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Seasons of Change

I’ve had a lot go down the last few weeks – friendships end, friendships be renewed, jobs end, new jobs begin.


Guiseppe Zanotti sandal,

I’ve noticed something about change, and myself. I’m scared of it. I hate to lose what feels comfortable, but when you do break free of unhealthy or unproductive situations, suddenly you feel more alive than ever.

This weekend is the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashonah, it’s a celebration of a new year. For our family celebration, I wore this sexy heel from Giuseppe Zanotti, $184.00 at

With its patent leather criss cross strap and a  t-strap of onyx and crystal, it’s bold and daring, but its delicate ankle straps symbolize the need to hold on to what is dear and meaningful to us – while stepping forward and away from all that, ultimately, wasn’t meant to be in the first place.


All Dressed Up and No Place To Go

So, try to follow this story from the beginning.

I am total best buds with an indie band (in a non Almost Famous sort of way). This has been true for nearly a decade. About three years ago, one of the guys in the band started to date this awesome girl, who went on to become my BFF. She, then, introduced her other BFF (since like college), to one of the other guys in the band, who instantly hit it off. This couple is now getting married.

betsyvillepaulineObviously, I assumed I would be at the wedding. Hell, I was the one the dude called for hair advice before his first date with this girl. Clearly, I am significant.

As it is to be a fairly non-traditional morning ceremony in a nearby park, it will be less formal – but still a summer wedding! I had the dress all picked out, and new that these Betseyville Pauline T-Strap Pumps from would be the perfect accompaniment. The oversized faux leather bow with metal stud detail depicted precisely the edgy and sexy look I was going for. Perfect for a summer wedding in the park among a bunch of musicians.

Except, my invitation never came. And all my friends received theirs. And while, obviously, I am somewhat taken aback at the obvious shun, I have bigger problems: My gorgeous shoes and I now have no plans for that morning.

Brunch, anyone?


The L.A. Native’s ‘Must Have’ For Spring: The Havaiana Sandal

I know it’s not quite spring yet….but the warm weather we’ve been having in L.A. is making me giddy and delirious with


There’s a simple beauty about Los Angeles in the spring. The city’s still coming out of the rainy season, so the air is crisp and clean. The sunshine is warm, not hot. The roses start to come back, green and leafy with new life. A passing breeze blows the scent of jasmine through your window. I love stepping outside and feeling the hot pavement under my bare feet.

I know this is about as far as I can go before the rest of the country (currently still enduring freezing temps) blasts me for being… just plain mean.

So before you leave this little blog, let me tell you why I’m so excited. Maybe it’s all the vitamin D, but I’ve discovered an amazing spring ‘Must Have’ that I have to share with you now, even if you still have to wait a few more months to wear them. Let me introduce the Havaiana sandal.

The Havaiana is not a new shoe. It’s been around for a couple years. At first glance it looks like your average rubber flip flop. But don’t be fooled! It’s the most comfortable sandal I’ve ever worn. And, they have a cool web site in English, Spanish, and Portugese, too, for all you Brazilian beach girls out there.

Here’s what caught this Californian’s attention.

Growing up in Pacific Palisades, I am what you might call, a beach girl. And in the Palisades and, I think it’s safe to say, across Southern California, beach girls have always worn Reefs. The Reef sandal is part of a brilliantly bohemian ensemble called “surfer chic.” The sole is black rubber, and the thong is made of multi-colored braided cloth; paired with right string bikini, the combo is unstoppable. I’ve never strayed from this fashion belief–until now.

Yesterday I decided to get out of my house and walk–yes people–walk up town. Is that bad? Is it an L.A. thing? Anyway, can I just ask the question: what is it about warm weather that boosts the serotonin levels in our brains and makes us want to shop? And even more astonishing — exercise??

Larchmont Boulevard in L.A. is an amazing three blocks of boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants. Now, I don’ t know if it was my freshly pedicured toes (Essie’s Pink Ribbon), the warm weather, or a random need to buy a pair of flip flops, but when i popped into my favorite boutique and spotted the Havaianas in the corner, my heart did a little flip-flop of its own.

Like a crazed person I searched through the bin, picked out a pair of black ones, (size 9) and bought them without even trying them on. When I got home, I kicked off my old Reefs, threw them into the closet where they couldn’t see, and slipped on my new Havaiana.



Seriously folks, allow my insanely good mood to influence you here for a moment. Despite being comfortable and easy to walk in, these shoes are the first pair of rubber thongs I have ever owned that did not give my feet the usual break-in blisters.

Personally, I prefer the solid colors, and there is literally a rainbow of them to choose from.

But for those of you who love a little ‘bling’, they also make sparkly, jeweled ones!

I’m telling you, I’m in love. I’m having an affair with my Havaianas and I just don’t have the heart to tell my Reefs.

So there’s my tale. I’ll still keep my Reefs around. After all, classic shoes never go out of style. We’ll always be friends.

But for the time being I’m subscribing to the Haviana fan club– and as we head into the summer season, I highly suggest you do too!

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