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New Rain Boots: The Process

At first when I get a pair of new shoes, (I’m talking obsession-worthy shoes, not just just your average flip-flops) I take a mental inventory of my wardrobe in the hopes of finding the perfect outfit with which to debut the shoes. Sometimes I take it a step further and think of the perfect scenario. OK fine, I always take it the step further. In honor of today’s sale on rain boots, I did it for the Barefoot Tess Houndstooth Puddle Jumper.


April Showers Bring… Cute Rain Boots

May flowers will be here soon enough, but in the meantime, it’s hard to feel cute sporting rain-soaked hair and smudged make-up. I’ve become a pro at this look living in Chicago where the weather is both unpredictable and unforgiving. If you’re anything like me, the entire month of April is centered around the frizz action happening on top of your dome. But have no fear, these wacky—and absolutely adorable—rain boots are sure to draw attention south of your noggin and onto your soles.

Hunter BootsPrepare to get eaten walking down the street in these fruit-tastic Hunters available at Zappos—perfect for the gal who loves all things shabby chic. According to reviews, these wellies are surprisingly perfect for long distances and are covered under warranty. Also available in 3 other patterns, all equally charming and girlie.

Paul Smith bootsThese eccentric boots by Paul Smith will having you begging for rain just so you can whip out your “crazy boots.” Don’t worry, the 1 1/4″ heel and pointed toe are just a disguise; these babies are 100 percent rubber and ready to get wet. A matching umbrella is also available for the fashionista who loves to stand out. Available at Neiman Marcus.

chooka bootFor those of you dying to channel the rocker within, look no further than the “Julia Stripe” by Chooka. This Washington-based company has a number of quirky styles, but this pattern just screams Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl. Available at the Diane’s Little Lambs store on eBay.

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