had re-engineered some shoeboxes into a rocket ship. As I admired his 1st grade craftsmanship, he confided that he used tape to lash the layers together so that it will hold up better in the Chicago snow. That’s when I noticed the sticker that stated Size 10 – Air Zoom Vomero+ 2 – Women’s.

“Oh, is this box from the shoes that Patrick bought you for this weekend?” I asked my sister-in-law, Lizzie.

“Yes,” she replied with a hesitant smile. “Do you want to see them?”

As we shuffled into her kitchen, my heart started to ache. Lizzie is going to Disney World on Thursday.

It has nothing to do with the familiar fairytale facades. She is flying in for a reason that is not related to the rides.

On Sunday morning at 4, she will be warming up for the marathon at 6 but she doesn’t care about winning. She chose this race through the Magic Kingdom for some closure.

Five years ago, a brutal blow during a boxing class in Orlando killed her only brother, David. She is returning to this city just to wrestle with the visceral reminders of this unpleasant reality.

“I’m afraid they are going to cart me off in the Goofy Bus,” Lizzie confessed without a twinge of irony.

“That’s for runners who can’t maintain a 16-minute mile,” she clarified as she pulled out her sneakers.

As someone who once was the slowest sprinter in her school, I am not usually interested in running shoes.

Their unassuming exteriors and aerodynamic engineering just don’t excite me. However, as Lizzie laced up, she became bubbly, giddy, and confident. I suddenly understood the appeal of the gender specific crash pad and cushioning.

Sometimes soles need silent support much more than external validation.


Athletic freedom

Perhaps it’s their rock hard abs, cut arms, or wind-swept hair that allows some celebrities to look effortlessly chic strolling out of the gym (re: Cameron Diaz, Madonna) as a paparazzi snaps a shot. It could also be that cool confidence that comes with knowing they just put in hours with a trainer and aren’t suffering through a red carpet moment in toe-pinching stilettos.
I try to achieve that athletic look when I’m out running errands or living a not-so-glam moment in a Northwest downpour. Just the other day, I was rushing to meet a friend for lunch in Portland and a hard rain started out of no where. I dashed across the parking lot in these shoes, feeling as unbeatable as Achilles.
While I wouldn’t recommend them for real workouts at the gym (not enough support), I love my Puma La Bambas available at Nordstrom for $74.95. They are so lightweight, it almost feels like you aren’t wearing any shoes at all. They could easily take on the Nike Free in the comfort arena but bring a lot more style. Of course, I’m still working on achieving the buff bod to match.


Rockin’ and Runnin’ with the amazing Nike plus

As an avid runner and shoe-a-holic I am always on the outlook out for new fashionable running shoes. This year Nike came out with the Nike Plus; helping runners everywhere make it to the finish line!

One morning my attention was drawn to for a story on “A Running Debate”. This debate has been in question with runners and race directors over the past year on whether or not ipods should be allowed during races. In August, I joined 12,000 other runners for the 35th annual Falmouth Road Race.

This was my third year running the race and I did notice a drastic increase in the number of ipods and armbands on runners throughout the race. Nike has even caught on to this new trend in running. This past summer the Nike plus running shoe hit stores designed with a transmitter that sends information about speed, distance, and calories burned to a runner’s ipod.

Nike has even designed unique colors and styles like the one picture here , which I love! If that pair is a little too bright for your taste you can check the hundreds of other styles and colors Nike has to offer. Has anyone used to the Nike Plus and is a fan? I’m looking for a little feedback because I’m thinking the Nike Plus might be my next pair of running shoes as the spring traning season is rapidly approaching.

The right shoe and the right music is a HUGE part of any runner’s training regiment, and when it comes to race day if you need the music that has brought you this far then I say go for it! Possibly running with music it is a generational thing? My father a diehard athlete couldn’t believe that I would be running with an ipod this year. But I say whatever gets you through the hills of Falmouth and 90 degree August heat and if that happens to be your new sneaks, new outfit or an ipod with your favorite song on repeat then the more power to you! It certainly helped me through each mile! Not to mention, I think the Nike Plus will be my next pair of running shoes. Who is with me? 🙂

To donate to the charity group I run for or to join us for Falmouth 2008- please visit The Genesis Club and help us to “Make Strides for Mental Health”

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