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Chapeau or Shoe?

Just when I thought that footwear for Fall 2009 couldn’t get any more fabulous, Pedro Garcia has designed the most incredible d’orsay pump.

Photo: Neiman Marcus

Photo: Neiman Marcus

Feathers, grosgrain ribbon, pearl hatpin–it’s everything that makes a great hat, but in a shoe?! Don’t get me wrong, I adore hats, but a shoe (even a feathered one) is obviously a far more practical purchase. I love everything about this shoe from the cut, to the contrasting colors and textures. Well, there is one thing I’m not mad about: the price. At $750, I may have to sacrifice heating this winter in order to snag this beauty.

UPDATE: *Swoon* Just discovered it comes in a ballet flat as well and there are color options. I’ve already given up heat: what about electricity?


Steppin’ Out

Every girl, no matter how precious, particular, or persnickety about her footwear, will eventually need a shoe repair shop. And on the cobblestone sidewalks of Berlin, perhaps sooner than one would normally think. The sound of a bare-to-the-nail heel on pavement of any sort is one of my personal pet peeves. The click is distinctive and unlike a well-maintained shoe, the sound is not glamorous but grating, like fingernails on a chalkboard or a child screaming while you’re trying on a new pair of

pedro garcia SS09

pedro garcia SS09

Pedro Garcia heels. If you’re in Berlin and find yourself in the position where your soles need some love and care, visit a Flickschuster.

Often found hidden in the same shop with the guy who’ll cut your keys or engrave your ID bracelet with the name of your high school sweetheart, the shops located at AlexanderPlatz and Ostbahnhof or the new Hauptbahnhof will make short work of those raggedy heels setting you on the right path.

For a high-end solution, visit KaDeWe, the answer to everything luxury label in this town. Those folks will make sure you put your best foot forward.


Don Johnson’s Downfall

“…gold chains and a pearl white jacket, like Don Johnson on Miami Vice.”

Cast Iron Filter—a band I grew to love in college referenced the infamous Don Johnson in a song about a rather inappropriate love affair between a 30 year old guy and a 15 year old girl (perhaps alluding to Don Johnson’s affair with a young Melanie Griffith). Forget the chains and the jacket! What they failed to note as a “Don Johnson” red flag was his white shoes: boy did I find that one out the hard way!

Yes, it was an 80’s party. Yes, there were several other Don Johnson lookalikes running around; however, only one was wearing white shoes…

Perhaps I’m like a moth heading towards a bug light, but for me it’s a pair of standout shoes that lure me in. Regardless, let’s just say the owner of the Don Johnson shoes lived up to his reputation. Fast forward to several strong beverages, some minor belligerence (ok, there was plenty of that on my side), and my 80’s-clad cohort and I stranded in what seemed like the middle of nowhere at 8:00 AM with not one, but two Don Jonson’s!

Allegedly a metro stop was “just a few blocks down the road.” My friend and I left our dignity behind and departed on an early morning hunt for public transport. We trudged along for several uphill blocks, she barefoot and I in my hot pink Pedro Garcia pumps, but still found no metro. Perhaps, the 1985 Miami Vice episode “Out Where the Buses Don’t Run” should have been a

warning. Even singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” we soon gave up hope and decided our only option was to turn back and beg for some Miami Vice mercy. Fortunately, only one of the Don Johnson’s was of the white shoe variety; the other Don Johnson managed to give us the number of a local cab company allowing us to “Take it on the Run.”

Through my inadvertent field study and extensive research I’ve come to a conclusion. The gold chains, pearl white suit, and white fedora may make the Don Johnson, but it’s the white shoes that break the Don Johnson.


Hangover Help for Shoes that Party Too Hard

Nothing beats a night out partying with your friends, but the morning after can be absolutely dreadful!

You wake up dehydrated, head pounding, and not really sure how you got home last night.

As if that’s not bad enough, there’s the harsh, looming reality that at some point you have to open your eyes, roll over, and face the music.

It can be an ugly sight, but you have to look to know for sure.

Did your shoes survive the night?

Scraped heels, stained leather, broken ankle straps—there should be some sort of ER for late-night shoe injuries.

You don’t want to wear ugly shoes, but you don’t want to ruin your good shoes either: whatever is a girl to do? After waking up to far too many pairs of demolished shoes, I knew I needed an intervention and a really good cobbler.

Your dignity may be far beyond repair, but your shoes may not.

Scraped and scratched heels tend to be an all too common problem; however, a good cobbler can smooth them down to where you’d hardly notice.

I’ve also discovered that sometimes you can find a nail polish that matches your shoes, dab some on, and the blemishes virtually disappear (this is especially true with metallics).

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes out only to be caught in a rain storm and find unsightly watermarks on your beloved camel pumps?

Once again, a good cobbler can re-dye them to near perfection!

So how does one find this Hero of the Heels? I recommend talking to the sales people at high-end department or shoes stores; they generally have a local cobbler they work with that will soon become your new best friend.

And if all this just sounds like it’s time away from a few rounds of margaritas with friends, happily, there is anternative: find a good pair of “Party Shoes.”

Shoes are fun, parties are fun, so party shoes should be fun, right?

The perfect pair are totally hot, go with just about everything, and can hold up to some serious cavorting.

Mine are a pair of Pedro Garcia black satin heels at Off 5th (for a mere $140)* that have quickly become a weekend staple…. and generally are in better shape than I am the next day.

*(Shoetube found them in plum and black on the Saks site, but for $236.50. There are also some nice Pedro Garcia Ribbon Bow Pumps for $139.90.

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