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Boots for Breast Cancer

I can think of few things that would feel as good as donating some much-needed funds for breast cancer research and getting a gorgeous, classic pair of boots as thanks (Yes it’s selfish, but I’m letting my imagination run free here).

That’s kind of what QVC and the Fashion Footwear Association of New York had in mind when they teamed up to hold the annual Shoes on Sale Event, happening tonight. Tune in between 7 p.m.and 10 p.m. E.T. to shop over 100,000 pairs of shoes donated by over 100 designers, like the sale spokesperson Jessica Simpson, plus Via Spiga, Franco Sarto, Nine West, Frye and lots more.

All the shoes will be going for half off retail with net proceeds benefiting top breast cancer research and education organizations like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the University of Pennsylvania Abramson Cancer Center, and the John Wayne Cancer Institute.

There will be all sorts of shoes for you to feast on, but it’s boot season, so here’s a preview of your new, selfless, gorgeous boots-to-be.

Nine West Suede tall flat boots ($55) exude a chic, French girl cool.NINE WEST SUEDE TALL FLAT BOOTS

Michael by Michael Kors black leather ankle boots ($90) are simply, beautifully, classic.MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS ANKLE BOOTS

And I’ve been, to use the mid-90’s term, “sweating” these Hunter Original tall silver rain boots since last winter, but didn’t want to drop over $100 on wellies. Just as I realized I was crazy for passing them up, here are they are, for only $63! Kismet.HUNTER TALL RAIN BOOTS


The High Heel Starter Kit

I recently celebrated a low key birthday (28). Even years do that to me. On odd years you can find me at a rooftop barbecue, backyard party or dive bar with everyone I have ever met, drinking rum and coke slushies. But even years are more contemplative. I stay in. I ponder.

So this year when I received a wonderful, interesting gift I had quiet time to decipher its meaning. It’s a Sephora “My First Makeup” starter kit. Inside are some very luscious cosmetics like Korres lip butter, Tarte cheek stain and Lorac bronzer.

To be clear, this is not my first makeup. I was a makeup early adopter, sneaking my mom’s eyeliner in middle school. And while the individual pieces were meant to be the real treat; the idea of getting a starter kit at this seemingly late stage in my cosmetic lifetime is immensely refreshing. Suddenly, I’m being given permission to start over. I cleared all the hard-caked mascaras and purple lipsticks from my big blue Samsonite makeup case and made way for my light and free new beautifiers.

Then I thought, how great would it be to get a high heel starter kit, just like this? It would have maybe five essential pairs of pumps, nestled side-by-side in a long velvet-lined box. It would be the gift to end all gifts. If I ever put one together, I’d go vintage, and these would surely be my basics:

Stuart Weitzman for Mr. Seymour silver 3 inch heels from affordable eBay boutique Maxfield P;stu1

Eighties Yves Saint Laurent suede pumps with a platform front from In Your Closet NYC;YS2

Andrew Gellar classic black alligator heels from Upscale Vintage Treasures;Alligator

Old Hollywood-style Nine West ivory peep toe pumps from Vintage Clothing/Collectibles;West1And the all-important lace-up 1960s spectator pump in a refreshing tan and navy combo, from the boutique Jantem 4 Manuels All That Glitters;Ox


Cowgirl or Superhero?

My oldest friend is moving back to Philly.

In the three years since we came to New York she’s grown into a kind of superwoman, earning two promotions, making an astounding number of friends and navigating the city like a native.

At home she’ll have a new nephew, even more friends and a living room big enough for yoga. I

like to think she’s finding her roots in order to become human again, the truest desire of every superhero.

This makes it seem less like she’s leaving me. It also brings me to the rodeo.

In essence, our boots are rodeo-appropriate. Mine are Levis circa the 70s, a score ($30) at 10ft. Single By Stella in Brooklyn. Hers are the sophisticated Elbe riding boot from Nine West

She accepted an invite from work girlfriends to watch bull riding at Madison Square Garden. To absorb as much bonding time as possible before she moves, I’m tagging along.

I’m learning a lot: the poor bulls are made to buck by having their boy-parts tied up and yanked (at least we bought the cheapest seats, giving minimum support),

However, there is a big upside: drinking beer while wearing riding boots amidst the howls of urban cowboys feels almost as good as puffing cigarettes did at 15.
Just as we put our feet up in empty seats. Heather releases some moving anxiety via boot-speak. “Last time I wore these in Philly, a few guys actually asked me where my horse was.”
We roll our eyes.
“A few other people said my style was daring.”
“Daring?” I ask. “Tall boots over jeans?”
What had become her New York uniform wasn’t as common as we suspected.
The crowd booms and I cringe at a Jumbotron replay. Heather laughs and dons a borrowed cowgirl hat. The word daring fits her, boots or not—she’s daring life to change but not change her.

I tell her I think of the boots as part of her superhero costume and I know she’ll keep wearing them, the boots and the superpowers, in another city.

What I don’t say is, what happens if I need saving?

I guess I have to take the train to Philly. Round-trip, please.


Steppin’ Out in my Blue Suede Shoes

I’m indescribably drawn to impractical shoes.

Leopard pumps, red patent leather flats, boots that match next to nothing. If a shoe begs the question “Is there even one thing in my closet that goes with this?” I’m more than likely to buy it in every color.

And that’s just what happened when I spotted a pair of Nine West blue suede pumps while browsing around the Copley shops over the weekend.
I know. Blue suede shoes sound about as cool as a white bedazzled Elvis jumpsuit. But these have a round toe, a four-inch cone-shaped heel, and a sapphire shade of blue that make them much more appropriate for strutting down city sidewalks than doing the jailhouse rock.

*ed. note: check out more colorful pumps in motion in the Shop til you drop Miami videos, Nine West pt 1 and Nine West pt 2.

And as hesitant as I am to admit this, I have to say that the lyrics to “Blue Suede Shoes” might just be my personal theme song. Case-in-point: “You can do anything you want to do honey, but lay off my shoes.” Maybe Elvis is eluding to something deeper than I’m interpreting, but I like to think he was just a total shoe fanatic.

So now that I have the shoes, here comes the real challenge: What do I wear with a cute little cobalt pump without looking like I’m trying to channel my inner blueberry?

Another shopping trip is definitely in order.

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