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I’m Feeling Randi, Baby! Yeah!

I love when a shoe makes you feel romantic, nostalgic even. When I saw the Randi pump by L.A.M.B. I immediately transported myself into some sort of classic movie extravaganza full of wistful characters like Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman (Austin Powers didn’t make an appearance, but I just couldn’t help myself with the headline).

This heel’s elegant peep toe and stitched-down ruffles pay tribute to eras past, while the
4 1/2-inch heel keeps things trendy. Sadly, the mysterious, brooding gentleman is sold separately.
Available at Nordstrom.

Randi Pump by L.A.M.B., $345

Randi Pump by L.A.M.B., $345


The Pink Peep-Toe That Could


If you’re counting down the days in hopes of saying goodbye to snow season, or already jumping into Spring revelries with a sun and sand getaway (you lucky, lucky gal), make sure you do it with at least one provocative peep-toe this season.

This season’s fashion trends are leaning towards the bold and brights, which means it’s time to embrace eye-catching geometric prints and squint-worthy colors.

In a good way, of course.

Grab those oversized Audrey sunglasses and pull off this season’s hottest ensembles with your very own power pumps in orange, white, pink and coral. These Emilio Pucci peep-toes are a of the coral-orange variety, a unique bootie-inspired pump that offers plenty show-off-the-pedicure action while elevating your looks to new heights with the super skinny 4” heel.

Trot along on these delicious treats for the feet to complement a simple white summer dress, or wear them with a pair of too-short shorts to lengthen those gams.


Christmas Shoe Surprises

Last Christmas, I received probably the best Christmas gift that any woman could ever ask for. I was opening my presents from my husband on Christmas morning and I came across an envelope. Inside was a handmade coupon. You know what I’m talking about. Those cute little coupons that couples make for each other that say stuff like, “Good for one back massage” or “Good for week of washing the dishes.”

To my surprise, my coupon said, “Good for one pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes.”

I had been eyeing a pair of slinky Manolo Blahnik silver sandals for the last few months. But with a $540 price tag that I couldn’t really justify, I didn’t think I’d be able to purchase them. I had gone to Neiman Marcus three times to try them on. After walking around the shoe department for a few minutes, I would put them back in their box, handing it to the eager salesman who would force a smile and just sigh.

I had only owned one pair of Manolos prior – a cute pair of orange kitten heel slingbacks that I picked up on discount a few seasons before. Carrie Bradshaw was right; Manolo Blahnik shoes are something special. Everything you do in them feels better – from dancing on your birthday to running into the grocery store for a gallon of milk.

And now, I had this coupon. Do I have the best husband or what!? Normally, he would buy a nice piece of jewelry for me on Christmas, which I truly appreciate. But he knew how much I really adored those silver Manolo Blahnik shoes. This coupon was a symbol of his approval of this extravagant purchase.

Two days after Christmas, I headed to Neiman Marcus, coupon and credit card in hand. I chatted earnestly with the saleman, who wasn’t interested at all in hearing about the coupon. In fact, he said, “Next!” before I even said, “Thank you.” As I wore my silver Manolos out of the store that day, I had a new spring in my step.

I can probably tell you every place that I’ve worn my new favorite shoes in the last year – from dancing with my husband on New Year’s Eve alone in our living room to watching the Spurs play LeBron James and the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. From gallery openings to dinners downtown, I have worn them just about everywhere.

A few weeks ago, I was out shoe shopping at a local discount store here in town. Not even thinking about it, I had worn my Manolos on the trip. As I searched through the bargain bin to find these great $10 sneakers in my size, I heard two young women giggling in the corner. As I approached the checkout counter, I heard one whisper to the other, “I can’t believe she’s wearing Manolos here! I’m sure they are knockoffs.”

As I exited the store, I turned back to the ladies and quipped, “It’s okay. I had a coupon.”

Every once in a while, I feel a tinge of guilt about spending nearly $600 for a pair of shoes. And when I do, I go to my jewelry box to find that little coupon I have tucked away in the corner. Every time, I see it brings a smile to my face as I remember that sometimes it’s good to splurge on yourself.

And now with Christmas right around the corner, I can hardly wait! I have my eye on these Patent Peep-Toe Slingbacks. Hopefully, I’ll get a coupon!

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June 2020