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Red in the Feet

I spent some of my time home for holidays reading one of my gifts, a vintage copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. While I watched the movie obsessively as a kid, this was my first time reading the original.

A little shock: Dorothy’s shoes are silver. Of course, they remain gorgeous, sturdy and very powerful–the standards I hold all shoes to today.

Even though the story itself was much more exciting and elaborate than the screen version, ruby red slippers still seem like home to me… and the Emerald City of eBay is bursting with vintage finds.

Beautiful Bally Italian leather pumps ($45, size 8 ) with a rose accent.

Vintage Andrew Geller wellies ($12, size 10) with a cozy drawstring top from boot boutique, Marmfruts.

Red and white saddle shoes ($125, size 7.5) from Trunken Treasures.

Vintage suede wingtips ($10, size 7.5).

And gorgeous, rich eighties, over-the-knee boots ($10, size 6).


Lady in Red

redshoesIt’s Fashion Week here in New York City, a testament to all that is glitzy about glam and high style (despite the dead economy and bleak job outlook for many). A cursory glance at the lavish parties and gala runways is pretty awe-inducing, but can quickly sour to disillusion.

A bright moment of inspiration was Heart Truth’s Red Dress show yesterday morning in Bryant Park. It was truly one of those ‘honor just being invited” moments, of course to be followed by a “what will I wear???” decision.

The main issue at hand was that this was a celebrity-studded high fashion runway dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease. Symbolically, all the runway models (themselves celebrities ranging from Cecily Tyson to Tori Spelling) wore red, and thematically, by doing so they were giving showing/giving their heart to supporting saving hearts. (On Valentine’s weekend no less!) My main issue: Would wearing red to a show featuring red, about red, make me sort of “that guy” who wore a band’s t-shirt to said band’s show? I worried about this all week long.

Ultimately, I decided I must wear red. This was an issue of showing reverence rather than pandering. And thus, on the agenda, was my favorite pair of Franco Sarto ruby red Mary Jane peep-toe pumps. Happily, I sat in my (admittedly, fabulous) seat glued to the runway as I watched these beautiful women strut their glorious gowns. They had heart, the room had palpable energy, and my shoes…they had just the right style for this momentous occasion.

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