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GoodShop & Give Back on Black Friday & Beyond

How would you like to pump up your Black Friday buying power and give back to nonprofits in need at no extra cost to you? Well, if you do click over to GoodShop before you hit over 900 online stores, you can take advantage of stash of coupons. It only takes a few extra seconds and up to 30% of your purchases will be donated to the nonprofit of your choice. (There are over 85,000 charitable organizations registered with the site.)

Trust me, I realize that this sounds suspiciously like a scam but my dance organization, Monkeyhouse,  has worked with this site for three years. Checks really do arrive each fall and somehow they are always slightly larger than we were expecting.  In fact, Monkeyhouse just received another Goodshop donation on Monday.  I am so encouraged by this passive revenue stream that I have personally offered to match all the money that Monkeyhouse earns through GoodShop in November and December.

GoodShop has teamed up with over 180 participating shoe stores, and they have got deals for you whether you are into stilettos, sneakers, or retro roller skates. For instance, if  you got inspired by Shoetube’s recent Tess Tuesday post,

you could cut $10 off a $100 purchase and send 6.5 – 8% to your favorite school, charity, or religious organization with GoodShop.

Or, if Wendy’s romp through nostalgia reminded you to revamp your running shoes, you could save 20% if you rush to GoodShop by 11/29/09. But don’t worry if you miss out on that deal’s deadline, there are several other coupons and they will always kick back 4-8.5%  of your total to a worthy nonprofit.

Even if you have got to get golf shoes after this week’s Quick Fix, you can support your favorite cause by swinging by GoodShop beforehand.

So hop on over to GoodShop and discover how easy it is to give this holiday season.


Celebrity Sneakers

Recently, DJ and sometimes Lindsay Lohan kanoodler Samantha Ronson teamed up with Supra to produce a high-top sneaker. “The shoes are a version of the brand’s Indy pair but in a new set of colors — distressed black suede with a gold detail and white sole,” wrote New York Magazine’s The Cut Fashion Blog.

Samantha Ronson for Supra

According to Ronson’s Web site, she’ll have a new sneaker out late this month. “Originally not planned for a public release, we’ve decided to drop a limited run of these hyper-colored TK’s after hearing your cries for blood. 600 pairs of each colorway will be produced,” Ronson writes.

Samatha Ronson's hyper-color TKs

(Ronson’s brother Mark designed a shoe for Gucci for Fall 09  — which looks, oddly, like a 1980s deck shoe.)
Hello Kitty — celebrating birthday number 35 — also designed sneakers styles. “These two renowned companies have designed limited edition sneakers to honor Hello Kitty’s 35th anniversary,” said BeautyStyleWatch of HK’s collaboration with Asics. “Not only are they comfortable to wear but they are so totally hot to look at!”

Hello Kitty by Asics

And the LA Times blog writes, “When we thought Hello Kitty domination was beginning to wane, we came across these Asics sneakers and just about died and went to Hello Kitty heaven.”
Coming in Jaunary, according to Converse Shoe Store’s blog, the footwear company will release “several shoes dedicated to The Clash. Most notably is the Converse London Calling shoes which celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the album. There will also be a pair of Converse Shoes that look like a jacket with buttons and Chuck Taylors with The Clash logos.”

Converse's The Clash print

Parisian boutique Colette collaborated with Reebok on a redesign project. Explains excellent women’s sportswear blogger FemaleSneakerFeinds, “Reebok’s celebrating the 20th birthday of their Reebok Pump by collaborating with 20 elite shops to design their own versions of these classics. Here is Colette’s take, and I love ’em!”
The catch: According to SuperXOfficial, “Only 30 pairs of these kicks will be produced so either catch a flight to France on November 16th (the day they drop) or check eBay on the 17th in the a.m.” We’re passed those crucial dates, but it’s still worth checking.

Reebok Pump by Colette

This summer, Vanessa and Angela Simmons (daughters of Run-D.M.C.‘s Joseph Simmons) added to their Pastry line, which is kicks rather than cakes. Reports Sneakers and Shoes (who has been following the line since 2007), “Pastry is doing alright. I see women wearing them every other day in one way or another.”

Pastry sneakers


Terminator: Style Resurrection

sarah_connor_lindaNot yet the buff soldier she’s destined to become, but so unselfconsciously sexy, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in The (original) Terminator, has me finally reveling in this 80’s revival. A few of us dusted off the old VHS in anticipation of Terminator Salvation. We found everything we weren’t expecting: a seriously hot romance, spookily choppy effects that only amped up the novelty, hip jackets we’d scoop up in a second and the sneakers, by God, the sneakers. After spending a scene idly wondering how much of Sarah Connor’s wardrobe I could approximate at American Apparel, I knew it was time to embrace the decade I’ve been avoiding. I’m just debating between low and ladylike in classic Tretorns from Ebay’s ReRun Shoes store,65093377_tpthese vintage Ralph Laurens,239071391_tp or these Nike Cortez from ReRun Shoes.205040293_tp
I might go the high top route too. Since these were futuristic in the 80s and now they’re retro, they embody the time traveling prequel/sequel dynamic of the new Terminator movie (I’ll stop before the sci fi geek in me gets off topic). My top high top picks are hot Reeboks from Rerun Shoes again,239071142_tpNike All Courts,584c_1gold Reeboks!bodnkqmkkgrhgookkmejllmvusbjsyi5e4w_1

And possibly the raddest Nikes of all (Bonus: 99 cents at time of posting). boqqshwmkkgrhgoh-coejlllfz3lbjtvlsnj2_1

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