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The Only Pumps You’ll Ever Need

Black and sleek, with just the right amount of shine–these Stuart Weitzman pumps from eBay boutique, McLables, ($99, size 7.5) boast a gold disc on the vamp plus a shiny gold plate along the back heel, so you’ll always leave them wanting a closer look.


Oh, Jeffrey!

Since my write-up of Lori’s Shoes, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the L.A.-based designer Jeffrey Campbell, whose work is often on display at the aforementioned Chicago boutique. His designs are both fresh and reasonably priced, making them all the more desirable. And word on the street is Campbell’s latest design—the Mel—is not only flippin’ fantastic, but insanely comfortable, too. This rhinestone-studded platform pump puts any BeDazzler to shame, and its sexy 4″ heel will have you dominating the party without any pain. The Mel, which was recently spotted on the soles of recording artist RHEA, can be purchased at (2 sizes left) and

Hot damn! That’s a fine shoe! Did I just use the word “fine?” Any shoe that can provoke the use of 90s slang is an instant keeper in my book.

Mel by Jeffrey Campbell

Mel by Jeffrey Campbell


Weather Wobbles in St. Lou

I’m never going to figure out how to correctly predict weather. Or pack.

Both became an issue last weekend when my best friend and I took a road trip to St. Louis to visit their fashion week.

clarksmaltamaryjanesI was pretty sure their weather was similar to ours – I knew that from trusty studying the week prior. But I was not aware that as the “northernmost southern state” the weather actually fluctuated nonstop. It would rain. It would snow. It would be seventy degrees. And this all happened over the course of an hour!

So, imagine my chagrin…after completing my usual packing practice of bringing as few shoes that would appeal to as many events as possible…that I was to discover I was ALL wrong?

Or was I?

On my feet through rain, sleet, and shine were my Clark’s Malta Mary Janes – a choice because they felt casual enough for walking around and sight-seeing, and formal enough to wear to a nice dinner. Could they withstand such crazy weather though? I wasn’t so sure

By the end of the the weekend, I had soaked through my favorite hoodie, ruined my hair, and I had a mild throat tickle. Shockingly though, my shoes still looked good as new…the leather wasn’t even looking rain-worn!

I remain a packer with crappy foresight – but at least I erred toward a great discovery!


The Pink Peep-Toe That Could


If you’re counting down the days in hopes of saying goodbye to snow season, or already jumping into Spring revelries with a sun and sand getaway (you lucky, lucky gal), make sure you do it with at least one provocative peep-toe this season.

This season’s fashion trends are leaning towards the bold and brights, which means it’s time to embrace eye-catching geometric prints and squint-worthy colors.

In a good way, of course.

Grab those oversized Audrey sunglasses and pull off this season’s hottest ensembles with your very own power pumps in orange, white, pink and coral. These Emilio Pucci peep-toes are a of the coral-orange variety, a unique bootie-inspired pump that offers plenty show-off-the-pedicure action while elevating your looks to new heights with the super skinny 4” heel.

Trot along on these delicious treats for the feet to complement a simple white summer dress, or wear them with a pair of too-short shorts to lengthen those gams.


Serious About Suits

erez1The gurus running the New York Times Style section tell us that interview suits are back. Skirts, pants, blouses, the works. I definitely wore a jacket to my last interview, but it was a swingy, plaid 60’s style paired with black wide-leg trousers and black ankle boots. I did get the job (and the HR rep told me she had the same jacket). But that was the generally creatively dressed publishing industry, and it was almost a year ago.
With the current unemployment rate at a 14-year high (over half a million jobs have been lost in the past three months), job seekers are going for serious, solemn and rock solid.
So how can the job seekers among us still ensure maximum memorability? Blouses and jewelry in rich colors, and, of course, memorable shoes. I can’t take my eyes off the Isabella pumps, on sale now at JCrew. At $170, they’re still a little pricey, but think of it as a career investment.


Dress Up Deals

If you’re feeling uninspired this Halloween, just do what comes naturally: Work up from the shoes. Here are my picks for cheap, adorable, wear-them-in-real-life footwear (that you can still run out and get tonight).

Whether you’re a skirt and lipstick-wearing pit bull or part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits, make a political power play in patent gray pumps: Mossimo Viviana Pumps, Target $27.

Grab a boa, black dress and bright red lipstick. You’re a flapper. While it’s no fun to think about how the whole excessive booze, sex and costume jewelry trend ended with the Great Depression, it is a good reminder of how important a bargain can be: Mary Jane Pumps, Target, $23.

With a green dress and fairy wings, you’re Tink and these ballet flats will bring you back to life anytime: Lizard Flats, Wal-Mart, $7 (Bonus, use the site-to-store feature to see if they’re in your local Wal-Mart).

You’ll need a short skirt to show off these peep toe pumps. I’m thinking 80’s prom queen. Then wear them to every holiday party on your calendar. Just ditch the tiara first: d’Orsay Peep-Toe Pumps, Wal-Mart, $19.

An homage to Pocahontas is nothing short of historical with these fringe boots: Airwalk Ralston Fringe Boot, Payless, $35.

Get the best of both worlds, comfort and style, with a blonde wig and Hannah Montana Tee: Airwalk Toxin Argyle Skimmer, Payless, $20.


Something Bargained, Something Blue

I am at a very elegant wedding in a $5 dress.

Worse, I pulled it from a cardboard box at a flea market over the summer.

I only had four one-dollar bills that day. A swarm of thrifty women were closing in. The drummer boy was out of cash-lending range, tables away, amassing records. But I stuck the dress under one armpit, dug elbow-deep through my hobo bag and came up with exactly 101 cents. It was mine.

From then on, I knew this fancy frock deserved to be treated to something spectacular, like a gorgeous fall wedding in the mountains. What better to accent persimmon polyester?

Well, there is just one thing, sky-high heels in rich teal suede. I found them on the eBay outpost of a sweet boutique. These pumps have a classic shape, so they look natural with the 70s-style loose cap sleeves of my flea market find. But the color gives the entire outfit a modern pop, erasing my self-imaginings as a frugal frump.
Until I get here that is, surrounded by a small army of beautiful bridesmaids in sophisticated, floor sweeping ethereal brown. The bride, my friend Beth, chose an ornate, strapless, full-length gown. She looks marvelous, as if she’s holding court. I wonder if I’m a worthy courtier. I head to the bathroom for a final hair check before we take our seats. On the way in, one of the celestial bridesmaids is leaving. I duck my head, smile lamely and try not to appear tacky. But she stops me and says the only thing I wanted to hear today, besides those beautiful vows of course, “I love your shoes.”

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