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I Feel Pretty and Practical in Nina

It was a Pretty Woman experience for me Saturday night at the opening of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Although, I was sans one Richard Gere. Sigh). One of the many perks of my new job is being able to attend events that I wouldn’t otherwise go to—red carpet, black tie, beautiful gowns, gorgeous people. Alas, I knew I’d have to wear something amazing. Rather than buy an entire outfit, I decided to jazz up a vintage dress I bought for New Year’s Eve two years ago, but never had the chance to wear. Normally, I would have searched for the funkiest of shoes to counter my solid black dress, but in this situation, I decided a classic shoe was best. The event was traditional, yes, but I needed a shoe that could be worn beyond the weekend. One that would outlive the fall, winter, and possibly spring, trends because of my job. I was looking for longevity. I ended up snagging the Effie by Nina, a 4-inch, black satin shoe with a slight peep toe. Despite my nerves, I felt comfortable in my new purchase. And when opera singer Renee Fleming busted out her rendition of West Side Story‘s “I Feel Pretty,” I can honestly say, I did. Practicality isn’t utilized in the fashion industry often, but in some circumstances it can be quite nice.

Effie by Nina

Effie by Nina


Tough Love

One glimpse at the studded leather mohawk mary janes debuted during Prada’s Milan show and my winter shoe rut is shattered. Warm, tough and exhaustively beautiful, these MJ’s opened my eyes to the hard but delicate detailing that can be achieved with a few perfectly placed studs⎯something I generally associate with icky biker vests and Hannah Montana belts. I’m afraid to even consider the cost, so I went straight in search of a pair to fill the void.

231995417_tpThese 80’s pixie-punk loafers would be the perfect boot-to-sandal transition shoes for spring.

e747_1Textured, gold-studded Nina heels from EBay’s La Bella Vita Boutique would add the right amount of edge to a flowy spring dress.

ric-673932-aAnd, I know it’s too soon to even be considering shorts but oh how these studded sandals from Cherie’s Designer Boutique would look with a crisp pair of J.Crew chinos (any length), a sweet cotton tank and a rooftop barbecue.

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