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Masquerading, Mayhem and Matching Shoes


A beautiful, brilliant friend is throwing a masquerade ball for Halloween this year. Guests will be donning grand dresses and suits with masks that spark the imagination. Best of all, it’s a surprisingly pressure-free way to dress up.

If you’re stressing over an original, cool and sexy costume concept without crossing the slutty line (we like to stay just shy) start with that dress in your closet–the one you sigh over every week but only had the chance to wear once (No, we are not counting the time you put it on to eat ice cream and watch 27 Dresses). Then run out for some coordinating shoes at Payless and hit the nearest Hallowen pop-up store or make your own matching mask. Soon you’ll be masquerading as your spectactular self.

Here are some looks to inspire your inner mistress.

Refined in Red

Pair this red lacey creation with ladylike d’orsay rosettes and admirers will come running.



Dark and Daring

Gentlemen callers will swoon over a decadent swan in satin t-strap sandals.



Prim Pierrot

You may look like a sad clown, but these oxfords will keep you happy.


Golden Goddess

Perhaps “Style Goddess” is a better title for any lady donning this golden Venetian mask and the Christian Siriano for Payless Carolina Pump.







Fierce or Feeble? Christian Siriano’s Spring Shoes Debut

I rooted for Christian Siriano on Project Runway and I’m still rooting. His dresses often border divine and his shoe collections might be enough to convince me to brave the Halloween-colored decor of a Payless Shoe Store.

Christian Siriano's Spring 2010 line

Christian Siriano's Spring 2010 line

Actually, according to a daily fashion missive from the NY Magazine blogs, Siriano’s Spring 2010 line for the discount retailer might be a little too much. Described as “talon-heeled footwear that could possibly double as weaponry,” the recent line debut included “booties, pumps, and Mary Janes came in varying shades of sand and blue and featured multiple buckles, straps, and sequins.” And (in a Prada-reminiscent moment), “since one tall platform sent one hapless model nearly toppling, we’re sure Payless is going to tone these down for mass market.”

The Slither boot, at Payless

The Slither boot, at Payless

Ankle-wrenching danger aside, shoe bloggers are turning up mixed reviews of the collection. “Christian Siriano’s high heels don’t inspire me at all,” sniffs Style Frizz while Splendicity gushes, “Christian Siriano’s spring line is inspired by Mediterranean travel… They are dramatic and beautiful with textured tribal elements, fabulous prints and lots of glitzy details — like sequins.”

Also a cheerleader, I Heart Heels had this to say: “The collection is expected in Payless stores next February. I know I cannot wait to purchase. Cheers to affordable luxury!” Finally, the opinionated but balanced Tom & Lorenzo opined, “We don’t love them completely. First off, those bizarre drawstring appendages are not at all fabulous. Secondly, that heel, while interesting, looks decidedly unstable. We do love the prints, though.”

Ultimately, what matters is the end result and that’s up to Payless. Siriano’s Fall 2009 collection (reportedly much toned down from the designer’s original idea) features four looks: A “Strut” pump, a “Saunter” flat, a “Sandtrap Peep Toe” with a vaguely bondage-looking ankle strap and (the most subversive) a “Slither” ankle boot with a satin finish, 4 inch heel and conical brass hardware. At $50, most shoe shoppers can afford to test-drive the fierceness for themselves.


Spring Sling

I like black. In fact, I LOVE black. Live for black. And if the powers that be ever stopped producing black I would be lost. Truly lost. Unable to function lost. But come springtime, my love seems to wane just long enough for me to make an impulse purchase that is NOT black but FULL of color. And I mean full.
Spring Sling
Often the compulsion for color manifests in footwear. Over the years I have found it the easiest to justify (of course) and the easiest to integrate into my existing wardrobe of black, black, black, gray, gray and sometimes white. This spring in Berlin was no different. On the first sunny day I found myself ducking into the shoe store beside the BauHaus (Germany’s Home Depot) for a little spring lift.

Like a Payless, the store was organized by size, and although all I thought I wanted was a pair of fuchsia flip-flops I saw in the store window, I walked out with shoes so opposite to everything in my existing arsenal of footwear I’m not even sure what to do with them. Patent-floral cork-wedge heels. Yup. That’s them.

A brand I have never heard of (Young Spirit), in colors I often don’t even register, they now sit in the bottom of my closet and taunt me. Dare me to wear them. Snicker every time I grab something black off the shelf. The truth is, I have nothing to wear them with. And so, it’s likely that my cheap 30Euro shoe purchase will cost me 300Euro, ‘cause I have my eye on a fantastic white Calvin Klein shift-dress that would look great with them. The dress would also look fantastic with anything black. So really it’s a win-win.


Getting the Boot

Ever year my group of friends goes on a huge Ugly Sweater Pub Crawl. I realize that the tradition isn’t original, witty, or inspiring, but something about bedazzled Christmas trees on knit sweaters makes me laugh hysterically. Last year, I won with a hideous black sweater covered in giant colored gems. I believe someone said, “It is almost like Dolce and Gabbana made an ugly sweater about 25 years ago and somehow it ended up on you.” How Fetch! (I am on a Mean Girls kick today).

ugly-sweater-pub-crawl-0111 However, this year a pair of SHOES won the Ugly SWEATER competition. I am not even sure where my friend found these, but I must say they have first place written all over them. It is amazing what people will put on their feet. Actually, after perusing my closet, it is absurdly shocking what I have worn on my feet. In an effort to make room for all the good things coming in 2009, I decided to do some closet reorganizing. Here is what got the boot (pun intended):

1. Leopard Clogs: I think I have been holding onto these since Dariah was on MTV. Looking at them makes me cringe.
2. Black Shoes from Express: Yeah, that is right Express. Express hasn’t made shoes since the early 90s. I must have worn these in sixth grade.
3. Animal Slippers: Honestly, does any respectable woman wear a stuffed animal on her foot?
4. The Bargain Boot: I bought these at Payless, get more. (AKA Payless, hurt more). I wore them down the stairs once and had to stop for a band-aid to cover up my new blister.
5. Green Suede Clogs: I fear that even a leprechaun would reject these.

I placed all the shoes in a bag for the Salvation Army. That was two weeks ago. I can’t bring myself to get rid of them. I mean, who knows what 2009 will bring? Perhaps leopard clogs will be all the rage, and my Express boots will become vintage couture. And I couldn’t bare the look of those sad puppy dog eyes on the animal slippers, and I bet those Payless boots would feel better if I just broke them in a little more. Besides, I am going to Ireland for Valentines Day and I might stumble onto a pot of gold in my green suede clogs. You just never know. . .


From $1300 to $16.99…. what price style?

Last week I realized I could no longer see into most of my closet, so I blocked off some of my precious free time and did some early spring cleaning.

Near the back I found a pair of black boots. They were worn, but perfect. Mid-calf height, soft but still shiny and high enough to give some lift without making me totter. I loved those boots. I could wear them with anything, my favorite turquoise wrap dress, work pants, jeans and of course with anything black.

They even found their way into a sexy Halloween costume once. Sadly, their time had come. So with my credit card and laptop in hand I went in search of a new black boot.

My first stop was research, Jimmy Choo, of course. I found a great pair, Beach, that I absolutely loved. I was sold on then until I saw the $1300 price tag. I love you Jimmy, but not a mortgage payments worth. At least now I knew what I was looking for.
Next I turned my mouse towards Bloomingdale’s in search of something equally as lust worthy without the budget busting. There were plenty of options, the only thing suitable was the Pulsar by Stuart Weitzman, but for $535 it better be love. A quick check of my bank account reveals that it was going to be more of a budget shoe month.
So, over to the Payless site I went. I found the Sampson boot which was shiny like Choo’s but I didn’t buy them. Instead my eye was drawn to the more demure, and less shiny Tara boot.

At $16.99 the price was right and the look is great. They came in two days, and while they aren’t what I set out to buy but they’re a more grown up pair, and still 100% sexy. My closet is once again complete.

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