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For Everything, There Is a Season

When I was in college, there was a boy who was my everything.

Except, I was not his. And so while he was my first…well, everything…ultimately our relationship ended with a random – and abrupt – end of communication when he went off to law school.

Years later, he contacted me again – he was living in another state, married, with a child, and he started to get sort of flirtatious. “Um, hello….what’s going on here???” I’d ask…often via late-night IM…confused, and, quite honestly a little bit offended.

But there was a part of me. A part of me who was tempted – to let him get close and then be the one to reject him. Until I started to feel a little bit sorry for him.

We all have these ideals we think we crave — that great love, that great passion – and often, we eventually get what we think we want, and discover it wasn’t remotely what we were envisioning.

And so I find myself filled with empathy – for his wife, his child, and honestly, even for him – I found myself, and I’m so incredibly happy – how awful it must be for him, to have what he thinks he wanted, and realize how miserable and alone he really is?

Just a few days ago, he sent me a text message that his wife had found some of our old conversations, and he was going to have to distance himself. I waited for that familiar tug to come upon my heart…and it never came. I texted him back and wished him well – I was wearing my French Connection Dolly sandals, $37.50 at, and packing for a getaway to St. Lucia…what do I have to be sad about?


Party Ready in Zanotti Star-Studded Slides

Zanotti SlidesEvery party-going gal needs at least one blinged-out outfit this season, and what better way to turn up the bling than with a pair of diamond-studded sandals? Okay, they’re not real diamonds, but these glistening Giuseppe Zanotti slides serve up plenty of bling factor with the star-studded straps. The smooth leather slides are designed with a string of sparkling crystal accents and the 3 ½” heel makes for a comforting change from the usual stiletto. They’re the type of shoe you can party the night away in, but also use for dressing up a gown or dress for a gala.

Sleek, sophisticated and elegant, these head-turning sandals will make you the woman of the hour with their simple, high-impact design. You can ramp up the jewel factor by adding a gleaming anklet to the mix. Hold onto these for the seasons to come – they’re a great investment pair for all types of special occasions this year, and beyond.


Sashaying to the High Seas

I’m taking a little vacation this weekend – I’m going on a cruise!

Early next week, I’m leaving on a press trip to China, and while that promises to be tons of fun – I am eager to embark with a little R&R time under my belt.

RackRoomShoes.comSo, tomorrow, I shall be taking part in the launch cruise of brand-new Carnival Dream, and I needed sassy yet professional shoes to wear to the naming ceremony. It’s a bit of a conundrum, my vocation: A lot of my activities are fun, and festive, but I am still a professional going to work, and representing my brand (um, that would be me).

After the deeply important decisions were out of the way — and by that, I mean my outfit and my pedicure — the perfect shoes fell into my lap. Accompanying me to the ship’s naming ceremony – which, by the way, I will be live-Tweeting from -I will be wearing my hot new Dannika by Limelight sandals from Rack Room Shoes for $34.99.

The color is ridiculously hot, and the satiny finish gives an touch of class while still full of edge. All aboard! I am so ready for my mai tai.


Go Gaga Over Pucci Ankle Strap Sandals

Pucci SandalsDespite being in Beyonce and Lady Gaga overload from Halloween weekend, bold shoes with are here to stay for another season, and the heels are only getting higher and higher, giving you a chance to really strut your stuff. These irresistible patent leather Pucci sandals are designed with a mesh textile accent and a super-skinny metallic stiletto heel.

The gleaming golden base gives your look that extra punch of sass, and the super-high heel will let you show off your Beyonce-inspired moves in high style.  Just be warned – you might need some practice to balance on the pencil-thin mile high heels.

And yes, you can still wear white this winter. These glossy patent leather sandals have enough gold in them to make them a party-ready shoe for any event. Provocative, sexy and craving as much attention as you can handle, these are the party shoes to spice up any cold winter night with. Hit the dance floor in a short skirt or dress and these swoon-worthy shoes to make your unforgettable fashion statement.


London’s Great Dane

It’s hardly surprising that Camilla Skovgaard is kicking arse in the world of shoe design today, since she shares her Danish heritage with the likes of design geniuses Arne Jacobsen, Georg Jensen and Mssrs Bang and Olufsen.

Beginning your design career in Paris as an apprentice in couture with Balmain can’t have been a bad start either. But it was her move to Dubai, to work for a fashion house at the tender age of 20 when her love-affair with shoes really started. Witnessing first hand the resulting disasters when bad shoes were paired with the most beautiful couture outfits . . . “it was the lack of taste in women’s shoes that I saw in Dubai that initially set me on the footwear path. I gradually came to recognise the crucial importance of the right shoes if the final look is to make any sense” . . . she was galvanised into moving to London to learn the art of shoe design at London’s esteemed school for cobblers – Cordwainers.

Her BA Hons was followed by an MA at London’s Art School, working with Matthew Williamson as shoe designer, winning a number of prestigious awards along the way. Her first collection was snapped up by SAKS 5th Avenue before she’d even graduated!

In 2007 she was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Scholar Award for contributions to excellence of modern and traditional British craftsmanship. Collections for Matthew Williamson and Pucci followed.

Edgy embellished glads

Edgy embellished glads

And today her contribution remains excellent, modern and traditional in the sense that her designs are a juxtaposition of hyper-sexy (with funky fetish influences) and sporty (wearable craftsmanship supported by technical function and attention to detail).

Silver chain embellished strap and signature corrugated rubber sole

Silver chain embellished strap and signature corrugated rubber sole

Her collections regularly receive the highest accolades from the world’s most revered critics and titles – she has more column inches to her name than the highest of her gravity defying heels – but it is perhaps her commitment to consistently delivering high levels of quality (she still designs all her collections and oversees product development and production in Italy and China), class and impeccable fit that differentiate her from many of her peers.

Boots of architectural genius, fit for any city dash

Boots of architectural genius, fit for any city dash

Oh – that, and the fact that her signature black rubber soles are the perfect antidote to stressful city life. With these little darlings on your feet, its like running for the bus in your sneakers – but a whole lot more chichi!

You can find Camilla’s shoes at Harvey Nichols, Paul and Joe and at West London’s hottest new concept boutique The Convenience Store as well as online at Camilla Skovgaard.


Get Your Shine On with Calvin Klein Silver Sandals

calvinkleinsandalsLeave it to Calvin Klein to help us impress with some metallic shine and glamorous accents. These eye-catching 2 ½” heels are shiny enough to act as a miniature torch to light up your steps for the night.

The beveled octagon shapes across the strap ramp up the shine factor, and the super-rich leather is enough to get excited about in itself. Party night, date night or just for dance night with your BFF, this is the way to knock their socks off.

The square stiletto heel makes these a little more forgiving than your standard skinny stiletto, and the adjustable ankle strap offers plenty of support on the dance floor. Besides, you need a little more shine in your closet this season (these might also work well as a last-minute makeup mirror).

Pair these with a silver metallic envelope clutch, some silver dangling earrings and a glitzy bracelet for the complete look. Talk about party-ready…these are ready for the party, the after-party, and any time you want to add a stylish, red carpet-inspired look to your ensemble.


What Were You Doing When You Heard?

There’s certain historical occasions that we will eternally remember what we were doing as we heard.

When I heard that Michael Jackson died, my best friend and I were stuck in traffic near the Lincoln Tunnel, en route to a girlfriends getaway in Montauk.

miasuribeadedWe were super excited – we’ve been plotting this escape for weeks – but suddenly, a shocked quiet came over us. I mean, we expected Farrah Fawcett to die – and that was sad, too  – but Michael Jackson?

Weirdly enough, minutes later Don McLean’s “American Pie” came on the radio, and though about an entirely other loss of musical royalty, it felt especially poignant. Was yesterday the day the music died? Hardly. But it was the day we lost a piece of music history.

Michael Jackson was already the king of pop when I began to be aware of the music around me. In 1983, when Thriller phenomenon was at its height, I was a wee little thing – and even I remember my very first MTV experience. Michael took my video-television virginity, and as my first, I will always remember him. “Billy Jean” remains on my iPod playlist, and “The Way You Make Me Feel” was played at my bar mitzvah – a hit among the conservative Jewish crowd at the kosher Chinese restaurant, which I think is proof of how far-reaching Michael’s appeal was.

As I was headed for vacay at the moment I heard, I was wearing my MIA Suri Beaded Wedges – but I’m glad that these cork-covered sandals were what was clothing my feet at that moment in history. They attract attention, and do so with a pop of color and a slightly off-center vibe. Just like the king of pop, who while often not understood, will always be remembered.


All That Glitters…is Gorgeous from Giuseppe Zanotti!

giuseppeglitterEvery lady needs at least one pair of over-the-top glittery and shiny sandals to brighten up her weekend party circuit, which is why these glowing turquoise and blue sandals should be the newest addition to your closet.

Giuseppe Zanotti brings us these beautiful Nora sandals decked out in sparkling crystals and a sultry and seductive criss-cross strap all the way to the ankles. The 4” heels are the perfect height for dressing up a pair of capris, a minidress, or livening up your Little Black number for the night. If you’ve been practicing your ‘Dancing with the Stars’ routine, these are the shoes that are sure to get you noticed on the dance floor.

The tropical-inspired vibe is great for your summer party itinerary, and you can make the ensemble even more glamorous with turquoise and blue accessories.

Work up a great tan, get that pedi you know you need, and strap these on for your red-carpet inspired look that’s sure to turn a few heads.


Tess Tuesday: Happy Weather!

The weather is nice again! I love sunny, warm, glowing days. Did you ever notice how people giggle more when it is sunny out? I’m on to something – seasonal mood disorders and happy lamps and sunshine endorphines – it all affects the giggle too. Needless to say, I’m giggling. Off to play in the sun – but before I go check out these sun-loving favorites of mine at Barefoot Tess!



Women, Worth, and What to Wear

As the world begins to take notice of the “power of bloggers”, I sometimes get opportunities that are nothing short of overwhelming. Last week was one of those times – I got to have breakfast with Suze Orman.

reactionheelsI am not very smart when it comes to money. As a single, self-employed, woman, I know there are at least three reasons I should get a little better. But yet, there I am, all the time – throwing receipts to the bottom of my bag. Not balancing my checkbook.

When you are a freelancer, living paycheck to paycheck is just not smart living. Not having a savings account – probably even worse. In times of recession, of course, the lunacy of my life is out of control.

Last week, Suze Orman invited a handful of bloggers to join her for breakfast, where she talked a little bit about the era of social networking; but more importantly, to have a close-knit discussion of our own lives, and needs, and worries. Before going, I was excited, but did not know the magnitude of the morning I was about to have. Could I, someone who has scoffed personal organization and money management for years, get anything out if this?

Of course, my mind immediately went to what to wear. As a beauty blogger, it’s often hard to be taken seriously – I wanted to make sure I looked like a grown up. I chose a conservative A-line shift dress in monochrome colors, but decided to pair it with shoes that reflected who I was. I was, for better or worse, a girl living on the edge – what else could I wear but my Kenneth Cole Reaction Know Lace sandals? At under $100, they are sexy, snazzy, classy, AND budget-smart – all the characteristics I myself aim to possess.

By the end of breakfast, I was inspired – far beyond what I expected. I made a decision to start saving, and to look beyond the next week with my finances – because what would become of me if next week, all my work dried up? I learned to respect myself, and put clients, and friends, and situations around me where I felt respected, and nurtured, rather than held back (or held down). I learned that this economy ain’t getting better tomorrow – but we can still be better, within it. Wish me luck!

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